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Valen sugestions after play the mod
« on: February 06, 2010, 09:51:49 PM »
Hi, this topic is directed for weimer, its my sugestion to improve valen mod, i'm sure you get a lot of these topics telling u what to do but its just my experience with the mod that i want to pass. i'm going to improve this topic at the same time i play the mod, so i avoid forget useful informations.

Well to the work:

Valen mod:

1° of all to the banter's of the game:

My party consist (the order of entry into the group)  -> Korgan, Adario(TDD LEvil assasin NPC), Viconia, Edwin and at last valen, so i didn't get the banters with these chars.

I found aerie of course before valen to so never get a banter with her.

my valen until now make encounters with the specifc NPC ->

Yeslik (TDD CGood priest drwaven) - atacked my party on the moment he saw Valen.
Nalia - 2° encounter, the 1° time in copper i didn't have valen - don't have interaction with valen
Haer'dalis - she was far when i frist freed him, but on sucessive encounters, no interaction betwen the 2
Keldorn - not even a word about her, completly ignored.

Well before i continue lemme get my position about the valen atacked on sight subject:

Recognize a vampire is not easy, they're like humans (or elvens, drwavens or what they where before the embrace), it's not like valen is on the street and some1 come and say "hey u're a vampire!", ppl can suspect but no1 into a normal situation atack another person becouse a suspection.

Now to what i think that deserve a modification:

1° of all - stop atack on sight priest good or neutral (and in temple district even the talassian atack her!?!?! God, all the games i played as a talos priest and asked they help to defeat Bodhi they just give me a fuck telling that Talos enjoy what Bodhi is doing... so why on earth they are atacking me!?!?). Would be nice if all the times i speak with a non-important priest, they make some comments about valen, and in the case of good or neutral if i force to much talks they become hostile, and only then, not on sight.
In fact if u want make a unique quest to valen, the talassians would be a nice choice (a quest with Bodhi would be to obvious and unoriginal :), but i dont have opinion in this quest matter, i'm sure if u want to make a quest to valen u already have 100+ ideas in mind ^^.

2° All the time i play an evil party, i work to put my reputation in 1 only with quests (and any1 that don't know its 100x more dificult reach rep 1 by quests only than get a rep 20), so i don't really care if the valen event with the V. Hunters will destroy my reputation (i don't have rep anyway XD), but i don't see reason to the rep loss for killing them becouse:

a) they're not innocent people, any1 stupid enough to mistake good with innocent, please with all respect take a Dictionary to see the net of the word innocent and word good. Innocent is some1 that suffer abuse becouse of something he didn't give cause and good is some1 that make moral based actions, and moral is not ethics, remember that.
For example an might holly paladin is a good person but not necessary innocent, he's a warrior, if he die in combat is result of his lack of skill, luck, or other circunstances that can be direct or more complicated. An Evil merchant that die when a party fight a battle near him is not a good person but is a innocent person a victim of the circunstances.
So would be nice if the rep loss of the slayers to be removed..

3° About romances i have a somewhat unique position, i don't think valen would get along with the NPC, valen is a vampire, she respect strenght (ribald talk), the pc is a mission to her at begin, and the reason to her mistress betray her after. In her eyes the PC is not strongh but weak, she was from Bodhi guild so she knows about the capture of the pc on the begin of the game, the steal of his soul and other facts... but in otherhand... we have Sarevok XD, some1 that near started a huge war in Baldur's Gate, Evil to the bones, Fucking strongh, an awersome strenght of will, he carved his way out from the Bhaal's hell with bare hands and is somewhat more like Valen, a undead than any other NPC, and think on the mix of the viconia attemps to seduct sarevok x Valen interest on him? Serious think about this, about add a romance betwen Valen and Sarevok.

4° - More interactions with non joinable NPCs (cos ppl forget that NPC is everyone but the main character, or human players into a multipayer game):

The fanatics from government district: Well if they burn some1 into a public square, at the side of the Amn's building of law, just becouse of her race, well they can atack Valen for a suspect to i think.

The Lathander Temple: NO ONE SHOULD ATACK her, but serious, an blood hiper evil vampire entering on the temple of a total Good God? in my opinion is instant death, not cos some1 atacked her, but Lathander itself should strike her for the audacy.

Temple of Talos: Should have some fun talk with the priests inside, cos as i told before, Talos like the vampires, he don't have problems with them.

Sewer: Serious, Keldorn should make some complain about her, even if he don't atack some offenses must be made no :)?

Docks: the guild enemy walinkg freely on Shadow Thief territory? well time for some assasination atempts no?
          The Temple of Oghma, the ones specialized in vampires... no talk? o well...
          The sea bounty, some talks there shoud happen no? cos for what Rose on Brigde district told, when human, valen worked on the docks.
          Inside The Harp building... well the harps fight for balance and nature, well valen appear for me so supernatural bbeing an undead and such.

Slums: Beggars, Beggars and more Beggars... who cares if i eat 1 or 2? It is a favor I do for society no? Well in my undead thirsty mind at least...
         The Drugged people on the secret room before the secret sewer entrance, who would notice some drugged ppl missing?

Waukens Promenade: Inside that ilusion on the circus... who gonna know what trully happened there if more 1 or 2 ppl die, besides im the circus savior ^^ no1 will suspect me XD.

Well it's all i can do today, i'm in underdark begin with her yet and i need to remember other stuffs, i will finsh latter but an incentive or protest can make me most dedicated to this work or stop of disturbing you like dozens of ppl do :).


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Re: Valen sugestions after play the mod
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2010, 10:00:57 PM »
O i forget, i just make an register with the nickname kamuizin, can some1 give-me the necessary permission to use my acc? Thx.

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Re: Valen sugestions after play the mod
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2010, 01:41:23 AM »
Hey Kamui, you might not know yet, but Weimer abandoned modding like 6 years ago or something like this, so it's a bit too late for Valen suggestions, but welcome to PPG nevertheless ;)


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Re: Valen sugestions after play the mod
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2010, 02:59:28 PM »
O well. thx anyway for the wellcome, and if some1 get an interest in upgrade valen's mod well here's the 1° sugestion :)

And agin, if some1 could activate the acc i create i would apreciate.


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