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Apologies if this isn't the appropriate place to put this, but I wanted to address the UB creators specifically, as I have a lot of respect for the mod project they are doing.

I was planning to make a mod of my own for BG:EE but never got passed the document planning stage as I don't have the time or talent to learn the techniques to implement most of it, but the real kicker was seeing the Unfinished Business mod and realising that you guys have gone for a similar 'enhanced' version of the original game. My spare time is taken up with tabletop D&D now, but I wanted to share my game design plan for my mod in case any of it is of any use to to you (or anyone that reads this board) for further ideas as it feels somehow wrong to just delete it from my hard drive altogether. Not looking for credit or anything, just wanted to throw it out there and if any of it is of any use, great feel free to use it. Also if anything just makes you go "WTF why would you do that?" I'm happy to answer!:


Change stats to Str 10, Dex 16, Int 15.
At AR2700 add dialogue option after Gorion's death asking where she got the wand from (she stole it).

Stats change: Cha 9 Wis 16
Class change: Diviner
Has a Greycloak broach (equipped in the neck slot, +2 charisma).
Xan always takes his sword when leaving the party
If Xan is rescued but not taken as a party member, he leaves but is waiting outside the Kobold lair (AR5404) if the party has his sword, he then interrupts and takes his sword before leaving.
If the party leaves his sword in the chest it disappears when they exit the lair's area map (AR5405).

Has special ability/item 'Eldoth's Lucky Coin', which is immovable and takes up a quick item slot. It has one use per day and self-casts 'Luck' spell. (may be able to adapt use of Mithril Token item from BG2, using Alora’s rabbit foot for stats).

Stat change: Str: 16, Wis: 15.

class kit changed to assassin, thief skills redistributed to favour stealth, illusion detection and set traps. Proficient in ninja-to, single weapon, dagger.

class kit changed to Swashbuckler, has a unique sword (stolen family heirloom rapier +1), and wears a unique necklace (can't be removed, no enhancements but used for Skie and Eldoth's storyline).

class change to Sorcerer. sling proficiency.

class change to Shadowdancer, throwing dagger and sword proficiency, no longer has quest for Wyvern heads, instead he has Kivan's quest to kill Tazok. His stats altered to reflect his new role.
He is relocated to AR5000, appearing from the shadow plane in front of the player as they exit the Nashkel Mines. He reveals he has been tailing the player since Beregost, curious to see if he/she was capable of helping him kill Tazok and chose to reveal himself when Tazok's whereabouts were discovered by the player.
He wants Tazok dead because Tazok killed Coran’s brother. It will become apparent that he was paid to do this by Yago,  Brielbara’s husband. (Brielbara quest will need rewriting slightly to allow for this).

proficient in darts, missile weapons. No longer has lucky rabbit’s foot item
She reveals she is stealing to fence for money to aid her home of Gullykin , which is subject to Kobold raids leaving them without enough food for the winter, and spoiling their Firewine. You can help her steal the item and sell it to the fence (Keexie Tavern), or offer to help with the Kobolds, which puts Gullykin on the map. If she is removed from the party without the player taking on the Gullykin quest, but having helped her steal the loot, she gives Gullykin's location before she leaves if the player is of good alignment. If she leaves post-heist, she also can be found again in Gullykin.

If refused service, or player recruits Minsc; Edwin will leave Nashkel. If Dynaheir is in the party, he will reappear (with backup) in AR1400 on the path north of the farm and attack.

Kivan now has Coran's quest, and on no timer and is relocated to Cloakwood (AR2200) in Coran's place. He now has a composite longbow (for wyvern slaying!) and 2x antidote. His stats are altered to reflect his new role and is given the Ranger kit: Archer.

Garrick is demoted to NPC and no longer recruitable. His storyline begins and ends at the Jovial Juggler encounter.

Uses Avenger class kit (equipment changed appropriately).
Has a unique quarterstaff +1 that makes goodberries once per day. (use staff model STAF16 from BG2).

Has a unique ability: a spellbook (not selectable in inventory, takes up quick item slot) that is Quayle's collection of home-brewed spells. It can cast a random spell effect once per day (casts two normal spells simultaneously).
Proficiency is set to sling. (equipped appropriately).

Uses Wizard Slayer kit, dual-wields short swords. proficiency is two-weapon style (equipped appropriately).

Special effect Xzar's madness: Xzar is immune to confusion and charm spells
Class kit change to Invoker
Proficiency is set to club. (equipped appropriately)

Stats change for Khalid: Str 14, Dex, 15.  He is equipped with a longsword, splint mail, medium shield, a helmet and two potions of healing.
He is also equipped with a unique item: Khalid’s lute. It occupies a quick-item slot and cannot be removed. It functions like a Bard song once per day.
Proficiency in longsword and sword and shield type.

