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Romancing BioWare Style (yay!)
« on: April 16, 2004, 09:30:26 AM »
The point of this thread/post is to provide a quick romance guide (but it got to be a bit more than that) while managing to stop short of being a step-by-step - I do encourage roleplay afterall. 

This was originally written by Various Authors, with a majority of the content coming from the step-by-step guide posted at Sorcerer's Net, but was heavily edited and smooshed together by me.

Any additions or omissions, post away! I'll smoosh it in here if this thread gets too long and I'll mercilessly slash any spam.

Game rules on romances
1. There are four official BioWare NPCs available for romancing: Aerie, Anomen, Jaheira and Viconia

2. Any NPC you’re romancing must not be left out of party for MORE THAN 3 (THREE) in-game days or you’ll kill the romance.  The only exception is Jaheria who should never be kicked out of the party, although she will leave, temporarily, of her own will; and a 'bug' will kill her romance if she's turned to stone (say, by a beholder) as it removes her from the party.

3. Racial issues:
Dwarves cannot romance anyone; Humans, Half-elves and Halflings can romance anyone.  Elves can’t romance Viconia but, with the bioWare patch, half-orcs can; Elves can romance Aerie and Jaheira.  Gnomes can only romance Aerie.

4. No romancing occurs in Chapter 1.

5. When a romance is broken by using a wrong dialog option or under certain circumstances, no second chance is possible, excepting a cheat or reload.

6. If you’re romancing two or three females at the same time, the moment you choose one over the others, the other romances are over.  However, if you never started a romance with one and finish a romance with another one, you actually CAN start another romance, but you have to remove the NPC you were romancing from the party first.  If you are planning to try this, remember how long a romance takes: Aerie's is the shortest, followed by Viconia's and Jaheira's always takes the longest - Dermin won't spawn just anwhere.

7. No romancing if hostiles are in sight, nor if any neutral creature is within 10' of the NPC.

8. Remember that romance related quests (spawns) won't take place in chapters 4, 5 and 7.  This means, for example, if you haven’t gotten Terminsel’s second appearance by chapter 6, Jaheira's romance will never get to its proper ending.

-- There used to be dungeon restrictions but a version of Baldurdash* removes these; the majority of the Underdark being the only exception.  There are two areas in the UD which are not coded as dungeons: Andalon's Lair and the Ust Natha Tavern, so your romance can be progressed in those areas. --

* The appropriate (SoA/ToB) version of this patch should be installed immediately after the official BioWare SoA/ToB patch

Note: ShadowKeeper is the common tool used to view variables.

SoA Romance Walkthru
note: the LT# is the Local/script number of the love talk, therefore the final LT value's (after the final LT) are:
Aerie   49
Jaheira   71
Viconia   77
Anomen   37

Aerie:  Avarial elf, cleric/mage dual class.  Found in the Circus Tent in the Promenade.
Hints: ... Aerie will ask you to 'sleep' with her in which case you should say NO!  .. otherwise she will break the relationship saying that it has advanced too quickly.  (Modifications made by the flirt pak will allow you to sleep with her and not break the romance.)  Having Haer Dalis in the party has caused some people continuity problems; I've played it thru (once) without major issue but it took a while for her and Haer to figure things out.  Speaking of, if you and Haer Dalis decide to duel over her, she will end the romance with both of you.

Having Aerie in your party makes the playhouse a Quayle-prompted quest (though you can still see the play on your own and respond to her call).  Has anyone killed Quayle? Based on dialogues I've seen, doing so will not kill the romance.  Accepting the quest, or choosing not to, has no afect on the romance.

LT2:   'My wings have been clipped…
LT4:   'Have you ever heard of my people?..'   
LT6:   '.everyone here seems too unhappy.. '
LT8:   'I have been looking at the scars on my back..'
LT10:   'Have I told you how I was captured ..'
LT12:   I miss my Uncle Quayle..'
LT14:   'Have you traveled much?  ..'
LT18:   'I have been thinking…I shall never fly again..'
LT20:   'I am sorry for the way I yelled at you. ..'
LT22:   'Why must we always be fighting?  ..'
LT24:   'I need you to tell me what the worth ..'
LT26:   >sleep - 'W-we're stopping?  (sob!) '
**Choose wisely or she'll leave the party; Viconia will force a choice here**
LT28:   'I have been thinking, and...y-you are right..'
**she decides between you and Haer-Dalis, if necessary, and LT's vary based on this**
LT36:   'I've been thinking about some of the things..'
LT38:   'I have heard from some of the others..'
LT40:   'Have you been to many other places besides Amn?'
LT42:   'I've been wondering.. have you got any advice..'
LT44:   'I know that it is difficult to see what is to happen..'
LT46:   >sleep - 'My love?  I know that you are tired ..'
LT48:   >wake - ' are awake at last? ..'
**varies whether or not you've slept with her; w/o the flirt paks there's only one exploitable dialogue choice to keep the romance alive if you've slept with her**

Jaheira: Half-Elf, fighter/druid class.   
Hints:  First you should do Jaheira's Baron Ployer quest (or, at least, if you start it you must finish it).  You can find him in the Bounty Sea tavern in the Docks.  Then onto Xzar's Harper quest which will automatically takes place after you bring Renfield back to the Galverey Estate (yes, you must return the body; anyone brought him back dead?).  Lastly you must get the bandit encounter.  It's the trickiest romance because of all the spawns and dialogue trigger requirements.

