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Title: No banters at all.
Post by: redtempest on January 24, 2008, 06:35:14 AM
I'm having this strange experience where no banters at all are showing up in game, Bioware originals or Banter pack additions.

I am in Chapter 2, on day 28 which must be over 10 hours of game-time by now. I've installed the game twice, after finding that the Banter accelerator initially hadn't installed properly, upon which I did a whole reinstall of the game. I'm still using the same save-file though... could that be causing this?

Install order:

BG2: SoA
BG2: ToB
Bioware patch for ToB
Baldurdash ToB fixes
Kelsey SoA
Kelsey ToB
Iem Upgrade Mod by Weimer
Unfinished Business
D0Quest Pack
Banter Packs
NPC Flirt Packs

And G3's RE, but that was halfway through the game and I didn't have any banters show beforehand either.

What I HAVE had are conversations where NPCs speak directly to the PC (Viconia's "What brought you to the life?" and Minsc's and Yoshimo's variants of that), Kelsey's romantic dialogues and NPC banters involving him, and the Anomen romance dialogues. But nothing else. I can press CTRL+B and CTRL+I all I want, no banters. Characters face each other but nothing happens. There's no stuttering though.

I've also got two Keto's standing on top of each other (two swords moving indepently!), don't know if that's indicative of anything. Is my save game infected? Should I post my Global Variables/WeiDu Log?

Or should I bite the bullet and start a new game?
Title: Re: No banters at all.
Post by: redtempest on January 24, 2008, 07:57:31 AM
Okay, seems it is my save game that's causing the problems. I created a new character, built up a party in the Copper Coronet and there was Korgan calling Nalia a limping weakling. Hooray!

It also seemed to take care of Double Keto. Now, just to play through those 28 days again...
Title: Re: No banters at all.
Post by: jcompton on May 18, 2008, 09:37:33 PM
Inspired by this, I added Imoen/Viconia, Anomen/HD, and Nalia/Keldorn banters in V8.