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Title: Keto updates to v6 with various bugfixes: available from the PPG GitHub Mirror!
Post by: jastey on August 03, 2020, 04:47:21 PM
Keto updates to v6. The new version fixes the crashing French version on EE, integrates the BWPFixpack fix with Keto starting a banter with Jaheira although she is not there, and some internal optimizations.

The new version is available from the official PPG GitHub Mirror (https://github.com/Pocket-Plane-Group/Keto/releases)!
Note: to update from v5 or lower, deinstall the mod and remove *all* older mod content from your game, especially the old setup-keto.tp2!

- Corrected EE BAMs (switched back to BAMs instead of BMP)
- Moved tp2 inside the mod folder
- Added iconv for text format transformation
- Removd outdated version number from mod name in setup.tra
- Added keto.ini to support ALIEN's Project Infinity
- Renamed French readme and added it to the call during installation
- BWPFixpack fix integrated: Keto will not try to banter with Jaheira if she is not there