Author Topic: is there a legit way to beat improved kangaxx  (Read 9758 times)


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is there a legit way to beat improved kangaxx
« on: January 18, 2009, 01:13:08 PM »
i tried everything nothing worked. his ridiculous imprisionment bypasses spell immunity abjuration. the howl heals him so much quicker than i can hurt him. death ward doesn't help much either. minute meteor only does 1 point of damage each strike. ring of ram damages him to "injured" at best. also there's no way to hurt him close range or even approach him since he has unlimited teleportation fields to cast, not to mention he has time stop, pfmw, spell trap, and all kinds of crap too. he is immune to ALL spells (tried putting a dragon's breathe on top of his head before he could cast any protection and guess what, it had no effect so now considering that spell is a "quest" spell, nothing's gonna work. don't even start talking about lower resist. "Demi-liches are immune for all spells up to level 9" and now with tactics, ALL spells i say)

now with no offensive spells i can only use defensive right? but like i said his imprisonment bypasses spell immunity(hell i even tried it 5 time to see if it really does and guess what it does.) i can think of tons of cheese to beat his ass such as using bag of holding to recharge ring of ram, protection from undead/magic, mind flayer control charm..... but is there also a legit way of beating him? guys who have success defeating this kangaxx plz share ur experience.


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Re: is there a legit way to beat improved kangaxx
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2009, 01:32:40 PM »
i just whooped his ass using cheese. protection for magic + recharging ring of ram. but the thing is u no i didn't beat him. the scroll, the ring and bag of holding did. any character using these items can beat him. a lvl 1 character can beat him if he has the same items. though i still hope somebody who has owned him in a legit way tell me how he did it. since i refused to submit and degenerate to using this kind of cheat. :-\


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Re: is there a legit way to beat improved kangaxx
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2009, 08:17:10 PM »
Protection from Undead no longer works due to his new script, since he'll just dispel it, and the mind flayer control circlet simply does not work anymore either (and I tried).  I also tested the Mace of Disruption, which does hit him, but no longer kills him instantly; I got several "Undead Destroyed" messages but he didn't die.  I would suggest Minute Meteors or Energy Blades during a Time Stop, but I haven't tested this, and neither is likely to deal him enough damage by the time the Time Stop wears off.

One thing that still does full damage is traps.  Unfortunately I can't think of any way to get the traps to hit his demilich form without using cheese tactics.  The way I beat him was to fake talk to his lich form in order to beat him up without his turning hostile.  Then I waited for him to initiate dialogue with me.  This triggered his transformation into the demilich, which WAS hostile, therefore the traps nailed him and he died.  I don't know if he chases after you if you try to run upstairs, but if he did, then it would actually make using traps on him a whole lot easier.

It's disappointing that Dragon's Breath no longer works.  Given the rationale behind the Improved Dragons component (i.e. that demiliches were the most dangerous foes, while dragons got stiffed) it seems intuitive that it should work.  Oh well.  I haven't tested other Quest level spells, like Comet or Implosion, which are supposed to bypass magic resistance, but given that he's immune to Dragon's Breath, I assume they won't work either.


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Re: is there a legit way to beat improved kangaxx
« Reply #3 on: April 25, 2009, 11:39:41 PM »
Okay, I found several methods that still work, but I don't know if they'd count as legit:

1) All of the Disruption weapons still have a chance to kill him instantly.  (Apparently his resisting this was a scripting bug, because I reinstalled the mod and now it works fine.)  This includes the Mace of Disruption +2 from the original game, Azuredge +4 from Item Upgrades, and the Fiery Mace of Disruption from Underrep Items.  If you jump the demilich immediately after he appears, there's a chance you'll hit and destroy him with one of these weapons.  (The halberd with Disruption powers from Underrep is only +3 so I don't think it can hit him.)

2) Spike traps do full damage.  The problem?  If you set them too close, they all go after his lich form and are wasted.  If you set them too far, they'll never go off, since Kangaxx never moves from his starting location.  However, you do get one legal use of the Ring of the Ram.  So position someone on the east side of the sarcophagus and use the ring to push him into the traps.  There's still the issue of his Spell Turning, which is why it helps to have your thief cast Spell Turning on himself.  An easy way is to use the Book of Infinite Spells.

3) Both Melf's Minute Meteors and Energy Blades can hit him.  Get your mage to cast Time Stop the moment the demilich appears, then throw as many of these as possible.  All hits during a Time Stop are automatic, so they should all hit.  It might require more than one Time Stop, mind you.

Incidentally, according to all the sources I've read on AD&D rules, Holy Smite is supposed to do full damage to demiliches.  Does anyone know if this is the case?  I tried casting it on him, but the message box didn't tell me what happened, and it didn't do any damage.  ???


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