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Tales of the throne (After the throne of bhaal) (15+)
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Alright, a few things

FIRSTLY I will be making sure I actually finnish this story, but please bug me as much as possible I am on new-years resolution to do at least ONE post per week, help me keep to this ;)

Secondly this IS a romance but not between Anomen/PC thank god, and I will be killing him off.....eventually.... somehow...

alright I wont be but he wont be getting any lovin -goes all dragon lady-

I have just started a creative writing course in college, and I am only 15 -cheers- so  I wish to thank everyone who helped me get in, sure I am not good yet but I intend to use this as a sort of practice

this is MY own opinion of what happens after the throne of bhaal, plotted whilst I walked through the beautiful countryside of my hometown :)

I know people who used to know me know me as a little brat who needed to grow up, to all of you, I am sorry :P and I have grown up thanks to my loving family and social worker all of which I love,
(ok see I mentioned you parents, now pay me that £10... joking joking :P)

a HUGE thanks to my friend who inspired me to write this..........

also as I said there is a romance in here...
and who it is with.... might just get me eaten.....


had to say that because my friend thinks it is

so if I am eaten when you ALL eventually find out who it is with.... erm...
I want you all to wear purple and orange at my funeral....


Love ya ALL

Irene Knightingale

(will post first part of my story in next post)

(last edit.... needed a more snazzy story name....)
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Re: After Godship - What happened after the throne of bhaal?
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The woman lay in tormented dreams, her dreams of standing in a castle of flames, alone. She could feel the flames on her pale skin, sweat pouring down her elfin face, a quick cunning hand went to the hilt of her sword,

“You cannot escape who you are Serenity” The cruel heartless voice said to her, and a heavy armoured hand went towards her neck, and the grip tightened “You are always of mine”

“NO!” She sat bolt upright in the bed, the small elfin woman of about twenty-seven was breathing deeply, sweat pouring heavily down her face. She raised her hands to her throat, and felt nothing, and threw herself back, and with two large grey eyes, looked out the window of the room in which she lay “I thought I got rid of you…Father” She spat… That she had, she remembered the day she stood before the throne of bhaal, and turned her place down as the new lady of murder, she had rejected it, and she was free of her slayer powers, the spits of her heritage. But the dreams remained, haunting dreams that chilled her to the bone, now she lived a life of a free woman in a fine home, where fighting and death where no longer of a concern to her, she bore too many scars on her body to want to endure more. She pulled herself from the bed and white-blond hair fell past her slender shoulders. Wearing a white nightgown she tiptoed across the cold stone floor to pour herself some wine, she sipped it slowly and thought back on the dream. It did not make sense, how could it make sense! Bhaal was gone, he was dead, she had gotten rid of him, she was sure she had…
“DAMN YOU, BASTARD!” She threw the wine glass across the room, and listened to it smash, and threw the broken shards an UN-caring glance and carelessly went to lean out of the window, a cold breeze upon her face teasing the white-blonde hair off her face. Serenity closed her grey eyes and let her lips curl to a content smile, “Just a dream, dreams always go,” She said to herself, before returning to her silk covered bed, and sleeping.

