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Unused Dream Sequence
« on: August 10, 2014, 10:36:12 AM »
Man, I bet everyone knew about the dream sequence with voice, woman, dagee4rs and whatnot, but Sleep of Bronze on SA kindly put it all together:

[GORIN13] Awake my adopted child. Awake and face the terrible tests ahead of thee. Speak not, for I have but little time. This place is the Between. 'Tis not so much real, as it is a dream, though not so much a dream, as it is real. That which should be dead can cast its tentacles here, and your life is already wound within its grasping limbs. There is always hope, however, and your actions here shall determine the grip with which you are held. I can tell you no more of your true lineage than I did in life, but you will learn much here. You must pursue several items, for they are key to who you are. A Talon is the first, followed by the horn of great beast, a candle of light, a dagger of bone, a potion of blood and tears, and a blackened skull. I must leave you now, for 'tis a great strain to remain in the Between. No ordinary mortal can remain for long, so I must leave you to your search. I wish I could say I am leaving you here alone, but you are not. Seek wisely and true, and remember ye well: 'Tis often the journey that shapes the child, and not so much where they must go.

    Warrior (deleted): Help! I need your aid! There are too many!
    VOICE: You've not the time for this! You must get the talon before it's taken by another!
    VOICE: Leave the fool to his own battle! You have a destiny to follow!
    WARRID: I am so cold...(moan) dying... Please...stay with me awhile...
    VOICE: Leave him...get the talon! He is beyond help. It is pointless to stay!
    WARRID: I don't want to die alone...
    Presumably a choice by the player to stay with him or not, though there's no text for it.
    Player stays (1)
    WARRID: Thank you ...
    VOICE: You have squandered your time and lost the talon! Unfortunate. Changes will have to be made.
    Player leaves to take the talon. (2)
    VOICE: The talon that gives power to those demanding, and abandons the weak to their fate. You are stronger for it.


    Messenger (deleted): Salutations! I have come looking for someone, to deliver a gift. A horn actually.
    VOICE: It is the horn you seek! Claim what should be yours!
    MESSED: I seek the First Reader of this great library. Perhaps you have seen him? This is to be his property, and I can give it to no other.
    VOICE: It is of no concern who it's truly for! Take what is meant for you! He'll never know the difference!
    MESSED: Do you claim to be the First Reader?

    PLAYER (1): Yes, I am who you seek.
    MESSED: Then I bear a message for you as well. [Action: Die ()]
    VOICE: The horn with the will to take what is yours, and what should be yours.

    PLAYER (2): No, and I have not seen him.
    MESSED: Nor would you want the gift I bear. I take my leave.
    VOICE: You betray what you were born to be! There will be a price to pay!


    Sorceror (deleted): Young one! Please stop a while. I need your help. I am old and dying...and I've one hope left to me. In my room...there is an enchanted candle. It has one last wish spell within it. I am too weak to retrieve it, but you could.
    VOICE: It is the candle you must seek!
    SORCED: This candle is my last chance, child. Please...bring it to me.
    VOICE: Forget the old man! His time is past! The wish should be yours!
    VOICE: Use it yourself, and know the legacy of your true father!

    Presumably if you use the candle to awake your Bhaalspawn heritage more or something ...
    VOICE: You have done well.
    And if you don't ...
    SORCED: Thank you, I am renewed. You have resisted great temptation for a strangers (sic) benefit. A rare act of compassion for one destined so.
    VOICE: You have wasted the power of the candle on the old man! There is much to be done before you are worthy!


    VOICE: Seek the dagger next! It is nearby in the hands of a great evil Ogre! Slay it and take your rightful prize!
    White Knight (deleted): You there! Help me dispose of this beast! His kind are a plague on the land!
    Ogre (deleted): Me no beast! Me don't want fight! Go 'way!
    WHITKD: Don't believe a word it says! Born evil they are! Everyone knows that! The only good Ogre, is a dead Ogre!
    VOICE: Look at them! The knight is obviously the one to help! The beast cannot be other than it was born to be! Kill it!
    OGRED: Shiny man attack ME! I be good but he make fight! He want kill for no reason!
    VOICE: The beast is an Ogre! They are evil; they cannot be otherwise! Do what you know MUST be done! Will you attack it or not?!