LT2:    'So, where to now, fearless leader?'
LT4:    'It has been some time since I have been this far south..' 
LT6:    'Ehh, I think I still have a stitch in my leg ..'
LT8:    >wake - Jaheira had a nightmare. 
LT10:  'A copper for your thoughts.  '
LT12:  >wake - Jaheira had another nightmare. 
LT14:  'It is good to be back in Amn...'
LT16:  'Blast, our progress is not as it could be..'
LT18:  'This may be a bad time or not..'
LT20:  'We continue on our path and I cannot help but wonder ..'
LT22:  'I worry sometimes.. do you worry of missing friends? 
LT24:  'I do wish these scars would heal.  I've a life to continue..'
LT26:  'This is a dangerous life we seem to lead ..'
** sleep in a wilderness area for the bandit plot **
in or out of romance - IF Xzar quest has been completed Meronia appears and takes Jaheira w/ her.  After a sleep, Jaheira returns and you go with her to the Harper Hold.  There we have our confrontation with Galvarey.  The only way to ruin the romance should be obvious.
LT28:  'So, what do you think of Amn so far?
LT30:  'We have had many people seek our death so far.
LT32:  'Again I must say how much I prefer the forest
LT34:  'I have been in a similar place as this before..
**Get Outdoors >Reviane spawns and you'll have a fight if your rep is less than 15**
LT36:  'Skies are a bit gray no matter where we go..'
LT38:  'This may be a bad time or not, but ..'
LT40:  'There is an ill wind in the air.  Do you feel it? 
**Get outdoors  >Dermin spawns, she leaves the Harpers**
LT42:  'I am sorry but I need a moment to collect myself..'
LT44:  'Blast, my armour needs some cleaning.'
LT46:  'Your old injuries feeling alright? '
LT48:  'So could I have a few moments of your time?'
LT50:  'I need to speak with you a moment.'
LT52:  'how did that battle make you feel?  ..' 
(this is where my romance w/ her is always on hold as I'm somehow always in the Underdark when we get to this LT and it will loop - you will get it again and again until you can deal with Dermin.  Anyway -)
**Get outside >Dermin spawns.. she returns to the Harper Hold after you rest; Terminsel gives you a note from Jaheira.  Return to the Harper Hold in the Docks District and you will find Jaheira on the top floor.  She will rejoin after dialogue.
JaheiraRomanceActive = 2
LT54:  'Is... is this an inconvenient time for us to speak?
 (this dlg is usually skipped for some reason, I saw only saw it in the very first game I played.. maybe it was the unpatched version?)
LT56:  >wake 'Ah, the dawning of our day..'
**after a rest outside, Dermin appears for the final fight**
LT58:  >sleep - 'It is about time we rested. 
LT60:  'What?  What is it you want?'
LT62:  'You needn't keep a distance between us..'
LT64:  >sleep - 'I have had a realization..'
LT66:  'We have to be nearing our goal.  ..'
LT68:  >rest - 'Hear my words while I have the nerve..'
LT70:  >wake - 'Are we are ready to move on? ..'
'Terminsel' appears (in 5 game days?) and asks Jaheira some questions.  you must also have a reputation (in romance) of at least 14 or Jaheira will not get her Harper Pin. For me, this usually occurs after I have killed Bohdi and am exiting her crypt in the Graveyard district.

Viconia: Elven Drow Cleric.  Found, tied to a stake, in the Government District.
Hints:  Upon joining the party your rep will drop 2 points.  The only addition that comes out of this romance is the appearance of a Handmaiden.  And, whatever you say in the last dialogue of the romance, the break-up is inevitable but don't let her leave the party or she's gone for good (and it ends the romance).

