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Re: Bibbi's Research
« Reply #25 on: October 06, 2004, 07:01:21 PM »
@66551 = ~Yes, oh yes.  Call on me you may.  Use my recipes for you will I, make the shiny ones.  Have not done this for some time, new master have I.~ [BOTSM17]
@67017 = ~Well, I don'ts see anything else I can makes.  So much for that, over and out, see ya...wouldn't wanna be ya and all that.  Cespenar going, now...I wants a nap, maybe.~ [BOTSM87]
You didn't recognize these?  I thought Cespenar was pretty memorable, myself.

I thought that this was cut along with the idea of summoning Cespenar from a bottle.  As in, this was dialogue from when he appeared from the inventory item.  Maybe not, I try to ignore him as much as possible

which makes me think that he'll come back in three days and use his CEDELICH dialogue. now, maybe this is in the game, but since people rarely use cernd even to get his quest, let alone follow through, we never had deril come back for us.
No, he never comes back.

well, I found he didn't either, but maybe this was initially what the designers planned, and it turned out to be cut for whatever reason...

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Re: Bibbi's Research
« Reply #26 on: October 06, 2004, 07:02:55 PM »
@66280 = ~Increased All Stats by 1~

The first 3 are Deck of Many Things results.

so what's this one?

@67315 = ~Hold it right there... what's the password?~
@67316 = ~Bhaal's taint must be purged.~
@67317 = ~I forget the password.~
@67318 = ~All hail Balthazar!~
@67319 = ~Back off or I'll slit your throat!~
@67320 = ~Sorry to have bothered you.  We can't be too careful with that Bhaalspawn <CHARNAME> wandering about.~
@67321 = ~Wrong answer - intruders!  To arms!~
@67322 = ~Intruders!  To arms!~
@67323 = ~You there - are you the new reinforcements Balthazar hired?~
@67324 = ~Bhaal's taint must be purged!~
@67325 = ~Yes... yes, we're the new reinforcements.~
@67326 = ~No - I'm <CHARNAME> and I'm here to kill Balthazar!~
@67327 = ~I didn't ask for the password!  Bloody newbies blurting out our secret codes all over the place.  Just move along, and don't be so over eager.~
@67328 = ~Okay, you know the drill.  Let's have the password.~
@67329 = ~Bhaal's taint must be purged.~
@67331 = ~All hail Balthazar!~
@67332 = ~Uh... I forget the password.~
@67333 = ~How about I just kill you instead?~
@67334 = ~Close enough.  Move along and keep your eyes open for that Bhaalspawn <PRO_RACE>.~
@67335 = ~Intruders!  Don't even try to take them alive, men!~
@67336 = ~Balthazar sure pays well... wouldn't you agree?~
@67337 = ~I think Balthazar has gone overboard.  Do you really think we need this many guards to stop one <PRO_RACE> Bhaalspawn?~
@67338 = ~Keep your eyes peeled - I hear there's a nice bonus for whoever kills that <CHARNAME>!~
@67339 = ~The Bhaalspawn is here!  Attack!~

There's also a journal entry about infiltrating the monastery; it's Saemon who provides you with the costume.

so this is in the game?  I don't remember it... or was this cut?

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Re: Bibbi's Research
« Reply #27 on: October 06, 2004, 10:02:53 PM »
It was cut. I think the +1 to all stats was a primitive version of the +2 to your main stat, but it was judged overpowered and replaced.
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