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Title: Dialogue does not play, no resemble to other prob after extensive forum search
Post by: supaplex on September 13, 2008, 07:53:42 PM
I can't seem to get dialogue working. I haven't had this problem before, but I didn't run vista then and I didn't have throne of bhaal back then.

For diagnostic purposes I tried playing the character sounds from their 'sounds' folder directly: I can't play these wavs.
So I thought the file contents were missing or that they were corrupted, but when I downloaded another fan voice pack (xan), the wavs played finely in windows media player, they displayed finely in BG2, but again, no sound.

Music is working. It seemed very loud, I've decreased the volume, but it's always been like that if I remember well.

I did install the latest throne of bhaal patch. I also tried a reinstall without throne of bhaal, but the sound problem persisted.

I've seen that turning off the environmental / EAUX or something like that could improve things like this, but it was already off.

I've got a realtek high definition audio card.