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About DBG
« on: April 01, 2004, 01:24:52 AM »
Back in October 2002, Blue's Dungeon-Be-Gone mod was released. Her concept, her writing, I provided the voice and some code.

In her words...

It's an Irenicus Dungeon (aka Chez/Chateau Irenicus) skipper.

What is Dungeon-Be-Gone?:

- A shortcut through Irenicus' Dungeon.  Merely talk to the guide that appears shortly after your character is released, and you'll have several options.

- You also get a hopefully entertaining NPC guide to take you through, and he even has voicing.  (Why? Because we can.)

Take Note:

- This MOD is rather silly, and also skips all the story elements and such just to get you to the end faster.  This is aimed for those who have played the game so many times that Irenicus' dungeon has become more painful than a root canal, and less interesting than a Valygar coffee mug. If silliness and/or 'cheating' offends you, then looks like you'll just be wresting long bows from goblins for a while.

Blue hasn't been too active on the BG2 circuit lately but rest assured, DBG is full and conclusive proof that she loves you.
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