LT2:  'So what draws you to this part of Faerun? ..'
LT4:  'It's a strange time along this Sword Coast..' 
LT6:  'I wish to apologize for unburdening myself ..'
LT8:  'I have been watching you for a time ..'
LT10:  'I have been thinking a little.  ..'
LT12:  'So it must take a very driven man ..'
LT14:  'I have been thinking, and I think that ..'
LT16:  'Have I ever told you about how I survived ..'
LT18:  'Tell me has there been anyone special ..'
LT20:  'What was your life like before ..'
LT22:  'Hmmm I am wondering this..'
LT24:  'I have been thinking about the Divinity ..'
LT26:  'Please disregard the things I said to you..'
LT28:  'I have been told little about this 'Bhaal' of yours ..'
LT30:  'Have I told you how it is that I came to flee ..'
**Jaheira forces a choice here**
LT32:  'I am ready to continue my tale if you are willing to hear it.' 
LT34:  'Tell me something do you have much of a family?'
LT36:  'My brother is finally what made me break my faith .'
LT38:  >sleep - 'If you would.. please sit with me ..'
**to sleep with her or not is your choice, it makes no difference**
LT40:  >wake - 'Well I see that you are finally awake. ..'
**varies slightly based on whether or not you slept with her**
LT42:  'You have no impetus to carve an empire, ..'
LT44:  'Do not stand so close to me.  ..'
LT46:  'I have a confession to make to you.  ..'
LT48:  >sleep - 'I cast my white flag before you.
**if you do not sleep with her, the romance is over**
LT50:  >wake - 'A good morning to you.  ..'
**sometimes this dlg is delayed for some reason**
LT52:  'Tell me did Gorion tell you many tales of the Underdark? 
LT54:  'Do your people have any kind of rite of passage ..'
LT56:  'What about the time before the Life? ..'
LT58:  'Are you aware that despite our intimacies..'
LT60:  'Have you given any thought to what you will do ..'
LT62:  >sleep - 'We are to stop now and rest are we?
  **if you don't choose wisely the LT jumps to 66 and the romance is over, even in ToB**
LT64:  >wake - 'Is it time to awaken already...'
**LT66:   'You are awake I see...'  (you blew it)**
LT68:   'I have an odd feeling.  ..'
LT70:   'That feeling.. it is back again..'
**The fight with the handmaiden**
LT72:   >afterwards - 'Ooooh...that sort of psychic rape by a hound..'
LT74:   'Back away from me, you pathetic fool!'
LT76:   'We must talk..'
**don't let her leave or she's gone for good.. until ToB anyway**

Anomen: Human dual class fighter/cleric.  You meet him in the Copper Coronet trying to prove his worth in becoming a knight of the Order.
Hints: Anomen deals with his sister's death. To make him a knight later, persuade him to follow the law; to make him fail, have him kill Saerk. If he becomes a knight, he will gain four points of wisdom and have his alignment change to Lawful Good; If he fails his alignment will change to Chaotic Neutral and he gets NO stat boost but saucier dlgs (or so I've heard).

Some time after the knight test, another messager will come. If he is a knight, the magistrate found evidence,  else Moira had been killed by a pair of thugs. No matter what you say Anomen will leave the party. Follow him immediately either to Saerk's house (LG) or the Delryn Estate (CN). 

The two paths are identical until quite late in the romance and the Saerk/Cor Delryn revenge choices are mostly the same even though they are directed to two different people.

LD2: 'Prithee, my lady...' 
LD4: 'How much do you know of my Order ..'
LD6: 'I understand that Gorion was very much like a father ..'
LD8: 'I...I wish to apologise for so abruptly ending our conversation ..'
LD10: 'Have I told you how I became a priest?'
LD12: 'My lady...I feel most terrible about my burst of temper..'

A message from Lord Cor Delryn arrives.  Take Anomen to his home in the Government District or he'll get pissy  .

LD14: 'My lady? Might I bend your ear for a moment?'
LD16: 'I have come to understand a few things of your past..'
LD18: 'My lady, I have been pondering your situation ..'
LD20: 'I...I am truly sorry, my lady...'
LD22: 'My Test is coming very soon, my lady. ..'
**Take Anomen to the Order for his test now** (or he'll get ..upset again)
LD24: The knight test. The outcome of the test depends on your choice of whether to avenge Moira's death earlier.
NOTE: From this point on, the romance is split into two separate paths. Only the CN path is shown here.
LD26: 'I have been thinking about Sir Ryan Trawl and the Order ..'
AnomenRomanceActive = 2
LD28: 'My lady...I have been watching you most intently ..'
LD30: >rest 'While the others retire to their sacks, might I persuade you to
LD32: 'Hmmm. I have been thinking. I am still a little bitter ..'
LD34: >rest 'We are to rest, now, are we? ..'
LD36: Terl delivers a letter from Lord Cor.
      'I...I lost everything I worked towards ..'
**Anomen leaves the party. Find him at the Delryn Estate**
LD38: 'This is the end, Father. Your thoughtless cruelty destroyed Mother...'
**say the wrong thing here and Anomen will disappear forever**

To enable cheats, open the baldur.ini file with a text editor and under [Program Options] add:
Debug Mode=1

and under [Game Options] add:

to enable the ctrl + 'x' cheats, type
(for a complete list:

Then press CTRL+SPACE to open the Console window.

