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Thanks so far...
« on: April 14, 2004, 11:51:33 PM »
Setting up PPG has taken a goodly amount of work from a bunch of people assisting me with things I'd never be able to do on my own.


- Thanks to Mark Chang for considerable assistance in building the backbone and administrative portions of the site, including a lot of "okay, now what if I want to do this?" help.

- Thanks to Mark at Tranquil for working with me quickly to get stable hosting up and running.

- Thanks to Katie for dozens of hours spent hacking PHP, building, customizing, and debugging the portal.

- Thanks to bhz for forum support.

- Thanks to Bons for the name, the graphics work, and the ongoing efforts to establish a decent photo album. :)

And, of course, thanks to the modders who participate in PPG, bringing their creative efforts and willingness to help keep order, and to the gameplayers who keep us motivated.
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