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Keto V1 FAQ
« on: November 17, 2004, 09:28:38 AM »
Q: What's in Version 1?

A: Version one of Keto-SOA contains a full slate of content for Keto, including copious banters, numerous interjections, and a personal quest you help determine the outcome of. What ISN'T in Version 1 yet is all of the voice work for Keto herself. The mod contains nearly 150 voiced lines for Keto herself (over 400 overall) but with so much to say, there are plenty of opportunities to say more. Kelsey's half of their joint banters are also currently unvoiced.

Q: So, now that version 1 is out and took two and a half years, I suppose it will be 2007 before we see any updates?

A: No, not at all. Aside from any necessary bugfix updates, we plan to roll out new versions with additional voicework as we record and edit it. And we will shortly begin work on Keto-TOB as well.

Q: What's the best party to use with Keto?

A: Keto has a number of banters with all of the Bioware NPCs as well as Kelsey, so you certainly won't be cheated no matter who you choose. However, some particularly "noteworthy" exchanges occur between:

Keto/Yoshimo (highly recommended, and equally highly recommended to have Yoshimo in the party _before_ adding Keto.)
Keto/Anomen (the earlier you add Keto, the better.)
Keto/Keldorn (Keto gets to do some soul-searching)
Keto/HaerDalis and Keto with the Aerie/HaerDalis romance
Keto/Viconia (can hardly go wrong with Viconia. Get Keto's quest invitation at the Copper Coronet for bonus points.)

Q: When will Keto's quest begin?

A: It depends. If Yoshimo was in the party when Keto joined the party, her quest will not begin until Chapter 6. Otherwise, a long timer (something like 18 game days, but don't quote me on that) governs the quest. Keto's quest can begin by talking to the bartender at virtually every tavern on continental Amn. If it's time for the quest, Keto will receive a mysterious invitation.

Q: Will Keto banter with other mod NPCs?

A: Maybe. Make us an offer.

Below, there be spoilers, arrrrr.

Q: I only saw two bard performances before Keto. Should I have seen more?

A: No. You will only see two performers before Keto goes on. There are four possible outcomes to the bard competition, depending on what advice you give her, or whether she has come to know Yoshimo well. You see different acts before her for each outcome.

Q: Hey! Keto stomped off to do her quest and never returned! Was it something I said?

A: Probably. The competition is very important to Keto, so jerking her around about it isn't going to be appreciated. If you let her down easy, she'll come back to you. But it's still better to go watch the quest yourself.

Q: Hey! Keto failed her quest! Was it something I said?

A: Yes. Try being less self-centered next time.

Q: What performances can I see?

A: Here are the four permutations of the competition:

Sir Joules (song)
Akai Twins (instrumental)
Keto's "Mirror" tale

Liffetta (poetry)
Prudence (song)
Keto's history

Penny Madrigal (song)
Lyrica (song)
Keto's Tale of <CHARNAME>

Ulga (song)
Talindra (song)
Keto's Yoshimo tale

Plus, you can always hear a Prudence performance by talking to her in the inn before the competition.
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Re: Keto V1 FAQ
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2005, 01:50:54 PM »
Q: How many banters does Keto have with each NPC?

A: Not counting special interactions like the Aerie/HD romance interaction, Keto has...

Aerie: 6
Anomen: 12
Cernd: 4
Edwin: 3
HD: 4
Imoen: 3
Jaheira: 5
Jan: 4
Keldorn: 6
Kelsey: 7
Korgan: 5
Mazzy: 5
Minsc: 5
Nalia: 5
Valygar: 3
Viconia: 5
Yoshimo: 6
Cespenar says, "Kelsey and friends be at the Pocket Plane? Ohhh yesssss!"


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