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The Inn Story
« on: April 20, 2008, 05:07:07 PM »
Here's a story I wrote LATE one night. It includes a quick look at the personality of the NPC (Halbo) I'm working on. What is mentioned in the story may or may not happen with the finished NPC. The info on the NPC can be found here:

This is my first attempt at writing anything like this.  Go ahead and comment or criticize, but above all, enjoy!

(Apologies to the maker of Keto, but she fit into the story! ;) )


Kelick absent-mindedly drummed his fingers on the oak table. It had been a hectic day for the warrior, but he finally had time to stop and think. A riotous din erupted in the background, but he paid little heed to it. Instead, he took another gulp of his ale. All around him, an odd assortment of humans, dwarves, and halflings were laughing and telling stories. Opposite him was the bar. A large sign above it read 'The Five Flagons'.

"What'll you have?" came the distant voice of the proprietor, a rotund halfling by the name of Thunderburp.

Kelick took a moment to scan the room. Taking in his surroundings, his eyes then paused when they rested on two of his
companions seated across the table. Jaheira appeared pensive, something not uncommon since they had escaped their recent prison. She seemed to not notice the meal set before her.

Minsc, the huge ranger, was gazing fondly at his pet hamster. Boo rested atop Jaheira's plate, busily nibbling at the
druid's rations. Kelick smiled to himself. At least one member of his party was in good spirits.

"So there I was..."

Drat, the bard was telling her stories again! Couldn't anyone just drink in peace? She had wanted to join the party before, but he hadn't in the mood to listen to long tales while on their travels. That's the reason Jan was left behind at Kylie's turnip stand.

"And she's been there a dozen times!" Guffawed a loud-mouthed dwarf.

His eyes moved further down the room and fell on a particularly large halfling standing by the bar. Instantly, his thoughts returned to the problem at hand. What had he been thinking, or drinking, to let someone like that into his party? It had only been a couple weeks ago, but to Kelick, it seemed like ages since Halbo had joined. Two weeks ago? Was that all? And in that time the little thief had turned his party upside down.

"Well, what do you have available?" countered Halbo.

"Ask for anything. I assure you, we'll have it."

Bad luck, accepting that job offer by Lord Coprith. Animal attacks and vengeful druids indeed! Those were no problem. It was the annoying piece of baggage that he had picked up while on that quest. A lone halfling in the wilderness, trapped by a group of trolls. Assuredly, it was the right thing to do, saving him. Or was it?

"Why don't you just list them so I can decide?"

"Well, we have Tethyrian brandy, Sembian..."

If first impressions mean anything, then Halbo was a valuable addition. Sure, he was always at the rear of the battle, but his prowess with that slingshot made him worth his weight. Not only that, but the short fellow could set a trap like no one else. But that's where the bonuses ended.

"...Mead, dwarven grog, bitter black ale, Theskan dark ale..."

First it was Mazzy. Mazzy could take anything. Her good humor was impenetrable, or so he thought. How two halflings could be at such odds, he had previously thought impossible. Weren't they always the sociable, innocent race? Well, not anymore. And all started over a simple thing, too! Still, difficult as it was, he had kept the party intact...

"...and Westgate wine, and Saerloonian wine."

"Is that it? Or do you have more?"

...That is, until that blasted halfling bounced one of his stones off Mazzy's head. An accident, he claimed. Intentional, she declared. Seeing two half-sized beings go at it would have been funny in any other situation. Unfortunately, this wasn't another situation, but an important quest to save Imoen. Well, that was it anyway, Mazzy was gone.

"I've run through the list, now what'll you have?"

"I think a simple beer should suit me just fine."

Liquor. Amazing feat, really, but how could that halfling have ever drunk Korgan under the table? This was Faerun. Queer things happen in Faerun.

"You make me go through that whole list and then order beer? Why didn't you just say so?"

Ol' Samuel never sounded that irritable before. Come to think of it, he was never irritable. Not until now. Right. Not until he came into contact with that accursed halfling. It was inevitable, happening to anyone with whom he spoke, especially anyone in the party. Cursed halfling? Where'd that idea come? It could be true, but more than likely his actions were his own doing...Probably intentional, but you never know. After all, stranger things *had* happened. A mage trapped inside a chicken, a warrior inside a sword. Maybe something was trapped in that halfling.

No, it wasn't that. Stupid idea. It was definitely just his grating personality. Maybe things would work out in the end though. Perhaps he deserved one more chance after all. But if he stirred up any more... Regardless, a decision needed to be made.

The sound of footsteps approaching him jarred Kelick out of the past and into the present. Halbo was walking towards the table grasping a half-drained mug. A cheerful, wide grin spread across his good-natured face as he stopped behind Jaheira. Resting his one hand on her shoulder and pointing with the other, he awakened her out of her trance.

"Do you always share your dinner with Boo? That can't be healthy."



"How dare you lay hands on poor Boo? Minsc and Boo shall sit away from hamster haters like you, Jaheira!

It was starting all over again, as it had in the past. The choice he had to make was now clear. Halbo had to go, but a replacement would be needed - someone who could get along with anyone. Kelick sighed as he arose from his seat and strode purposefully across the tavern floor.

"Hey, Keto, we have an opening in our party. How would you like to join?"
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In progress - Halbo NPC for BG2, the evil halfling thief, food critic, and party troublemaker


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