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Weimer Republic Mini-FAQ
« on: August 08, 2004, 09:15:02 PM »
Q: What is the Weimer Republic?

A: Aside from a clever play on words for students of inter-war Germany, it is a set of discussion forums dedicated to WeiDU, Solaufein, and the other mods created or supported by Westley Weimer.

Q: There's a website for all of this, right?

A: Yes.

Q: I have a question/suggestion/comment/concern for Weimer. How can I get it to his attention?

A: You can post here, or e-mail Weimer at

Q: What about instant messenger, or is there some sort of #weimer IRC channel?

A: While there are plenty of people interested in discussing WeiDU and Weimer mods over instant messenger and on IRC channels, there is no "official Weimer chat", no. And he's difficult at best to raise via IM.

Q: Did Weimer really write all this stuff?

A: Ascension was written by David Gaider and members of IEEAIS, Weimer ported it and applied a few bugfixes. Some components of Tactics and Ease of Use are borrowed or augmented from community sources, some components of WeiDU were contributed or fixed by other authors, and some elements of mods like Item Upgrade are based on community suggestions. Other than that, yeah.

Q: How come I can't post in this holding bin deal, but you can?

A: Because you're not supposed to be able to, it's just a front-end for the collection of Weimer-specific forums.

Q: Why does everyone call Weimer "Weimer" anyway?

A: While Weimer will answer to "Wes", "Westley" and probably a few other things, "Weimer" is what caught on. See the e-mail address for possible explanation.
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