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The modding is always beyond compare when talented Infinity Engine benders take up their tools in the most intense four-hour contest known on Earth: the Iron Modder competition!

Chairman Kaga's theme was embraced by eight different modders before time expired! The Chairman surprised many with such a somber theme, "A Kiss Before Dying"! How would the Iron Modders respond? Whose deathbed embrace would reign supreme? The Chairman addressed the grouping before the judges made their presentation.

You do me, this contest, and yourselves great honor contemplating this theme. May a thousand generations of your family be blessed.

And now, we turn to the judges.

Scoring judges were jcompton, Sorschana, Slayne, and Userunfriendly.

"I'm so delighted to be returning once again to Inifinity Stadium, for another round of Iron Modder! And this time around the topic is so toothsome - I'm sure we will have fascinating contrasts between bitter and sweet when our brave modders are done with this one!" Sorschana

"A moose kissed my sister once...
No really!  She then killed it with her Vorpal Interplaq
Toothbrush...alas, the moose breath did her in too.  At least she got a kiss before dying." UU


Iron Modder Bons presented the judges with Dahlia, a woman trapped in a life not of her choosing. The lock can be broken by a simple kiss. But are some treasures meant to remain buried?

"Such a delicate flower, and yet so mournful at her state! Portrait, irritable attitude towards measly fleshlings, wet 'smooch' sound and all, Dahlia is a perfumed delight to all the senses. I detect strong notes of bitterness in this interesting dish, and regret only that the portion was so small. Further, wouldn't that technically be a kiss AFTER dying in her case?
A delicious little snack with lots of interestingly brittle character...I would like to see some of these flavors and themes expanded upon in something more substantial." Sorschana

"Bons gave us a tender look at a lost soul that desperately craved the release, and happiness in undeath.  Showing once again that what may be horror and loathing to us may well be in fact complete happiness for
others.  We meet a most unhappy young lady, who wishes to be spared the agony of life and return to her undead bliss.  Her little tale shows us that perhaps what we would consider a curse may well be a blessing for some.  Truly a kiss before undying." - UU

"Found the dialogue very enjoyable and entertaining." - Slayne


Iron Modder Cuv takes the participants to a secret hideaway, where potent draughts are served for free, but true love and affection are difficult to come by. Is the final release the sweetest?

"While this dish has some undeniably innovative features - a new area! Hurrah! - there is a certain...pre-packaged tang to the flavor that spoils some of the taste. Alas, while this is a spiffy little mod, it seems to me that its overall taste and presentation do not entirely mesh with our theme for the evening. There's that one last touch...that little kick of bittersweet at the very finish...which I will admit is awfully tasty!" Sorschana

"Nice to see the references to the older IM contests :D" - Slayne

"Cuv gave us a new area in the Copper Coronet, complete with "Colorful Characters" (smelly drunks), and a most interesting shopkeeper...and of course a truly awful pun.   The new area showed great craftsmanship, and demonstrated Cuv's modding skills.  And the pun demonstrated his sense of humor." - UU


Iron Modder Icelus presents a story of love after life, and kisses after death. Is the love of a shambling monster the cure for Black Lotus addiction?

"Icelus gave us a most interesting and moving story of a man seemingly cursed with undeath, who actually was given a second chance to kiss his true love and make his final farewell to her before he moved on.  This story was particularly interesting because he hinted at a intriguing story concerning the wife's fall from the temple of Sune, a story that was hinted, but never fully explained.  Perhaps he might expound on that side story, which seemingly has importance on the main plot." - UU

"Sweet story, little too lovey dovey for my tastes though." - Slayne

"Mmm...this one is sooo good. I wish there were more on my plate! A tale of sorrow and bereavement involving love, loss, and the unmistakeable salty tang of rotting flesh. Absolutely delicious! This little tidbit could very easily have been added into the original game, and with just a little bit more by way of side dishes would make a delectable little miniquest. The depth and vivid flavor of the writing make this dish unforgettable!" - Sorschana


Iron Modder Idobek provides a tale of tragic embrace, as Aerie, Anomen, Jaheira, and Viconia request that they be eased into their final rest by a kiss from their beloved. Can true closure come on the trembling lips of the dying?

"An elegantly packaged little mod, this even comes with its own utensils for tasting! Mmm, delicious! There is a wonderful concept here, one that would be very entertaining to see implemented in the game at large - but to my sorrow, despite the beautiful presentation, the actual flavor is rather lacking. The various 'farewell kisses' don't differ substantially from one another, and a little more vivid pathos - a little personalization - would go a long way towards making this one a winner." Sorschana

"Nice idea, though a little repetitive between the ladies." - Slayne

"Idobek shows us a component that should have been added to the game, but wasn't.  A chance for our romance interests to say good bye, should they fall in battle to our pc before they breath their last.  While the dialogs weren't as witty and imaginative as they might have been, had he been given more time, the sheer innovation in this mod leads us to hope that he will package and release this wonderful gem in a more complete and interesting form in the future." - UU


Iron Modder Ghreyfain, undefeated champion in Infinity Stadium, provides a tale of narcissism and obsession, of consumption and curse, all bound in the hellish depths of the Underdark. Can a stranger with rosy red lips be trusted? And can the Iron Pirate recover from losing more than two hours to a connectivity outage?

