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Gibberlings and Xvarts doing 12 damage?



I don't know if this is mod related or not, but it seems extremely brutal that little runts like Xvarts (Short Swords, Str 9) and Gibberlings should do 12 damage. Last time I saw it a Xvart rolled a 20, but the target had a helm, so unless I have misunderstood something it was not a Critical Hit.
How much damage are they supposed to do according to the official rules? I looked in Near Infinity, but couldn't find any field that deals with damage.

I'm playing Core Rules, with EasyTutu and ScS as the most likely mods to change things.

Damage is per weapon type, so if they have a short sword and average STR, 1d6 I believe.  Maybe the target did not in fact have a helm?  Anything in the helm slot should protect against critical hits (hardcoded).

Perhaps your difficulty is set to hardest?



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