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After a long layoff, by popular demand The Chairman returns to Infinity Stadium with a brand new theme to tantalize and torment the best of the best in improvisational modding! These Iron Modders have gathered once again, WeiDU and text editors in hand, eagerly awaiting their chance to give their all in the world's premiere four-hour Infinity Engine modding competition!

Five Iron Modders responded to the Chairman's latest challenge, "The Oldest Trick In the Book," dealing their own subterfuge and sleight of hand to our judges, who eagerly drank deep! Whose misdirection was mightiest this day?

As is his custom, the Chairman shared his thoughts with the anxious audience before making his presentation.

Artifice and deception come in many forms, but sometimes, the tricks of our ancestors, ripened on the vine, carry the most potent flavor. I look forward to tasting the bitter fruits of chicanery from each of our honored contestants.

Scoring judges were CamDawg, SConrad, MajorTomSawyer, and jcompton.


This rookie bakes a pretty picture with Jolun the Painter and a rather unconventional supplier of arts and crafts tools and patronage. Yet it ends in deception and, quite likely, death. Can our judges swallow such a bitter pill?

"I must say I expected big flavors from this chef, what I found was a little bland. In the end, there was no sorbet or desert to cleanse my palate after the meal." - MTS

"Iron Modder berelinde provides a meal of color and paint, but the serving of one dish after another could have been improved. Giving up sweet Imoen for a color pigment seemed like a fair deal, yet the lavender-smelling creature was not satisfied; it asked for a painting when talked to again. Only after tasting the dish once more did the full flavor of the story reveal itself." - SConrad

"berelinde's dish set my mouth to water as soon as I laid eyes (and nose) to it. Under the nice presentation, though, some of its flavors seemed to jar and didn't flow very well together. All in all it was enjoyable, but this taster was hoping for a stronger finish from the promising start." - CamDawg


A novice to Infinity Stadium, cmorgan presented our judges with a bitter lesson taught by that gamester Volo, who speaks with forked yet amiable tongue. After sending <CHARNAME> on a wild goose chase with no material reward to show for it, would the judges appreciate the grand deception as much as the loquacious Volo did?

"I will admit, that I am not overly familiar with dishes from this modder. When it was over, not only did it sate my palate nicely, but I found myself wanting more." - MTS

"Like a salmon casserole, cmorgan took some exotic ingerdients and baked them into a familiar, old trick. The dish was well augmented by nice garnishes and small touches, which more than compensated for a few seemingly rushed qualities." - CamDawg

"Iron Modder cmorgan sets off with an excellent appetizer that makes you wonder what the next dish will bring. The main course, however, turned out to be slightly unsatisfactory with the meat being stringy for not a whole lot of flavor. In time for final course, however, our chef explains the tough-chewed meat brilliantly, and the teeth-grinding is all forgiven. Some minor flaws in the mixture of ingredients can be noticed, but they don't take away too much from the overall e{x}perience. All in all, a very entertaining entry with the dessert being the absolute highlight - as well it should be!" - SConrad


This prolific modder makes her first appearance under the hot lights and frenetic atmosphere of Infinity Stadium, presenting new insight into the tormented world of Dili. Will the pabulum of deception fed by Dili's mother translate into a taste treat in the mouths of our judges, or come off like a sour pickle?

"Even familiar ingredients can yield new and interesting dishes. Kulyok's entry used some familiar quest memes and, though the outcome was predictable, still managed to tease the palate with an enjoyable offering." - CamDawg

"With a deliciously evil entry, Iron Modder Kulyok provides a quest with a bitter aftertaste; one of desiring revenge. The good-natured PC just couldn't turn down a woman's plea for her daughter, and we were off to save not only Imoen, but another prisoner of Spellhold, as well. Our chef leaves plenty of options with alternate side-dishes; more than can be anticipated in the short timespan she has had to prepare the meal. No apparent flaws can be found - either in the taste or visual presentation of the dishes. An excellent composition." - SConrad

"What can I say about this dish? Truly this chef has yet to disappoint. Hands down my favorite dish of the evening." - MTS


Another newcomer to our four-hour frenzy, this card-carrying modder brewed up the Rapscallion Kit, a devious distillation of bard with tunes to blind you and tales to set your head spinning. Would the judges find this hackneyed trickster an effective dinner companion?

"This dish truly caught me off-guard. Even afterwards, I was not sure what I had just eaten, but it truly was original." - MTS

"Asked for an entree quest, 6oS instead delivered a dessert kit. Do not let the sugary coating fool you, though, as the Rapscallion bard kit was a nice mix of abilities that allowed the player to be the one playing old tricks on new foes." - CamDawg

"In this entry from Iron Modder Six of Spades, it somehow feels as if instead of being presented with a savory meal, you are handed a new set of china and silverware. While the Rapscallion is an interesting kit with a couple of useful abilities, fine china is a tad bit difficult to chew." - SConrad


Our only veteran contestant serves the judges a dainty appetizer of a trick-or-treat tale, as one desperate Shadow Thief pulls one of the oldest tricks in the book to escape the predations of a hungry opponent. But were the judges satisfied by this morsel, or did they themselves feel cheated?

"Chez Ding0 has been known for his unique synthesis of differing cuisine, and the theme seemed to be tailor-made for his style. However, the dish was disappointingly short and lacking in substance." - CamDawg

"Our chef provides a hastily prepared snack, which tells a story of how to use old tricks in combat. It's still better than any micro-waved frozen dinner, however, and maybe some day will see the Iron Ding0 serve a real meal. A feast to behold!" - SConrad

"I always expect so much from this chef. SimDing0 is known for big flavors, and elaborate garnishes. This was somewhat of a disappointment, and left the table still hungry." - MTS

The judging is complete! Five refreshing courses of prevarication and pretense! Fool our judges once, shame on you, and they won't get fooled again! Who shall earn their highest regard? Which Iron Modder shall reign supreme?


It's caviar dreams in Moscow tonight as the title heads to Russia, where Iron Modder Kulyok dazzled the judges with a strong showing and sneaky serenade! All Infinity Stadium hails the crowning of a new champion, our first in two years! Congratulations!

FINAL SCORES out of 25 possible (average)

Kulyok: 18.25
cmorgan: 16.5
berelinde: 14.75
SixOfSpades: 13.5
SimDing0: 12.75

Special thanks to MTS and Deathsangel for trying their best, but their entries were incomplete and could not be scored.
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Average scores by category

EXposition of the Theme (1-10)
Originality (1-5)
Innovation (1-5)
ENtertainment (1-5)

EX: 8
O: 3.5
I: 2.75
EN: 4
# of first-place votes: 2.5

EX: 7.25
O: 3
I: 2.5
EN: 3.75
# of first-place votes: 1

EX: 6.5
O: 3
I: 2.25
EN: 3
# of first-place votes: 0.5

EX: 5.75
O: 2.5
I: 3
EN: 2.25
# of first-place votes: 0

EX: 6.5
O: 2.25
I: 1.75
EN: 2.25
# of first-place votes: 0

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