“Lady Serenity say she not be wantin’ ye ‘ere Anomen” Said the old man in such a common tone the near by nobles shot disgusted glances and began to continue their conversation in tones of such practise it made the old man want to gag. The other man swung his leg over the black stallion he sat upon “Shut up” He said in a rough tone, taking off a worn helmet and putting it under his arm. The tall tanned looking man ran a hand through a beard “She will receive me, and besides this is far to urgent for her to decline an audience!”
“Aye, importan’ it may be, but ye smell the house out” The old man chuckled running an old, wrinkled worn hand through his silvery grey hair, he then let out a laugh, showing his old yellow teeth,
Anomens’ eye twitched with annoyance at the man “Just allow me entry” He snapped, his eyes staring at the large house…
If you would call this place a house, it was a grand building in the city of Baldurs Gate, a noblewoman’s house; she had obviously been rewarded for her efforts of saving the people of Baldurs Gate, or something. He did not know their last meeting had not been a nice one, it had been one of arguments and hatred, but then again Serenity never actually liked him. She had never liked anyone other then her friends, Imoen, Jaheira, and Minsc; it had been Imoens’ capture that had bought him into Serenitys company
And had almost been his undoing, he had fallen for the stupid elf, that stupid woman, and she had rejected him like some gutter trash, he felt his hands clench, and from what he herd she was no better with men then ever.
“Jason I thought I asked you not to let that trash within a mile of my home.” came the familiar tone, the soft, sweet innocent tone, with a hint of melody
“Serenity” Anomen said in a curt tone, staring at the woman inches smaller then him, wearing an elegant white dress, and her white blonde hair brushed neatly, he bit his tongue uncomfortably
“Oh, well, well isn’t it the pompous bastard who doesn’t know when to shut up”
“Spare me the lecture Serenity I am only here to pass on a message, bitch” He snapped, feeling his fists clench, oh how he wanted too simply BASH the woman sometimes!
“A message?” Serenitys voice became curious “Spit it out then, fool”
Anomen sighed, “ME? A FOOL!” He let out a low rumble of hatred “The knights of the order and the council of Amn wish to see you"”
“About? Oh come on Anomen I am not going to skip to Athkatla not knowing what they have in store for me”
Anomen clicked his tongue with impatience “You would prefer to just skip there, I am worried of the fact I am within your hitting range”
“If you need me to save Amn, or anything forget it I AM RETIRED!” She turned to walk back into the house
“SERENITY!” Anomen grabbed her arm “Stupid woman over one thousand children, woman, and men! Where killed last week! For no reason!”
Serenitys’ grey eyes flashed dangerously
“Listen to me you stupid bitch, people are dying by the day because there is a man who wants ultimate power-“
“THERE IS A SURPRISE!” Serenity pulled her arm from his tight grasp “Touch me again and I will run you through, I am not for that life anymore, do you forget I have up my-“
“You are the only one”
“FUCK YOU!” She swore, and stormed in the house, she would have slammed the door, but he put his foot in the way and pushed it open
“Do you not care anymore, Serenity, for the people of this land?”
“Of course I do but this is not my problem!”
“It is everyone’s problem! Gorion would be disappointed in you Lady Serenity” He spat her name with great distaste, Serenity went to the shelf and drew out the large silver blade and held it expertly to his throat “How dare you, you bastard, mention Gorion!”
“Oh I see you haven’t lost your fiery nature” Anomen taunted
“Oh how about I run you through and dance in your blood it seems so satisfying!”
“I see you have not lost your murderous taste, leave it for the real enemy Serenity”
“I am not going”
“Yes you are” Anomen pushed past her “Get out of that dress it doesn’t do anything for you, you looked more attractive in the plate mail”
Serenitys eyes looked around the posh room, until they fixed on a very special oriental vase from claimshite she then grabbed the vase from the side and threw it at his head “ARE YOU DEAF I REFUSE TO GO!”
“I will drag you every step of the way woman” Anomen turned back, a cold look in his dark eyes
“Try it Anomen, I would LOVE to see you try”
“Very well my lady” He said, standing before her, then turned to Jason “I trust you know where the Lady Serenitys’ stuff is?”
“Y…Yes” Jason blinked
“Good, because you will need to bring it” He then picked the woman up and flung her over his shoulder “I will want it at the government district,”
Jason nodded slowly,
“LET ME DOWN YOU BIG BRUTE LET ME DOWN!” Serenity screamed kicking and punching and wriggling until it was almost impossible to hold her, but he just hoisted her up his shoulder “Keep still woman”
Anomen threw her on the black stallion “You where also so annoying”
“I so better get good pay for this treatment!”
“So you will do it?” He said jumping on the horse and pushing it immanently into a gallop
Anomen sighed, “Stubborn bitch, god how I wish I didn’t take the vows to never harm a woman because I would sure as hell love to bash you right now”
“Should have killed that bastard that killed your sister then eh?” She taunted
Anomens’ eye twitched, that was one thing he had to thank Serenity for, for not taking a murderous revenge on another man, it was because of her he was a knight of the order… The only good thing she had ever done for him really.

