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Ascension - Jon and Bhodi
« on: June 20, 2004, 09:53:52 AM »
I can't belive I'm getting my head handed to me by these punks( well technically it's the fallen solars, but you know what I mean)

I strolled through all the improved fights(bar demogorgon), no reloads for sendai, only one for abazigal.

Was strolling through with not alot of problems, both dreading and looking forward to the final battle. Got myself a rather nasty surprise as soon as I stepped into the throne.

Party is:

PC - Conjuror - 28(firetooth)
Jahiera - 21/17(Spectral brand+5[or is it+4, bah, the upgraded version]/Club of detonation+5)
Minsc - 30(gram the sword of grief)
Imoen - 26(gesens bow)

Someone(98% of the time it's minsc) always manages to get chunked, and I swear Minsc got vorpaled even with death ward on.

I have more protections up than the portrait has room for and I'm still getting my ass kicked.

I don't know where I'm going wrong.

Balthazar is with me, but bhodi seems to like the smell of him and lvl drains him rather quickly, never to death, but she usually manages 2 or 3 hits.

Abilities were:

Mass heal
Draw holy might
Permanent neg plane protection and 5% magic resist

Difficulty is core and will remain that way.

Any pointers would be helpful.


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Re: Ascension - Jon and Bhodi
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2004, 12:37:38 AM »
OK, Once I stopped holding back on the spells, this wasn't a problem.

I can deal with the demons no problem, And I can take out the 5 with some luck on the casting of wish(If I get double TS and IA, they die, if I don't, I die).

Now I can face mel all alone. I get her to injured and then she throws up divine shield and mantle, which I can't breach as I have nothing left capable or removing spell trap, so I can't remove the mantle. She either gates in more demons than I can deal with while also facing her, casts timestop(even through insect plauge!) and slaughters everyone, or worse yet, a combination of the 2.



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Re: Ascension - Jon and Bhodi
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2004, 05:54:49 AM »
Nevermind, Victory is mine!

After numerous reloads to get 2x TS and IA in the first round, things finally went my way for a while.

Battle summary-

Witty dialouge

More witty dialouge

Sarevok appears(jeez, this is starting to resemble daytime soapies with the amount of times the main bad guys comeback from the dead)

Last taunt, Mel leaves for a moment, things get interesting.

PC casts wish, moves so he can see Abazigal and Sendai, waits.

Minsc uses gargoyle boots, engages sarevok.

Jahiera begins casting harm.

Imoen begins casting wilting in general direction of Gromnir(making sure to get Abazigal and Illasera as well).

Planetar distracts Abazigal and Gromnir, Mordy entertains Illasera.

Balthazar does whatever he wants, he doesn't listen anyway. Decides on a mix of attacking sarevok and wandering around then attacking sarevok before more wandering.

PC selects double TS and IA from wish. 2x ruby ray , 1x Pierce magic, 2x Lower resist, 1x Breach @ Abazigal. 2x Pierce magic, 1x Lower resist, 1x Breach @ Sendai. 1x GM, 2x Emotion, 1x Slow, 1x Glitterdust, 4x Wilting, 1x Comet in general area of Abazigal, Gromnir and Illasera.

1x GM, 1x Wilting, 1x comet @ Sendai, Yaga-Shura and Sarevok.

5x Acid arrow @ Yaga Shura, 3x magic missile @ Sendai, 6x Flame arrows, 1x MM @ Gromnir, 3x MM @ Abazigal

Minor sequencer(2x Acid arrow @ Yaga shura), 2x mordies.

attack Gromnir for rest of TS.

Time flows once again. Gromnir dies, Abazigal and Illasera are unconcious(from comet or Emotion I'm not sure, Don't really care), both are near death. Send Planetar to Insect plauge Sendai.

Sendai's TS is disrupted, she's injured, minor damage to Yaga-shura, Sarevok is unconsious from either comet or balth's shadowless kick. Sarevok is at badly injured.

Imoen finishes Wilting, but it doesn't kill either Illasera or Abazigal(how many freakin' HP does he have anyway? He must have taken about 350 damage then copped a wilting without saving and still didn't die!)

Jahiera finishes Harm, Attacks Yaga-Shura. Rolls a 6+2=Miss. Bugger. I have another that I was going to try on Mel(don't think it would work, but hey, you don't know until you try). Minsc leaves Sarevok alone to distract Yaga-Shura, while Jaheira casts Harm.

