Author Topic: Your favourite TV series?  (Read 3695 times)

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Re: Your favourite TV series?
« Reply #25 on: March 26, 2008, 11:33:01 PM »
Firefly, (I'm still grieving that there is only one season).  Buffy and Angel and yay for the comics continuing the series. 
Loved, Six Feet Under, one of the best endings I've seen for a series.  Coupling is a blast..."Breasts!" heh... :) (I'm so cerebral.) 
One of the coupling ladies, the slightly psychotic brunette, was recently in the mini-series Jekyll, which was quite good.  Also Life on Mars which has been out a while but which we are only seeing the second series of in Aus. now.  (Hmm...I see a BBC trend here)  On a totally different note and one which is also now a finished series, is Deadwood.  It's not for everyone, fairly gruesome (I'm so glad I'm vegetarian and no longer eat bacon) with LOTS of swearing.  I loved it.
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