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Idea - Different HLA's
« on: August 22, 2002, 07:15:37 AM »
Just a thought if anyone has the time or desire to do so...
   HLA’s are a great idea.  After playing through TOB a bunch of times, I was thinking it would be more interesting if you were given different viable choices to the old familiar ones and getting rid of some of the ones that I suspect aren’t widely used.  I’d be interested if anyone else thinks this would be fun/worth doing, what some good ideas for new HLAs would be, and thoughts on the ones I threw on here.

Disclaimer: I am very unknowledgeable about programming, so these ideas may be impossible/impractical to implement…these are simply what I thought of after giving the matter some brief thought.  

Fighters Paladins Rangers Monks Barbarians: These guys got the most reasonable abilities of all the classes.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of the WarCry ability, since by the time you could get it, most enemies will make the save vs. spells (or else you don’t need this ability to crush them).  I realize Tracking for Rangers is a traditional ability of the class, but it’s pretty darn silly once you’ve played through BGII umpteen times.  Resist Magic isn’t included for Monks, so they’re one short there.

Possible new HLA’s:

All fighter types: Speed Fighting – For (2,3,4,5) rounds, fighters act as if under effect of Imp. Haste, increase movement rate by 2, regen rate of 3 hps per round, etc… or some such (can take multiple instances of this)

Rangers: Racial Rage – When their racial enemy is noticed by a character, he/she can fly into a battle rage (+15 hps, immune to blah blah blah, extra to hit damage on top of regular racial enemy stuff, etc…)  Better Criticals 1 – their superb knowledge of creatures gives them a critical hit on a natural roll of 18-20 and a 2% chance of instantly killing the creature.  BC2 – crit on 17-20, 4% chance of vorpal.  BC3 – crit on 16-20, 6% chance of vorpal.

Paladin: Holy Attack – For 2 rnds, successful attack also hits a second enemy within 10’.

Monk: Something akin to a progression like the Extra level 6/7/8 spells for mages, but more monk-geared like… Greater Ki abilities 1 - +3 damage, +1/2 attack  GKA2 - +10% resistance to physical damage, regen 1hp/round.  GKA3 – once/day an Improved Haste that actually works on the monk for 3 rds, +5% resistance to physical damage, +1/2 attack. GKA4 – etc…possibly culminating with something even more ridiculously heinous…

Mages/Sorcerors: I take it back, their abilities are even more reasonable than the fighter ones…but something to spruce them up, esp. after their abilites are all taken..

Possible new HLA’s:

All mage types: Smooth Casting – Permanent minus 1 to casting speed.  Long Lasting Casting – The next spell cast of level (2,3,4?) on the caster lasts for a day instead of the specified duration.  

Thieves/Bards: These are the ones I have the biggest beef with.  Of course, they have some great ones (For Bards, the enhanced song, for Thief Assassination, for both Greater Evasion and UAI), but then some of them are head scratchers.  Scribe Scrolls/Alchemy… create what you could buy for piddly gold, and even then it’s random.  Why do Bards, who have no ability to set normal traps, all of a sudden figure out how to make elaborate super traps?   Avoid Death is a pretty wimpy HLA ability, basically akin to a death ward spell which is far longer lasting.  

Possible new HLA abilities:

Bard – Separate Mouth – Allows a bard song to continue affecting allies while the bard is free to perform other actions.  This effect lasts (2,3,4) rounds. (can take multiple instances of this).

Thief – Now you see me… - Permanent 4% of hits cause thief to successfully hide in shadows (level 2 – 8%, level 3 – 12%).  Master Thief – Sets all thieving abilities to maximum levels for 5 rounds, and for 2 rounds, thieves can hide in shadows even while visible to monsters (can take multiple instances of this).  

Swashbuckler – Fighting machine (Set attacks/round to 5, +10 damage / hit for 3 rounds)

Clerics/Druids: These abilities are fine for the most part as in, I could see how some people would use all of these abilities.  Personally, I find the fire/earth elemental transformations lacking…the druid can probably do better attacking in normal form by this point plus be able to cast spells…I’m not a big Mass Raise Dead fan as I try to keep all my party members alive at all times and my cleric tends to be the first to die of any of my characters anyway.  Again, it’d be nice if there were other abilities to take, especially when the level 7 spells run out…

Possible HLA’s:

Cleric/Druid: Divine (Nature’s) Wind: Acts as a dragon’s wing buffet. (can only take once)

Cleric: Godspeed (Permanent minus 1 to casting speed), Avatar (after taking some prereq’s) – same as mage’s Simulacrum.

Druid: Force of Nature – (not sure, but it sounds like a cool name for an HLA).

Other thoughts:

One tricky thing would be multi-classes.  You could probably get everything to fit for fighter/mages for example, but triple classes would probably be impossible (although not everything fits at the moment anyway).  I think jcompton mentioned a pretty nifty idea of getting rid of ones that aren’t used or at least ones you can’t take multiple instances of…anyway, that’s for sure one thing that would have to be hammered out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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Idea - Different HLA's
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2002, 12:01:40 PM »
Great idea, but I think it may be hard to program.

Buffet wing also hurts alies, so since clerics are often backlined you'd end up in hurting your fighters often.

Since mages can get equipmet shortening their casting, why not give them abilities reducing the time between spells rather than increasing their casting speed?



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Idea - Different HLA's
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2002, 07:16:06 AM »
It's not particularly hard.
New spells, and modifications to the LU***.2DA files, should do the trick.                    


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