Yaga disrupts her with a firestorm. Double bugger. I let yaga shura play with one of PC's mordies while minsc goes to give sarevok his final asskicking. Jahiera fiishes off Illasera with one hit, then turns on Abazigal.

Mel decides she might have made a slight miscalculation and steps in.

Minsc kills sarevok in 2 hits. Mel is down. Abazigal's contingency triggers, Imoen is already inposition and waiting though, so that is taken care of. Mel is playing with the other mordy of PC. Planetar re-plauges Sendai. Minsc assists planetar.

PC hits mel with Pierce shield then breach, she continues to play with mordy. Balthazar occupies mel as well after running between sarevok and mel, attacking neither for 2 rounds. Jahiera polishes off Abazigal(poor bastard didn't even get a hit in, he crit missed the planetar and then it was sleepy time), Mel is down again.

All of a sudden, everyone attacks Yaga Shura. The planetar and minsc had killed Sendai without me noticing, at exactly the same time as Abazigal went down.

Everyone piles on Yaga Shura while Balth and a pair of mordies keep mel busy. Planetar Insect plauges mel just before the timer runs out and she is unsummoned. Mel summons demons, PC gates another planetar. Planetar IP's mel again then assists with demon hunting.

Imoen summons another mordy for yaga shura to play with while Jaheira and Minsc take turns at using power attack(he failed his save every hit). Imoen casts acid arrows at yaga shura as fast as she can. PC tries to control demons but fails.

Yaga shura is still going(down to injured now, but I'm still only doing 1 damage/hit), but I've run out of power attacks. Minsc GWW's, and Jaheria backs off to cast regen. on herself(his Aura of flaming death is a pain if you're not immune to fire). Imoen uses scroll of fire resist to give Jaheira 95% fire resist, with the regen, she will be at full health no worries.

Yaga is still playing with mordies, down to badly injured. Balth is doing a great job with mel, planetar and mordies distracting demons nicely.

PC and Imoen re-imp haste Minsc and Jahiera(they just expired), PC summons another mordy as mel is casting deathspell at the others, manage to save one by moving it out of range. Playtime resumes. Planetar vorpals a demon and replauges mel.

Yaga shura is at near death now(jesus christ, just Die already!)Imoen throws magic missile at yaga shura while she is waiting around for the mordies to expire.

Mel puts up divine sheild and mantle again, PC obliges by taking it down again. Jaheira finally puts yaga shura out of his misery.

Mel throws up blade barrier then laments her mortality. Things are looking up for a change. She goes on a 2 round summoning spree after her divine shield and mantle are up again. Imoen takes down the shield while PC remove the mantle. Everyone concentrates on the demons while mel is invulnerable, Planetar uses last plauge on mel, Balth just keeps hacking away, making a little progress, he's down to injured now.

Minsc GWW's, Jaheira Crit strikes(she has 8 attacks/round on imp haste, minsc only has 5) Mels gets down to injured and another divine shield/mantle combo comes up. PC grabs wand of spell striking from the backpack as he's out of breaches, while Imoen uses her last pierce shield.

Minsc and Jaheira resume putting the boot in. Mel concentrates on minsc now. PC has a scroll of wish, save throughout ToB for desperate times. Now is that time. Hoping for rest and spell restoration, he casts. Minsc is down to about 50 HP now, Jaheira is still going through critical strike like they were going out of fashion(nice to see that even when you roll a 1 you still hit).

The wish options come up and nothing great is revealed. But wait! Hardiness for all party members, Huzzah! Minsc uses the last stoneskin from the gargoyle boots while Planetar casts heal on Minsc. Mel manages four strikes before the planetar is finished, minsc goes from 23 HP to 173.

Jaheira uses her last crit strike and Minsc keeps GWW'ing, PC and Imoen not daring to cast incase they are needed for devine shield/mantle removal.

All of a sudden mel stops attacking, I check her status, near death. We keep hacking for a few seconds to make sure, then back up a step. The solar appears.

Now 5 minutes to enjoy my victory and then to study for the exam I have in...


12 hours.

I can't think of any way of surviving this without the inital 2x TS and IA from wish, but it sure was a good fight. It would be interesting to see how a team of powergamers would do here.


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