The rain fell heavily in the government district of Athkatla, and a small trio sat, staring out the window boredom plastered on their faces.
“Like she would come, I haven’t seen Serenity for at least a year” One of them said, sitting calmly upon the floor, dressed in black, her pale skin and red hair gave her a distinctly attractive appearance. Her lips in a content smile “Serenity cares not for war” She opened her eyes slowly and two, large green eyes stared dreamily at nothing, just, staring into the distance. But she was soon distracted as a small, warm, ball of… something, nudged at her hand. She slowly looked down and saw the small rodent, and she picked it up “Hello boo” She said to the small old looking rodent, “Minsc!” She then called out “What are you doing losing boo?”
“BOO!” The older man rushed over, and almost snatched Boo from the smaller woman’s hand
“Boo I love you so much and I will always love you forever and ever!” he said, voice full of passion for the… fluffball, it was quite an odd site I assure you, to see a full grown man talk to a rodent with such love and care. “How did you find him oh great Imoen!”
Imoen let out an amused laugh “He just came to me Minsc! It was nothing special…”
Minsc seemed to ignore her “Jaheira you seem troubled?” He said, placing the rodent upon his shoulder, running a hand over his shaved head, and stared at the half-elf half-human woman who leaned on the wall with a troubled look upon her face. Long, thick, brown curls framed a tanned face, the focused brown eyes lingered on the rain outside, and it was a moment before she slowly blinked and turned to face Minsc “I wonder… I wonder if Serenity would actually come back, I-“
“She was angry at our last meeting, we all know” Minsc said in a serious tone “But she has been fighting for a long cause that she never did want to fight in, and to be free of it at last. Then have the suggestion to fight on for no reason…” He trailed off and placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder “She shall come, she has a good heart, no matter how much anger fills it.”
“You are right, of course Minsc, I just worry how much she has changed”
“YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE PUT ME DOWN!” A voice screamed from outside.
Imoen looked up and laughed “Not very much!” She jumped to her feet and opened the large doors, to see the man fighting the woman on the horse “STOP IT SERENITY! BY GOD WHO NAMED YOU SERENITY YOU DEVIL CHILD!” But no sooner had he gotten off the horse, he had been kicked in a place it would hurt any man “That’ll teach you!” Serenity nodded curtly and walked into the building, then froze at the sight of her friends, “Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc, is Keldorn or anyone else I know here?”
“No” Imoens voice turned timid, before she ran and hugged the other woman “I have missed you sister” She said a smile on her face
Serenity felt rigid, but hugged her back “And I have missed you, and you two” She turned to the others, an apologetic look on her face “Looks like I have not fought my last battle yet, does it?”
Jaheira laughed “Never is the war over for the warrior, and that is what you are my dear”
“Hmmm let us hear this disaster first, which bastard is in charge here!” Serenity walked into the room, very wet and cold from their travel to Athkatla; the once elegant white dress was now nothing more then muddy wet rags from their long travel from Baldurs Gate. Anomens eyes flashed “SHOW RESPECT” He yelled waving his arms about, looking ready to thrash her, Serenity smiled and did a curtsey
“Can the bastard who bought me here show his fat bloody ass pompous face and give me the details, of this fine mission” Serenity spoke with up most class that made the others giggle,
“Maybe if you addressed my gender correctly I would” Came an amused female voice, Serenity looked up to see the woman surrounded by men all in the same outfit of silk red with the crest of Amn upon it
“Lady Silverwing”
“Serenity” Serenity spat
“Serenity…” Her name was followed by a long silence from the tall, thirty-year-old human, her fiery red hair in thick curls around her face frown lines upon her forehead, and a hard look in her eyes “Do you know why you are here?”
“Fair enough, I shall let one of the lords explain, Lord Darren?”
One of the men stood forward, hand on the hilt of his sword, an attractive man, tall with messy black hair his blue eyes focused on the woman, and then shook his head “Ever herd of Clorinathla?”
“No should I?”
“It is what we have named this, problem…”