    PLAYER (1): Ogre or not, this creature is no threat. I'll not harm him!
    OGRED: You no hurt me, me no hurt you! Me don't care if me born bad! Me be good if me want to! You too...remember. You born VERY bad. Maybe you be good if you want too.
    VOICE: You disrespect your true calling at every turn. It will make your destiny all the more painful!
    VOICE: Pathetic! You are not even worthy of the true test! It is a wonder you are suitable at all!

    PLAYER (2): The beast will die, as all of it's (sic) kind should!
    WHITKD: You chose right! Beings of flesh ARE what they ARE. There is no escaping your destiny. Best you remember that! Here, this is yours!
    VOICE: A dagger of bone. A piece of the father bred in the child. You will be what you were born to be.


    VOICE: The potion you seek is here! Search the bodies! Their dead hold the prize!
    Poisoned man (deleted): Please...that pack of gnolls...they poisoned me. Was there a flask among them? It must be the antidote. Please...
    VOICE: Ignore him! Drink the potion yourself and know the essence of your heritage!
    POISOD: some charity...I'll die without it.


    PLAYER (1): My destiny is more important than your paltry life. Cheers.
    VOICE: Drink deep the blood of the father and the tears of the dead. They shall sustain you, for they are the very essence of your destiny!

    PLAYER (2): I cannot refuse this man his very life! He needs this potion more than I!
    POISOD: Thank you...Your actions are my antidote. Let the blood of the father not despoil the son!
    VOICE: It is an insult to the very blood in your veins! You WILL learn to act accordingly!


    Woman (deleted): Greetings fellow traveler. I have been entrusted to give this skull to they who are most worthy.
    VOICE: It is the last item you seek! Of course you're worthy of it!
    WOMAND: The recipient must be more heroic, charitable, courageous, and HUMBLE than anyone else living or dead. Are you such a person?
    VOICE: You know you are all that and more! You have power immeasurable in your future! You are destined for a veritable godhood!

    In which being an evil psycho proves you are a moron beyond belief.

    PLAYER (1): I am all that you seek! There are none alive or dead better than I!
    WOMAND: Truly you deserve this and whatever else it brings. You've the ego of a deity to believe yourself humble and yet claim to be better than all who have died. It will certainly make the bonding easier...though not for you!
    VOICE: It is the Godhead itself, literal and figurative! Prepare yourself, for the return will come soon!

    PLAYER (2): Many a great person has walked this land. I cannot claim to be above them all.
    WOMAND: The Godhead is rejected! Can there yet be hope? We shall see...
    VOICE: Your fate will be sealed despite your petty rejection of the ways of your father. The return is nigh regardless!


    VOICE: I am the essence of Bhaal within you. You must release your will, that your body may become the conduit for your father's rebirth!
    VOICE: Fight, that the violent death of your mind shall pave the way! The Return will live with your death!

    VOICE: Weakling fool! You have spurned your fathers gifts and your heritage. You can only pay with your blood! A god cannot be contained in death! Your mind is but a stepping stone!

    VOICE: You'll not prevail! The strength that was given returns to the source! I am the stronger!

    VOICE: You have balanced the scales with your actions, but The Return cannot be stopped!

    VOICE: It is not the end! So long as you...or any child of Bhaal lives...the there. Many will seek the power you forsake! One son nears it now! The Return...can stopped...(fade out) (sic)

Come on, do it. I'm legally forbidden from modding BG1, someone has to pick up the torch

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Re: Unused Dream Sequence
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2014, 12:40:42 PM »
I discussed this with others, and the huge question is: Where to put this, who is the "voice", why would it be in BG1 - we decided it does not really fit the BG1 spirit, and the idea was kind of used by the developpers for some SoA content (hell tests, for example).

EDIT: How can someone be legally forbidden to mod BG1?
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Re: Unused Dream Sequence
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2014, 03:27:19 PM »
Research Indicates that it was supposed to take place somewhere during chapter 6 in Candlekeep! Also, the voice is your taint calling out to your subconscious. I don't know how to do this, I'm not a BG1 modder


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