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Finished Stories
« on: April 17, 2005, 06:54:49 PM »
Thanks to Moreina for starting this list of stories posted in the forum.

If your story is missing, please PM me (Bons) and let me know.

By Ajnos

The Last Trump
Many Waters

By Andyr

The Prisoner

By Ashara

Cherche le Homme
The Eyes of a Basilisk
The Sweetest Day

By Audacity

An Affair
By BevH

Dreaming of Anomen
Minsc and the Beanstalk - a fractured fairy tale

By BobTokyo

Bad Guards: Soft Jobs

By Bons

Bad Kelsey
Got You Under My Skin

By Bri

A Day's Hard Knight
Short Stories (new additions)

By celestine

Enilelle's Disappearance

By Discharger12

Where o' Where Can Aerie and Viconia Be? (Not Finished)

By Exodus

Danse Macabre - A Silver Star Fanfic

By Ghreyfain


By Grim Squeaker

Danse Macabre (new)

By Imoen Nightflame

The Chronicles of Darkness: Rose Petal Skin

By JCompton

A Letter From Kelsey
Cloakwood Squares, Game 1
Cloakwood Squares, Game 2
Jasonscape: Torment (new)
No One
The Less Respectable Works of Cromptni

By Kirwond

BG2 Redux
The Bhaalspawn and the Beautiful
Death and Taxes
Happily Ever After
When Forests Attack
Wolfman Bob

By Kulyok

Alyonna's Story
Home at Last
Mask of the Exile
Reverie (Xan Romance)
Xan's Journal

By Miss Sakaki

Only A Friend (new)

By Moinesse

A Reason For Being

By Moreina

He Didn't Mean It
Waiting (revised)

By Neriana

Kelsey's Bad Night (Not Finished)
Perdita (Cyn Crise)

Battling Demons :  A BG1 Adventure
A Fallen Skylark
A Fandom Family Fued
Into the Pit
Life During Wartime : Perdita Waits Out the Siege of Saradush


Somehere in Faerun a woman grinds an axe. (and other poems)

By Queen Akasha

Anomen and Kelsey Sittin' In A Tree
Queen_Akasha's POV Switcher-Spectacular V1.03
To Light the Shadows on Your Face

By SeanFan

Love Among the Ruins

By SimDing0

Ease of Use FanFic
Ease of Use Fanfic II
Tales of Farcture

By St. Josephine

Getting Rid of Anomen

By Userunfriendly

Baldur's Gate: The Musical!
How Mazzy Got Her Groove Back
Knights Who Wear Naughty Lingerie and the Women Who Love Them...
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