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Ascension + Redemption on insaine
« on: June 22, 2009, 05:53:28 PM »
Hey everyone,

I got a bit frustrated in last few days, trying to beat those 2 mods on insaine. My party was:

- goblinsly ( Kensai/mage dualed at 12 )
- Minsk
- Valygar
- Jaherae
- Imoen
- Irenicus ( kicked Keldorn out )

I used PI to get me tons of skeleton warriors. They are useless, basicly they make no difference exept getting anywhere harder but at the same time making me feel a little bit safer ( i summoned them when i saw how many demons melissan gated in. It was like me saying, that bitch...if she cheats, i cheat ) .Anyway, it took me some time to figure out how to take out the 5. Irenicus is a kickass mage when he joins, Abazigal went down to lower magic resistaince, melfs acid arrows, comets and dragons breaths. By that illasera and gromnir gor pretty damaged and 1 GWW eats them. Yaga got pwnd by Jaheraes HARM, Sendai was meleed and balthazar meleed Serevoc ( btw i hate the way Balthazar acts. He keeps jumping around, making it impossible to control him, also making him pretty useless ). Each time stop ( i had plenty since i had 2 images of both imoen and irenicus ) i also summoned 2 planetars/fallen planetars.

Anyway when Melissan comes, i usualy have most of the five still alive. But that is no problem. I simply lower her resistaince, spellstrike her, use greater mellisan and then use Valygar with his poison throwing spear that stuns her. In the meanwhile i take out the rest of the 5 and get her to near death. Then the fun begins. She gets totaly healed and brings in the summons ( too many of them anyway ). I got her to badly injured, no more. Her demons interupt my mages, actualy they kill them, also killing images. Soo i have no way of spellstriking/breaching melissan. That is not the biggest issue though. I only had 1 spellstrike memorised since i was relying on images. But i could memorise more of them and PfMW will save my mages. The problem is, Minsk and Valygar get killed fast. Single class warriors are completely useless in ascension. They get killed in 1 round, while mage can last for turns with his PfMW.

Anyway, i lowered difficulty to Hard and it was soo easy to beat, i actualy had all my characters uninjured, didnt get a single damage in the whole battle. Soo this is bothering me, i easily beat it on Hard but cant even imagine beating it on Insaine.

You can tell me how you beat it or what i am doing wrong ( and you can blame me for using cheese Project Image + summons, if i beat it with summons on insaine i promise i will try without summons :) )

I came to a conclusion that i would more easily beat it with only 1 character, for instance Kensai/mage dualed at level 20 ( i am not sure to what level mage i could come then ).

Soo next time i play with ascension on insaine, i tend to use only chars who can protect themselves. I also want to try something new.

Chars i tried soo far were:

- Minsk ( pretty useless if u ask me, but hes a legend and i never had a heart to not take him with me )
- Valygar ( same as above, i also had some fun backstabbing with him, would be useless to backstabb in final battle though )
- Imoen ( same as above, i just couldnt skip her )
- Jaherae ( she was pretty good during the game, with her skins and elemental princes are fun, even though the only good one is Sunnis, the other 2 are useless )
- Viconia ( she was 1 of the most useless chars i had, i just cant see what good she is )
- Anomen ( if he had skins he would be good. Without them he dies just as fast as other fighters )
- Jan ( fun to play back then when i used traps. )
- Cernd ( even with fix for his shapeshiftings he was useless, cant compare to Jaherae in anyway )
- Aerie  ( pretty much useless )
- Edwin ( single class mage, useless to me )
- Korgan ( single fighter class, useless )
- Keldorn ( his dispel was good, had fun with his crossbow and stuning darts, in last fight though he is death in manner of seconds )

Like i said, next time i play, i wanna have power gaming chars.

I never tried Haerdalis before. I also never used high level ability "use any item" before. Soo i thought for the next game i would take him with me. At high level he should fight pretty well with good items and he can cast protection from magical weapons, making him live 10x longer then single class fighters. Sounds like he could be great char.

I would also take sola. I prefer original NPCs over moded ones but fighter/mage is awesome. Or maybe i could take Serevoc and dual him to mage ( i can gain exp in Saradush fast, fire giants and all ). That is if i can keep him in ascension final fight.

And for main char. I tried Kensai/mage, sorcerer, monk ( fun class for sure, wont stand a chance in last fight though, otherwise he would be my pick ). I never before had my main char multiclass. Soo i was thinking something like Fighter/Mage/Theft. Like i said, that Thief high level ability use any item should be very fun. I saw fighter/Cleric/Thief also but Clerics spells are useless compared to mages.

Ok, tell me your suggestions. To be honest i would rather keep at least Minsk and Imoen, Imoen with Vecna has limited use, but Minsk is useless to me. Maybe you can enlighten me here. Because if i could find some use for Minsk i would go with that party, which would be awesome and bring me great pleasure ( keeping beloved minsk and not adding any unofficial NPCs)


Also correct me on my strategy and offcourse, tell me why some chars i blamed for being bad, are actualy good. Because i know they are, i just dont know how to use them.

Tnx in advance !


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