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Posted by: Zukn
« on: August 11, 2009, 02:37:33 PM »

Sounds like an interesting addition to the BG2crew. I look forward to seeing the mod released and playing with the character. WIth so many of the starting NPCs so disfunctional a follower of Lovitar should have a feild day.
Posted by: Echon
« on: July 10, 2009, 02:41:47 PM »

I have no idea. Who's Scipio? Am I in trouble?

A member of SHS, doing his part for the community by commenting on pictures people post of themselves.
Posted by: Lorph Halys
« on: July 10, 2009, 12:37:50 PM »

Zathali has something bad in store for Aerie? What would Scipio say  :-X

I have no idea. Who's Scipio? Am I in trouble?

More seriously, something just occurred to me. Zathali is supposed to respect the PC as an equal, and is supposedly smart enough to know when playing nice is his best option (as in the case of Jaheira). Now just imagine how well the PC would take it if he were romancing Aerie and Zathali did something horrible to her. Wouldn't that be a really stupid thing for a smart guy/fiend like Zathali to do?

You assume Zathali has any intention of letting the PC find out about it. He is a tricky one. (Yes, all you Aerie lovers out there will still have the option to become suspicious and kick him out/kill him, so don't worry.)
Posted by: ddv
« on: July 01, 2009, 02:45:54 PM »

Zathali has something bad in store for Aerie? What would Scipio say  :-X

More seriously, something just occurred to me. Zathali is supposed to respect the PC as an equal, and is supposedly smart enough to know when playing nice is his best option (as in the case of Jaheira). Now just imagine how well the PC would take it if he were romancing Aerie and Zathali did something horrible to her. Wouldn't that be a really stupid thing for a smart guy/fiend like Zathali to do?
Posted by: Kulyok
« on: June 04, 2009, 11:12:38 AM »

It's readable, yeah. Keldorn's banter seems predictable to me, but then again, a large part of the audience is in complete agreement with Z here, so it works.

I like the introductory dialogue: it's serious and it blends into the game perfectly.
Posted by: Lorph Halys
« on: June 04, 2009, 10:57:23 AM »

WARNING: This thread contains mild spoilers. And landmines. Read at your own risk.

Aerie: Aerie, unfortunately, isn’t fully aware of the depths of Zathali’s evil and just how much he is prepared to manipulate someone if he stands to gain from it.

Zathali has a super special surprise in store for her. If you’re feeling particularly sadistic, be sure to take her along. They won’t end up in a fight, but that probably would have been less cruel.

Anomen: Sigh. Well, I knew that making an NPC was going to be difficult at times. I suppose I’ll have to write dialogue for this tosser sooner or later.

Anomen’s reaction to Zathali is largely dependent on the results of his test. Should he succeed, he will share a party with him only on sufferance. Should he fail, you may well end up discovering just how far an aspiring paladin can fall.

Cernd: As concernd (haw) about balance as he is, Cernd realises that evil beings must exist as surely as good ones must, and actually feels some measure of pity for Zathali, believing that for all his power, he is still little more than a slave to his fiendish hunger.

Edwin: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Edwin sees Zathali as a golden opportunity, and seeks to squeeze the secrets of his dark magic from him by whatever means necessary. Zathali is uncooperative. Frustration ensues.

Haer’Dalis: As a tiefling, Haer’Dalis’ status in Zathali’s eyes would normally be at least slightly elevated over that of a human. However, he finds the bard’s obsession with entropy and oblivion to be completely abhorrent, and will take any excuse he can to give the “sparrow” a very large piece of his mind.

Imoen: Although she lacks CHARNAME’s potential, Zathali is fairly respectful of Imoen as another child of Bhaal, although her revulsion and fear of her dormant power does not impress him.

Jaheira: As both a Harper and a friend of the protagonist, Jaheira is very wary of Zathali and what his intentions are for CHARNAME. Zathali is all too quick to placate and reassure her, realising the threat that she and her organisation pose to him and how, as something of a guide and advisor to the protagonist, she could interfere with his schemes.

Jan: The only thing stopping Zathali from cutting out Jan’s tongue is the fact that he needs it in order to cast spells, and thus to be of any use to the party. Jan, being who he is, is all too happy to know that he can get under Zathali’s skin without even having to try.

Keldorn: Fiends and paladins get along like a house on fire; and if you’ve ever seen a house on fire, you know it’s not a pretty thing. Once Keldorn’s family troubles have been dealt with (one way or another) you will not be able to keep these two in the same party for long.

Korgan: Korgan appreciates Zathali’s brutal efficiency and willingness to do whatever necessary to accomplish his goals, but is baffled by his indifference towards the finer things in life, such as gold and ale. In spite of that, however, they don’t get along badly.

Mazzy: As a would-be paladin, Mazzy is none too thrilled about Zathali’s presence, and only tolerates his frequent attempts to sway her from her convictions out of respect for the protagonist.

Minsc: Zathali is a source of endless confusion to Minsc. The butts of evildoers must be kicked as surely as the Sun must rise in the morning, but in spite of all his instincts telling him otherwise, Zathali doesn’t ever seem to do any actual evil. Of course, this is because Zathali prefers to keep his deeds carefully shrouded, and subtleties are a little beyond Minsc’s ability to grasp. Due to his gullibility, Zathali does not consider him a threat.

Nalia: Zathali already has a low opinion of mortals, and Nalia’s insufferable naivete does not help her case at all…although it does, at least, make her easier to deceive.

