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Posted by: Ghreyfain
« on: December 30, 2004, 03:04:27 PM »

Well, with EoE, it wasn't planned that anyone would get above level 15, so the stats were quite reasonable.  Then I just didn't bother changing it for ToB.  I'll make a note for next version.
Posted by: Zyraen
« on: December 30, 2004, 11:37:02 AM »

Is there any cap for Wizard Slayers? 8% base at 4% per level sounds good, up until the point where you get a level 11 Wizard Slayer having 48% MR - all but broken, I think.

And at level 23 you get 100% MR forever... overkill I think.
Posted by: irenicus
« on: October 06, 2004, 02:56:22 PM »

sounds cool i suppose might as well download it for bordems sake
Posted by: Ghreyfain
« on: May 27, 2004, 02:37:45 AM »

Whatever randomness that followed the previous post has been moved here, because I don't understand it, and that confuses and frightens me, so I banished it to another dimension.
Posted by: Ghreyfain
« on: May 26, 2004, 02:23:16 PM »

I don't know about you guys, but last time I checked, bashing someone in the head with a club or mace is going to draw some blood. A lot.

Exactly my reason for concluding that clerics without swords are fools, as are the gods that force this silly restriction on them.
Posted by: Kish
« on: May 26, 2004, 01:57:01 AM »

Do you...check this often? *backs slowly away from Joe*
Posted by: Joe
« on: May 26, 2004, 01:41:41 AM »

I don't know about you guys, but last time I checked, bashing someone in the head with a club or mace is going to draw some blood. A lot.
Posted by: Ghreyfain
« on: March 31, 2004, 08:59:27 PM »


Q: What's this about nerfed stoneskin and ironskin!?  I don't want that!

A: Don't worry.  Everything is divided into distinct and separate components.

Q: So my mighty cleric can now use a sword? That sounds great! So now that my cleric has chucked the mace and can use swords and axes I have to ask.. are all the magical weapons set to allow my priest to use them? What about the holy avenger? What about that reaver sword thingy? Iím not sure how appropriate it would be for my priest to be using either of those.

A: I have chucked the generic restrictions, but the alignment and specific class restrictions remain.

i.e. Soul Reaver +4 is still only usable by evil folks, and Carsomyr is still Paladins only.  This is in fact one of the areas where I foresee potential bugs, so when AoE is released keep an eye out for restrictions that don't seem to make sense.

Q: As far as the stone skin thing goes Iíve found that it truly unbalances the game in the players favor. I have but one question concerning it.. my stone skin will be 6 rounds. Will the enemies stone skin also be thus?

A: Yes it will, since they use the same spell file.  With some files (i.e. Cleric Blade Barrier) they use a different spell file.

Q: So I assume that this mod will be compatible with all other mods out there?

A: Yep, it's both WeiDU and specific attention has been put into making it make its changes while still not overwriting other changes.

What it will overwrite:
Basic armour (+1, +2, and non-magical)
+1, +2, and non-magical spears
Stoneskin and Ironskin (optional, as previously mentioned)

What it modifies (which may mean it conflicts with other mods, but it's unlikely):
Weapon proficiency descriptions (set StrRefs)
Damage range of some weapons (mod-added weapons are unaffected)
Str/Dex Requirements for weapons (see above)
Class/Alignment/Kit restrictions for weapons (again, see above)

Q: I always thought the mage restrictions just refered to the fact you shouldn't be able to cast while holding anything large.  Strength would be irrelevant.  The ability to use all kinds of weapons has always been an advantage of the fighter.  If nothing else, the other classes just might not have had the training.  I suppose it is fair as long you keep the other classes from picking up any proficiencies in non-class weapons.

A: Proficiencies is the thing though.  A fighter can get 5 *s, and their THAC0 progresses a lot more rapidly.  A mage can use a staff while casting spells, so why not a two-handed sword?

Of course, when it all comes down to it, you can just pretend that your mages can't use 2-h sword proficiency or whatever.  Honour system and all that.

Q: Generally, removing weapons restrictions is a great idea--but clerics shouldn't get to use sharp weapons. The reason that priests are stuck with maces is that historically, priests are not allowed to spill another being's blood. Hence the use of clubs, maces and other blunt weapons (ok the flail is pushing it).

A: Would a cleric of Talos be restricted from hacking his opponent's skull open with an axe?  Would a priest of Mask be unable to use a dagger?

The only restrictions are specialised ones (i.e. non-paladins can't use Carsomyr).

Do remember that we are talking about D&D here, not world history. There are TONS of gods available in the FR setting, of good, neutral and evil.  Servants of gods like Malar and Talos would like nothing better then to ravage the lands and slaughter their inhabitants if they please. In the 3rd Edition, Clerics are no longer blindly restricted from using sharp weapons. And no, there's no real reasons here for D&D.

Q: Will Throne of Bhaal be required to use Ashes of Embers?

A: Nope, there are two components for SoA and ToB for each feature, if required (i.e. universal weapon proficiencies).
Posted by: Ghreyfain
« on: March 31, 2004, 08:48:29 PM »

Ashes of Embers is a collection of features originally intended as
components of the Embers of Empires mod.  Due to time constraints EoE
has been put on hold, but the completed features have been released as
a stand-alone package for BGII.  It includes:

- Universal weapons for all classes
        It doesn't make much sense that a cleric can't use a sword in
        combat, and a mage with 17 strength couldn't wield a two-handed
        Strength and Dexterity requirements have been modified for all
        Two added weapons; Katars and Bolas, using the dagger and sling
        Spears can now be thrown.

- 7 added kits
        This includes six of the nine cleric kits for the deities of EoE,
        and a fighter kit called the Pit Fighter.
        NOTE: Armour restrictions for the clerics have not yet been

- Human multi-classes
        With this feature you can either dual-class your human character
        as normal, or choose to be multi-classed via kit selection.

- Added Armour
        Scale Mail, Banded Mail, and Field Plate have all been added.
        You will find a merchant who sells them in Waukeen's Promenade,
        near the Ore Merchant.

- Two tweaked spells
        Both Ironskin and Stoneskin are rather cheesy, in my mind.
        They have been nerfed to have a far shorter duration.

- Wizard Slayer enhancement
        Wizard Slayers will now have an 8% base MR, with a +4% Magic
        Resistance bonus per level.  A level 3 Wizard Slayer would have
        16% MR, for example.