Proficiency changed to spear, quarterstaff and two-handed weapons  (equipped with spear).

Any party NPCs removed inside the Cloakwood mines will exit the map (AR1801-1804). Same goes for dungeons in general (they stay until player changes map to give opportunity for party changes).
Gibberlings and Vampiric creatures are now found outside only at night. Diseased Gibberlings used specifically as part of a questline (and can cause disease and are seen during the day).
Tasloi are removed and replaced with Korreds (use gnome model with unique colouring) for Cloakwood. Tasloi model recoloured blue, renamed Xvart and used in most Xvart spawns.
Move Ulgoth’s Beard to correct location on map (North coast above Baldur’s Gate), accessible via Baldur’s Gate North gate only until discovered for fast travel.
Rename Beregost’s ‘Temple’ as ‘Temple of Lathander’
Add flavour text pop ups/notice board for easy to miss quests (eg. Ghorak the diseased)
Make Dread Wolves undead, give speech sound to Worgs (Gnoll soundset). Vampiric Wolf in Ulcaster made more powerful, all other wolves in area are dread wolves. Change default wolf to ‘starving wolf’.
War dogs only used with human spawns (eg bandits). Replace war dog individual spawns with ‘rabid dogs’ (can cause disease).
In High Hedge, change Thalantyr dialogue to reflect having met player before. Also change all dialogue references by npcs to High Hedge referring to it as ‘estate’ rather than ‘tower’.
Change Ogre Mage to Oni
Change Dusty Books in Durlag’s Tower to letters.

Albert and His Dog (quest):
New Hellhound (HELLHO01 from BG2) model for Ruffie (AR5300) the dog instead of the basic wolf model (may use for Vampiric wolf as well).

Gurk's Cloak (quest):
Gurk's cloak has now been stolen by Korreds in the Cloakwood (AR2200), although he doesn't know them by name ("a bunch of wild, hairy gnomes!")

New Character:

Roac, a male half-orc barbarian (neutral good) hiding out in a cave (AR5202) in AR5200. He only appears if the player has completed Drienne's Cat first. Roac is a man of few words, and generally distrusting of strangers. His relationship with Drienne reveals a softer side. Proficiency in great axe, two-handed.

Drienne's Cat (quest):
Drienne now leads the player to Roac on quest completion, who has been taking care of her.

A home for Drienne (new quest):
(AR5202) Roac agrees to join the party on the condition the player finds Drienne a new home. The quest can be completed by talking to Joseph's Wife in Nashkel once the Help Wanted quest has been completed (otherwise she complains she can't afford to feed another mouth).

Firewine Ruins (new quest):
Alora gives this quest, which is to solve Gullykin's (AR4000) Kobold problem. The quest is in two parts - a) when the player discovers Jenkal's treachery, and b) when the player kills the Ogre Mage orchestrating the scheme. At the end of the quest it can be handed in to Gandolar Luckyfoot (who can also start the quest if Alora isn't available as normal).  The Gullykin Firewine quest then becomes available, and Gandalor will direct you to the Winery.

Gullykin Firewine (new quest)
NPC Alvanhendar in the winery offers this quest (he will dismiss the player if the kobolds are still at large)  Player is asked to deliver a trade proposal to Nashkel, Wine for grain and gold . Speaking to Nashkel’s Mayor will complete the quest, and ensure Nashkel's survival beyond iron mining.

Area Change (AR5201):

Kobolds all changed to Kobold Elites (new creature) and Commandos.

Area change (AR4800):
Joseph's home is no longer locked so the player doesn't need to break in.
NPC Karp now complains about farming not being enough to keep the town running, rather than crop failure. They need the mines to be successful in trade, they have plenty of food but the town is dying because of the iron shortage. Adds a journal entry/quest to look for a solution. If the player completes the Gullykin Firewine quest, she changes her dialogue to reflect she's more hopeful for Nashkel's future.

Help Wanted (new quest):
Once Neira is dead in Nashkel Inn (AR4801), the Innkeeper's wife/scullery walks out on her husband/boss having had enough of the place and says she's moving to Beregost. The Innkeeper now has a quest to find a new employee (this will finish with Joseph's Wife).

New event (Eldoth and Skie in party):
Skie talks to the player after 2 days, asking his/her opinion of Eldoth, the result of which happens another 2 days later at party rest. The player can choose either:
Be negative about Eldoth (when Eldoth tries to kill her, she is ready and kills him instead. She remains with the party)
Be positive about Eldoth (Eldoth remains with the party after killing Skie, and offers to split the profits of his loot, activating quest Eldoth’s Prize)
Choose not to get involved  (Eldoth will kill Skie in her sleep and disappear in the night with her necklace, meaning the player loses both party members)

Eldoth's Prize (new quest)
Go to Eldoth's fence, who is the barkeep at the Keexie Tavern (AR0800) and  sell the necklace for 1000 gold. The necklace is unsellable to anyone else as Eldoth will refuse to part with it, however he can be attacked and killed for it and the player can then sell the necklace to the fence himself for 2000 gold, which still completes the quest.