Serenity shrugged “Cut the bullshit”
“Fair enough, there is a Mage whom calls himself the new bhaal spawn”
“Shame bhaal is dead then eh?” Imoen mused, “We killed him!”
“Yes, aye, that you did, but this man is as powerful as one, and he seeks to make a ritual to bring him back”
“Not if he has a time reversal spell, one powerful enough to alter time”
Serenity pondered Darren’s words and took it in carefully “You think this dude could go back in time, and stop me and Imoen destroying bhaal? Impossible! This is just pathetic!”
“It is not, not if he gathers enough innocent souls, he could do it, most likely die, but he could do it”
Serenity scoffed “Fuck this go get some mercenary”
“You are the only one with the skill to do this Serenity-“
“No… no I am not” She turned back, water dripping down her face “A fighter cannot fight a mage, it is Mage VS Mage, and there is not one powerful enough, not even Imoen, so fuck it, this is suicide”
“You would not die for your people”
“Frankly your people spat on me for being a bhaal spawn why should I care about them now? Once you would have spat on me too!”
“Not true,” Darren snapped “I would not spit on a woman or man for who their father or mother was, I would judge them purely on their actions, many people respected you for your good heart, and we now have turned to you, first, because we need your help!”
Serenity looked at Imoen
“They said they would supply us with whatever we wanted” Imoen said calmly “I think we should, one last time”
Serenity stared at her old comrades “I want the best armour and best weapons money can buy, I want that pompous ass to be at least a mile away from me” She pointed at Anomen curtly
“I am coming to assist you”
“If he comes I don’t help” Serenity said sharply
Darren nodded “You may have whatever you wish, Anomen you must not accompany them”
Anomen stood there speechless “BUT! -“ He sighed and said nothing more
“Then it is settled” The woman said, “We will get you the finest we can for your mission”
Serenity didn’t seem to listen, instead she stood up without a word and pushed past everyone, but before leaving to go out into the rainy district she turned to Imoen “Imoen, would you walk with me sister?” She asked, Imoen nodded and followed
“Serenity?” Imoen asked in a strong voice through the thickness of the rain “What is it”
“This mage, do you know anything more of what they said?”
“Not really he is supposedly very powerful, he wiped out an entire village to collect innocent souls…”
Serenitys reply was hesitant, it was a long silence in the thick rain Imoen cold feel its coldness seep through her clothes, and she felt her hair drip heavily. She stared at the girl a few inches smaller then her, the elfin girl, face once full of innocence and mischief, like her own once, now it was a cold emotionless look, filled with constant thought of how to survive, every day… every day was just a fight to survive… She in a way, could not blame Serenity for not wanting to fight this battle, they said it would be the last… that was shit, they had been told fighting at the throne of bhaal was the last battle. Serenity had been faced to either become a goddess or mortal, she had chosen mortality, now she was only remember as child of Bhaal from memory.
“Then we have no chance” Serenity laughed “I only survived strong mages because of the blood from our father, to survive it again… without…” She shook her head “Sister, you may be a powerful mage, but, are you this powerful? Honestly?”
Imoen was silent and slowly shook her head “I am good, but…”
“Warriors fight warriors, clerics fight clerics, mages fight… mages, magic verses a sword is futile” Serenity stared at her sister with a calm expression
“What do you suggest then Serenity?” Imoen asked
Serenity was yet again silent “ANOMEN I AM TAKING YOUR HORSE!” She yelled towards the council chamber, as she climbed onto the rain soaked black stallion. The doors of the council burst open “SERENITY DON’T YOU TAKE MY HORSE!” Anomen roared as Serenity grabbed the leather reigns and pulled herself onto the large stallion
“I will bring him back, Imoen I need the best priest you can get in Athkatla and I want him or her when I return, you understand?”
“Yes, what are you doing?”
“Visiting an old friend”
“Huh?” Imoen stood in front of the rearing horse “SERENITY WHERE ARE YOU GOING?”
Serenity steered the horse “I have to go to Suldanessellar”
“You are getting Ellesime?” Imoen asked
Serenity smiled “Perhaps” she kicked the horse into a fast canter before Anomen could grab the reigns.

