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Title: If the mod needs a German(or another) translation update, please, send it to me!
Post by: Kulyok on October 01, 2013, 04:54:45 AM
I saw a German text update for Assassinations in Big World Textpack. I don't speak German. so I'd rather leave it to a competent translator. So, if you need me to include it in the mod, please, send me the edited files - leave a link here, or write me at kulyok,
at yandex.ru, and I'll include it into the mod. I'm going to do an Assassinations update for BG2EE anyway, so it's not a problem.

Same goes for any of my mods and any of the translations. I'd rather have them at the main mirror, for all the players to download and enjoy. If you have an update, please, leave a link at any of the "Bugs and typos" threads or e-mail me.