Author Topic: BG2: introducing "feats", unsummon summoned creatures and AI turning undeads  (Read 4090 times)


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Hi all,

I think I've seen that in a mod - don't remember exactly which (bg2 tweaks, refinements?) - they were able to positicpate the level at which you would get high level abilities. If that was possible, i actualy think that the contrary could be done: meaning, for example, that I could let characters access at hearly level to the so called "high level ability" panel and, maybe, add new "feats" that they could use at lower level. What i mean is that, instead of simply making kits that receive the ability x on level y, I would like every class to be able to access this panel at earlier levels, with the chance to choose the ability they wish - for example, a bard could choose a "lingering song" like ability or to get an extra +2 in some saving throw, d&d 3e like.

Would this be possible?
I tought that the panel was accessed by giving at certain leve some ability-like to classes: this is why i checked with NearInfinity the "clabFI01.2da" and went to high levels to see if it was so.. but, still, the true fighter ain't receiving any special abilities in that chart.. thus i think that HLA panel is accessed in some other way.
Also, if the above thing would be possible, I would like to know if, for example, the special ability could alter things like weapon proficiency (creating, for example, a "weapon focus" for a specific weapon type witha  +x thac0, or, also, giving an extra star to a weapon style: i would like to remove the access to the weapon proficiency table - or, at least, not give them any more proficiency points from there - and let the player only have access to feats which could ALSO alter those proficiencies).

OTHER 3 questions:

first off: would it be possible to include in a summon an innate "unsommon/die" innate? (giving the caster the option to unsummon it without having to kill him, at least when it's still under his control?).

Second: would it be possible to alter the AI scripts (like they've done in "stratagems" mods) and make it so that "when hostile undead near, if cleric, turn undead"? I know the line isn't probably the correct one, yet you can understand what i mean.

ALSO, would it be possible to give clerics the ability to give spell effect 297 (immunity to turn death?) to their summoned undead? What i would like is to give clerics the ability to give them that spelle ffect at their summoned undead when they are using the "turn undead" ability (the idea is that the cleric is focusing all his energy to prevent his undead to be turned).. However, since i think that undead turining is hardcoded, would a turnaround be possible? like an innate ability that can be activated with permanent duration and can be deactivated/activated at will?

Thanks in advance for the attention!


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Actulally, I've found out that "lunumab.2da" ( determines the first time you access to HLA for each class. Lowering the initial level seems definitely possible (yet i'm wondering what would happen if the level was lowered to lvl 1 in TUTU: would the HLA ability menu appear once you spawn in the game world, after char creation? or, simply put, you won't be able to choose an HLA at lvl 1 due to the char creation interface?) yet it doesn't seem possible to make it so that a character gains new HLA only at specific levels: the 2da seems to allow you to choose a level after witch the ratio of HLA you can learn per level changes (altough the vanilla game didn't make use of that feature I guess), but once you choose the inital level at which you start getting an HLA, you will at least get an HLA at each level.

A workoround system could be to simply script an HLA icon ability which actually doesn't affect your character statistics. In this way a feat system similar to that of d&d 3e+ could be implemented.

Another thing i would like to check out if an HLA could be scripted not to simply provide you a specific proficiency point (i guess that is definitely possible) but to open the proficiency screen and allow you to menage the way you want to spend your stars in. This would be important since the number of HLA per class is limited to 24 and, for example, introducing a "weapon focus" hla for each of the different weapons would otherwise consume up almost every slot.

As for the turn undead dilemma.. I'm still waiting to hear from someone else to know if the AI Can be scripted to actively turn undead.


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