Suldanessellar, how can I describe it to you? A place of beauty that is no doubt, the one home of the elves and the sacred tree of life, which had endured the worst of treatment, twice. One man had attempted to train the power of this tree, twice, this tree had been saved, and now it was safe, the man that had attempted such evil was in hell. Ellesime sat by the crystal clear lake, a hand resting lazily in the cool water, golden blonde hair framing a calm elfin face, the small golden crown upon her head. The light blue dress she wore flowed gently in soft breeze. Near by another stood, older, more mature lines upon an ageing face, a hand on a smooth sword elfin sword hilt, wearing armour of a soft green, his name was Elhan, a loyal man of Queen Ellesimes guard, he had fought against the nameless one, the exiled…
“My lady…” He started, but the woman raised a hand
“Shh, a little while longer, I see things in the water” She said in a calm voice, she lowered her hand, and stared into the water
(to be continued)

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Re: After Godship - What happened after the throne of bhaal?
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Alright this next bit was mainly inspired by my friend, so thankyou to her, you know who you are

dont like ellesime never will, always thought she was twofaced thus why Serenity picks on her

boo owns all, you must all worship boo or die -.-

ok... now that is all said and done

part two




Elhan watched her for a moment, and shifted uncomfortably, as he felt a strong aura of magic surround them, and Ellesime’s eyes went white, the wind softly picked up its pace around them and the pool of water began to swirl. Elhan knew better then to interfere with the queens’ visions and he pressed a finger to his lips, watching swirling lights of all colours surround them like a quiet display of fireworks. He held up a hand to capture one of the lights, and it warmed his hand softly, and it disappeared.
“GOD DAMN IT!” Ellesime then cried out “I cannot focus! It is like a dark cloud over my vision!” The woman stood up and stamped on the floor with rage “Ever since! Ever since HE died, I cannot concentrate, it is like I have lost my inner eye, my sight!” Ellesime paced around the pool of water “Elhan! He calls to me, in my dreams, when I am relaxing, he needs me!”
Elhan went slightly pale, and took a few steps towards her “My lady, he is evil, and we know this!” He looked into her tear-filled eyes with pity “We gave him a chance, and he did not take it,” he sighed “He was a great mage, that I agree with, but he was twisted by greed. One of the deadliest sins,”
“I know,” Ellesime sighed, not meeting his gaze “I suppose it is just another of his tricks, damn that fool, So, what is it you wanted?”
Elhan took a moment to respond “Oh! That, Lady Silverwing, is here”
“Serenity?” Ellesime looked at him “I thought she died?”
“Well she has in a way, she isn’t exactly prancing around with a sword as she used to be, but her tongue is sharp as ever”
Ellesime smiled “She is a woman that speaks her mind, you sound afraid of her Elhan”
“Afraid? No, scared to the chaotic hells? Yes, shall I allow her to come in, she wasn’t too keen on being kicked out all them years ago”
“I was under the impression she understood her actions, and yes, allow her entry, I will not turn her away” Ellesime walked past him, and Elhan watched her from the corner of his eye, before following her. “You know, My lady, she has become a bit more, well… less in control of what is in her head, lately. She may insult you- AH LADY SERENITY!” He suddenly yelped trying to regain himself, as he saw the woman standing in front of him, Her white dress covered in thick mud, as was her face and wavy blond hair. Her grey eyes had an almost fiery look within them, and her fists where clenched ready to smack him across the face
“Being a little snob are we Elhan?” She spat, then looked at Ellesime “Why isn’t it the little self-righteous cow!”
Ellesime gave the mud-smothered women a stern look, yep, she had certainly lost that little bit of consideration she once had that made her polite, then again, after being betrayed so many times, she may have felt the same. It was hard to put yourself into a situation as complex as hers “Why are you here?” Ellesime said, after her short observation, trying to keep the conversation light-hearted as she could, Serenity looked at Elhan, then too Ellesime
“Could we go somewhere more private?”