Area change (Keexie Tavern):
Barkeep now has name and personality. (Becher Brook, a fence for stolen goods). Instrumental in two new quests.

Area change (AR5202):
No wolves. Now has a firepit, some junk and a couple of bed rolls.
Roac spawns here after Drienne's Cat quest is resolved.

Area change (AR4700):
Nexlit is now a 'shaman' (cleric) and his bear, Ursa will no longer attack him. (As per above, all xvarts are now Orcs). Orc Raids now a ‘bounty’ quest picked up from Nashkel (Oublek) for +1 reputation, gold and xp.

Area change (AR5201):
North Exit is now removed. South Exit is new entrance from Jenkel's house (no other entrance from Gullykin), and Eastern Exit is now secret exit only opened from inside the ruins (ie. player has to go to Gullykin to gain entrance to ruins first, can't enter via Firewine Bridge).

Area change (AR4400):
Hulrik’s cow is now being attacked by Diseased Gibberlings, not Xvarts and only during the day. He notes how it’s odd for Gibberlings to be out in broad daylight.  Follow up quest from Hulrik is completed in AR5500 ,the Gibberling lair.

Area change (AR1802):
Spear+1 loot is now Spear+2. Spear+1 can be bought from Beregost’s Thunderhammer Smithy.

Area change (AR4500):
Poe, Bentan and Melium are now together near the entrance to the Firewine Ruins. Melium is neutral good, and has completely different dialogue choices (although he carries the same loot). The new band are attempting to find the hidden entrance to the ruins, but have not had any luck. If the player exits from the ruins, they express their surprise and decide to leave thinking there will be nothing left to plunder in the dungeon.
Wild magic affects the area, and has left many traps around.

Area change (AR5400+AR5401):
Miners here use Commoner model as old one makes them look like slaves (in contrast to Cloakwood miners).

Area Change: (AR5500):

Hidden entrance to Gibberling den (new area, AR5501) where Diseased Gibberlings spawn. Loot removed from AR5202 found here guarded by a Diseased Gibberling Matriarch (new monster) and plenty of diseased gibberlings.

Area change (AR5402):

Flavour text: "You feel as if you are being watched, the shadows seem to grow longer in response." (this is a precursor to meeting Coran, who's been tailing you).

Area change  (AR5403):

Flavour text: "Something moves out of the corner of your eye but when you turn to look, you only see shadows"(this is a precursor to meeting Coran, who's been tailing you).

Area change (AR5404):
"Flavour text: "You hear what sounds like breathing behind you, but as you peer back into the deep tunnels you see only darkness. Perhaps it was an air current?" (this is a precursor to meeting Coran, who's been tailing you).

Area change (AR5300):
Larry, Darryl and Darryl are now a Goblin (Larry) and two Kobolds. The dialogue reflects this.

Area change (AR4900):

Melee Weapon tent now sells ‘exotic’ melee weapons found nowhere else in the early game (removed from any other locations in early game): Ninja-to, Katana, Scimitar, Wakizashi, As well as a Wakizashi + 1. Previous items no longer sold.
Potion tent now sells some more basic potions (eg, potion of healing, antidote)
Armour tent now sells Hide Armour + 1, Traveller, Knave and Adventurer’s robes, a cloak of protection+1 and a cloak of Elvenkind. Previous items no longer sold.
Ranged Weapon tent no longer a real vendor. Dialogue options with character will allow the player to question why the storekeep is acting strangley and that he doesn’t have any actual goods to sell. Contined pressing will result in the storekeep changing into a Doppleganger that attacks the player.
All shops now have more furniture in them, except the Ranged Weapon tent which is bare.

Area change (AR1201):

Ogre Mages swapped for more convetional humanoid Iron Throne agents.



Dradeel now gives the players two silver-tipped longswords if they have agreed to retreive his spellbook. He mentions he had to melt down a pendant given to him by his mother for the silver with the intent of trying to retreave the book himself, but found his courage waining as he ‘lacks the martial prowess that would guarantee success’.
New item, silver-tipped sword: functionally identical to a longsword, with the added bonus that it functions as a silver weapon.
Belladonna no longer present in Dradeel’s chest.
The Holy Cloak is no longer in Dradeel’s chest and is now looted from the corpse of Kryla.


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