Valygar: Zathali is intrigued by Valygar’s bloodline and its ever-present talent for magic, even in one who claims to hate it in all its forms. Naturally, however, Valygar is unreceptive to Zathali’s offers to awaken and develop the dormant power within him.

Viconia: Zathali finds Viconia to be a curiosity in how much of her species’ nature she carries with her in spite of walking the surface. She remains unimpressed by his heritage, however, and is as dismissive of him as she is of any male.

Yoshimo: Having little in the way of a sense of humour, Zathali doesn’t care much for Yoshimo’s light-hearted, jocular nature, nor does he care for how little he reveals about his motives for travelling with the party. Like Aerie, however, he does have a Special Surprise waiting for him that will take place after Spellhold.


(This is the dialogue that takes place when the player character first meets Zathali. You will, of course, have other options on what to say, but I decided to simply take the conversation on a set path for the purposes of this sample. Nobody likes reading all that IF ~~ THEN BEGIN silliness, I'm sure.)

Zathali: Ah, excellent. I have been expecting you. I trust your time in Athkatla has been without incident, aside from your initial...difficulties.

PC: As much as can be expected, I suppose.

Zathali: Indeed. Let us hope that it continues that way. Drawing any more attention to yourself than you already have could prove quite dangerous.

PC: The Shadow Thieves said you wanted to see me about something important.

Zathali: Quite. To business, then.

Zathali: My name is Zathali, and I have a proposal for you. I am certain you will find it intriguing. However, it would be prudent for us to discuss this alone. I would ask you to come away from your companions for a moment.

PC: And how do I know you won't stick a dagger in my back as soon as you've got me on my own?

Zathali: Don't be foolish. You know full well that the Shadow Thieves see you as a valuable business opportunity. Killing you would merely earn me the wrath of the guild. I have no desire for that to happen.

PC: Fair enough, then. We can discuss this alone, if we must.

Zathali: Good. This will not take long.

Zathali: Firstly, let us dispense with pretention. You are a Bhaalspawn. I know this, and it is why I have an interest in you.

PC: I don't know what you're talking about.

Zathali: Yes you do. Your voice may lie to me, but your soul cannot. The taint within you is as plain to me as the colour of your skin, or the clothing you wear. Do not insult us both by continuing to deny it.

Zathali: I know this because you and I are of, shall we say, similar stock. I am no child of Bhaal, but my connection to the Lower Planes is sufficient that I can sense such darkness within others.

PC: And just what exactly is your connection?

Zathali: All in due time. My proposal to you is of prime importance. We should discuss that first and foremost.

Zathali: My background lends me a remarkable talent for sorcery and...certain magical rituals. My knowledge of the arcane is extensive, and given the similarities in our sources of power, I can be of great use to you. I offer you the chance to better yourself, Bhaalspawn. As powerful as you are, your knowledge of the dark arts is limited. Through my instruction, you will learn to harness, develop and control the taint within you. You will become the mightiest Bhaalspawn on the face of Faerun.

PC: I want nothing to do with my evil taint. It is an abomination, and I want nothing more than to be rid of it.

Zathali: Be that as it may, you cannot change what you are. Like it or not, the taint is there to stay. You might as well use it to your advantage.

PC: No. The more I can distance myself from it, the better.

Zathali: You are wrong. Distancing yourself from it will only make matters worse for you, regardless of your intentions. Perhaps it will seem to help in the short term, but there are many battles and hardships in your future. Sooner or later, the murderous rage that simmers within you will boil over. You will want nothing but blood. Violence. Death. Only by plumbing the depths of your soul will you be familiar enough with the taint to call it to heel when that time inevitably comes. If you do not know how to control it, it will consume you, and you will very likely end up doing something regrettable.

PC: That may be true, but if so then I will accomplish it without your help.

Zathali: be it. I have nothing more to say to you, then. Return when you have changed your mind, and not before. Good day.

(And a couple of banters. Why not.)

Zathali: What a fascinating specimen you are, paladin.

Keldorn: I already have but a hair’s breadth of patience for you. Do not test it.

Zathali: Such hypocrisy I have never seen before in any man. That you can sit upon your throne of morality waving a sceptre of judgement as you see fit, and yet so casually condemn a good man to death and your own wife to a dismal prison cell for nothing more than-

Keldorn: Be silent. I will not hear this.

Zathali: Particularly when you are the one to blame in any case. Had you not been so distant and aloof, your marriage would never have decayed in the first place.

Keldorn: Silence! Speak no more of this, fiend, or I swear it will be the end of you!

Zathali: Ah, I see I have touched a nerve. Very well, paladin. I shall leave you to brood.

Jan: So...Zathali, is it? You know, that name reminds me of-

Zathali: Stop. Not another word, gnome. I have seen how you prattle on to the others in this group. They may tolerate it, but I will not. Find another’s patience to erode.

Jan: Cranky today, are we? What’s the matter? Headache? I know of a marvellous turnip brew that’ll clear-

Zathali: No.

Jan: Itchy nether regions, then? I could whip up a salve.

Zathali: …

Jan: Oh, I get it. That time of the month, eh? You know, a good turnip can really help to loosen up those cramps. My aunt used to swear by them. Here, help yourself to one. It’s on me.

Zathali: …

Jan: Oh, fine. Be that way. Let me know if you change your mind, but the offer’s only good until I eat it myself.