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Title: Valen incompatibility with Improved Ilyich?
Post by: Silencer150 on March 23, 2009, 09:45:51 PM
I don't know if this happened the last time I installed the mod, but I recently installed Valen over an existing installation of Tactics.  Things seemed fine until the time came to try and pick off Ilyich's party like I always do.  Whenever a member of Ilyich's party attacked one of my guys, something strange happened.  It showed the member's name, along with Valen's biography.  For example, when the Neophyte Glabrezu attacks, it says in blue subtitle text:

Neophyte Glabrezu - When asked about her past, VALEN says...

You get the idea.  This happens with every single member of Ilyich's party, but only when they attack.  It seems like the dialogue strings are messed up, but I know next to nothing about how they work, so I don't know how to fix this.  It's not a game killing bug, it's just somewhat annoying.
Title: Re: Valen incompatibility with Improved Ilyich?
Post by: Daulmakan on March 23, 2009, 09:55:01 PM
Your dialogue.tlk file seems to be screwed up. Try browsing Valen's Readme and see if she comes with a string fixer.

Other than that, I'd uninstall mods and reinstall. Seeing you've just about started a new game, it won't that bothersome.
Title: Re: Valen incompatibility with Improved Ilyich?
Post by: Silencer150 on April 03, 2009, 02:33:39 AM
Several more things to add to my Valen report:

The healing orb in the Spellhold dungeon, right before you fight Bodhi and turn into the Slayer, apparently counts as a non-evil priest, and will start saying, "What?  You support this fiend?" as long as Valen is in sight.  If you move her away though, you can use it to heal party members as normal.

The drow guards in the temple of Lloth in Ust Natha react the same way non-evil clerics do when they see Valen, and will attack you if she's visible.  It seems strange that they'd be considered non-evil clerics.

Not necessarily a bug, but an exploit.  You can prevent the sun from blighting Valen by using a Protection from Undead scroll on HER.  The reason this works is because the "Blighted" status is actually self-inflicted.  This lets you use her in combat in broad daylight.  However, it also prevents Valen from using any of her quick items or other abilities until the protection is dispelled, so you have to heal her by other means.

This isn't technically a bug either, as much as an advisory about the game engine.  If Valen kills an enemy with a level-draining hit, the enemy will shatter into pieces as if you'd used petrification.  (Any level-draining finishing blow will do this.)  Important quest items will remain, but all other treasure is destroyed.  If you want to loot your enemies, switch her away from her claws to deliver the finishing blow.