"The Iron Pirate's  entry in this contest, in the arena where he has proven himself supreme two competitions running was tragically flawed by his internet problems denying him the time to show his abilities. However, there is a sick and strange fascination exerted by his mod, which just plain disturbed me.  The bugs in his mod combined in a most unusual way with the dialogs he wrote to create a strangely insane work that may reflect the internal thought processes of its creator.  'Mysterious Man' should not say the dialogs written in by Ghreyfain...its just plain WRONG!!!" - UU

"The mysterious man, that is actually a woman.  Let the fun times roll." - Slayne

"So difficult to get to! Still, like cracking open a particularly delicious abalone, a little patience is rewarded with a delicious tidbit of richly flavored meat to sink one's teeth into. Most frustrating about this dish is that, despite my playing a female character, the beautiful Rithleen seemed to react in the main as though to a male. Alas, the curse had to be triggered manually...and then offered up no possibilities for a cure! Despite the beautifully crafted introduction, there is just a little lack of substance here. A wonderful concept, but just a little underdone - what a pity!" Sorschana


Iron Modder Kismet explores the mile-thick sexual tension between Korgan and Mazzy. Will Mazzy grant Korgan's "final request"?

"A richly flavored dish, its sauce thick with superb characterization! The complex relationship between Mazzy and Korgan is a superb base to use for this, with plenty of spices both subtle and overt. I enjoyed this one tremendously, though the flavor seemed a little fleeting, and I wish this had been just a little bit more adventurous." Sorschana

"Kismet gave us a new aspect of the personality of our favorite homicidal dwarf.  She showed us that no matter how much a person loves to wallow up to his chest in blood, guts and gore, even Korgan can have a tender side.  He is a dog lover, and it was truly touching to see Mazzy bring out his softer side in Kismet's little mod." - UU


Iron Modder Pirengle seeks to challenge tradition by mentioning kissing not at all, and death only in the context of a single, potent sword offered for sale. Is there deeper meaning?

"Alas, this one had very little to do with the other dishes, employing the merest whiff of the theme incredient in the choice of the one item offered in the shop (a Flame Sword - ah, how fiery those kisses must be!). I commend the courage of the novice chef for picking up the challenge, and hope to see much more from her in the future!" Sorschana

"One can only applaud such courage and hard work.   'I. Am Now. An Moddarz.' YAY!!!" - UU


Iron Modder Riklaunim promised a kiss before dying in the very earliest exploration of the Irenicus start dungeon. Sadly, his entry did not function.

"My heart breaks over this dish! I'm certain there is something delicious inside, but I can't seem to break through the shell that encases game crashes when I try to launch with it in place. Such sorrow!" - Sorschana

"Riklaunim like so many before him fell with honor, impaled on his hex editor on the floors of Infinity Stadium.  Every competition, we have an entry or entries that despite the well crafted dialogs, or innovative
ideas, just can't be tested and bugfixed in the time alloted.  We salute you, Riklaunim,  you gave your all for the insane overload, and you will be remembered." - UU

All of the judges have indelibly committed to their evaluations! Who has best represented A Kiss Before Dying? Who will it be? Which Iron Modder shall reign supreme?



Two Infinity Stadium firsts, as the Iron Pirate falls, and two rise to share his vacated crown! The stories of undead locked in torment, needing just one kiss, greatly moved the judges and spurred the modders to victory! Infinity Stadium overflows with congratulations for this unique result![/b]

FINAL SCORES out of 25 possible (average)

Bons: 17.75
Icelus: 17.75
Idobek: 16.5
Kismet: 16.5
Cuv: 15.25
Ghrey: 15.25
Pirengle: 5
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Please direct comments, congrats, and so forth to
Cespenar says, "Kelsey and friends be at the Pocket Plane? Ohhh yesssss!"

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Average scores by category

EXposition of the Theme (1-10)
Originality (1-5)
Innovation (1-5)
ENtertainment (1-5)

EX: 8
O: 3.75
I: 2.5
EN: 3.5
# of first-place votes: 1

EX: 8.5
O: 3.25
I: 2.75
EN: 3.25
# of first-place votes: 1

EX: 7.5
O: 3.25
I: 3
EN: 2.75
# of first-place votes: 1

EX: 7.25
O: 3.5
I: 2.25
EN: 3.5
# of first-place votes: 1

EX: 6
O: 2.75
I: 3.5
EN: 3
# of first-place votes: 0

EX: 7
O: 3
I: 2.25
EN: 3
# of first-place votes: 0

EX: 1
O: 1.25
I: 1.25
EN: 1.5
# of first-place votes: 0

Cespenar says, "Kelsey and friends be at the Pocket Plane? Ohhh yesssss!"