The codes to initiate the next LT:

Codes to speed up Flirtpak Flirts -
with the mouse over NPC's portrait, using Aerie as an example, type:
OR, to do it permanently:
in npcflirt\AerieSoAinit.baf:  open with text editor and find - RealSetGlobalTimer("FWAerieFlirt","LOCALS",2700) - and change '2700' to the amount of time (in real-time seconds) you want between flirts; this can also be done with the ToBinit.baf's.  Save the file(s) and re-install the mod.

If Dermin doesn't spawn after LT52 (you must be outside) type:

If Elminster doesn't show up to give Jaheira her pin (after 5 game days):

If Sir Ryan doesn't spawn for Anomen's test:

The main romance variable:
where XX = 1, 2, or 3: 1 = like ; 2 = love ; 3 = over

while holding the mouse pointer over a character’s portrait will show you where in the dialogue you are.

while holding the mouse pointer over a character’s portrait will change your LT value accordingly - for testing purposes only, this could kill your romance.

And, lastly, no matter what your gender or race you are, any romance can be had if you pause the game, open the Console window and type these commands, for the NPC(s) you want to try and romance:
For Aerie:
For Anomen:
For Jaheira:
For Viconia:
These are normally set by the game, after race and gender checks.
It should be noted that this will not enable multi-romancing.  Multi-romancing involves changing the NPC's script files and is outside the context of this thread.  If you do install any multi-romance scripts, make sure you do so BEFORE you install the flirt paks.
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Re: Romancing BioWare Style (yay!)
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2004, 09:31:02 AM »
here's the ToB second draft (but not much has changed):

JC's flirt paks allow in-romance summoning in ToB.  You'll have to 'cheat' a romance if you start a new ToB game without the flirt paks, (that's right, the game will not set up a romance) by setting these variables:
example for Aerie:
and, with her portrait highlighted, add:
etc, for the NPC of your choice - Anomen, Jaheira, Viconia
would probably be a good idea to add SoA variable but they may not be necessary those being:

All will begin with an are we still together type dialogue.  This is one of only a handful of dialogues that occur on a timer, the rest are triggered by plot points:  Wraith Gorion, destruction of Saradush, the final challenge, and your Decision about godhood (a'la the Tree of Life dlg).  Some NPC's will not initiate dlg until rest/wake after these events have occurred.  Lastly, even I don't multi-romance in ToB - you'll only get one NPC response to Wraith Gorion and your Decision.

Dungeon restrictions on dialogues are back in effect.

Certain NPC's undergo major changes only if you're romancing them:
Aerie: will have a baby if you decide to support it. It becomes an undroppable (?) inventory item 
I've only played it once and I remember it taking a while for that baby to appear so- (get/post the others)

Anomen: will ask you to marry him and give you a ring (that does nothing special) if you say Yes!  .

Jaheira: nothing, dammit.  ..Jason?    ;D

Viconia: may have her alignment changed to TN if you've displayed enough compassion in key dialogues (yes, you can sleep with her and still have her change); make sure you get her alignment set before you get that Holy Symbol at level 25.  (Talos' symbol will  only work for evil clerics and Helm's only works for neutral)
if GlobalGT("ViconiaChange","GLOBAL",2)

Wraith Gorion sets Global("LovedOne","GLOBAL",X)
where X: 1=Aerie; ; 2=Jahiera ; 3=Viconia ; 4=Anomen
Saradush - Global("SaradushSacked","GLOBAL",1)
Final Challenge - Global("ChallengesDone","GLOBAL",1)
these 3 values are here for informational purposes only, they are not here for CLUA commands (I hope the reasons are obvious); use them at your own risk. 

Final #'s:
Aerie - ExpLoveTalk, 18 (9 dialogues)
Anomen - ExpLoveTalk, 16 (8)
Jaheira - ExpLoveTalk, 14  (7)
Viconia - ExpLoveTalk, 16  (8)

so.. what am I missing..
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Re: Romancing BioWare Style (yay!)
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2006, 11:09:08 PM »
Anomen will also romance elves. Other than that, looks good. :D
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Re: Romancing BioWare Style (yay!)
« Reply #3 on: November 22, 2006, 03:53:17 PM »
Great guide! Thumbs up! ;)

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Re: Romancing BioWare Style (yay!)
« Reply #4 on: December 29, 2007, 03:35:57 PM »
Cespenar says, "Kelsey and friends be at the Pocket Plane? Ohhh yesssss!"


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Re: Romancing BioWare Style (yay!)
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2008, 03:40:49 PM »
Many big Thanks!

Was searching for days now...

Started the whole bg1/totsc/SoA again to get to beginn the first Version of ToB which finally worked on my pc and then, the romance was stuck...

Damnit you saved my last 2-3 Weeks of playing *g

Again, Thanks!

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