Ellesime sighed, looking at her “Is it important”
“Does the thought of the world ending because Bhaal might be bought back count as important?”
“Well… Yes I suppose it does” Ellesime pondered on this for a moment “But isn’t he dead”
“Not unless we step in, so yep, it is important, so can we go somewhere more private or can I just go home and wait for the world to end, because, no matter HOW MANY TIMES I save this bloody world, it always gets into some sort of shit again. I seriously am getting bored of saving it”
Ellesime waved Elhan away and walked down a white hall way, Serenity following her
“Serenity, you cannot save our world any more” Ellesime said in a soft voice “You have become cold, and coldness is a sign of weakness, you have closed up, like… he did”
“Irenicus, Ellesime you wont just drop dead by saying his name” Serenity spat
“Yes, Irenicus, you are becoming EXACTLY like he did! Cold, heartless, power-hungry”
“I RESENT THAT” Serenity snapped at her,
“Then when was the last decent thing you did then? Come on Miss Silverwing, when did you open up your heart? How can you possibly save a world without love?”
“Love is for poets, which I certainly am not”
“Love is the most strongest and underestimated power there is, Serenity, You would do well to let your friends in before you are left with nothing,” Ellesime turned around with a dark look in her eyes, and Serenity went silent
“Alright so I have some issues, I will work on that, but I have a world to save… Again”
“So you say, what do you need to do?” Ellesime walked out of the hallway and into the gardens, it was silent, no one was there, a tree shaded the small rounded secluded area, and the birds sang so beautifully that it drowned out the sounds of children playing. Ellesime walked away from Serenity, and sat upon a white handcrafted bench that resided under the tree and the two women where in silence for what seemed like forever. Serenity seemed to have lost herself in the beauty of the place; it seemed they both had. It is said that mortals come here, in their mind, as they sleep, but it is a place, that when they dream of it, their sub-conscious minds wish to stay forever, and their mortal bodies die, but that, was simply a legend. Serenity snapped out of the little trance, and thought about Ellesime’s question
“Get information on the bastard, find the bastard, kill the bastard”
“And you want me to help?” Ellesime asked her
“Nope, yes, well, sort of, I need you to do something for me, and I will do something for you” Serenity looked at her
“Which is?” Ellesime looked into Serenity’s mischievous eyes and felt a smile play onto her face, this was the Serenity she knew. The clever, sly little one with a knack of getting into trouble, then fighting her way out of it, and it was this little glitter in her eyes that meant she had a plan.
“Glad you asked!” Serenity walked over to her, and sat beside her on the bench “It will be hard to agree but I have my reasons.”

Imoen twirled a blue glowing arrow in her hand, occasionally tapping it on the window ledge of the stone church of which she sat, watching blue icy sparks spray off it. Her expression, hard to make out as she wore a black cloak, with the hood covering her face. But from what strong eyesight could work out, it was an expression of worry. Silence surrounded the church, and Imoen turned to look at the other two that sat in the church, Jaheira was beside Minsc, hand on the wooden staff that she loved so dearly, and her other hand fumbling with the straps on her leather armor. Minsc however was fawning over his little furry hamster, cooing to it occasionally, holding it to his gold-armoured chest like a father would his child. Then he would go back to talking to Jaheira with a serious expression. Imoen bit her lip after a moment of silence
“So, has anyone figured out Serenity’s… Insanity?” Imoen asked the others, jumping down from the ledge, and walked across the marble floor, to the long wooden prayer seats where Jaheira and Minsc sat in private conversation, Jaheira raised her staff and placed it at Imoen’s stomach before she could get any closer
“You, child, are becoming increasingly annoying with your impatience, for the 100th time we have told you, Serenity’s’ mind is more complex then that mage asylum, to figure out what goes on in that head of hers is well…” Jaheira looked at Minsc for help of choosing an appropriate word
“Boo thinks that it would be very unwise indeed!” Minsc said holding the hamster up to Jaheria’s face
“Ahuh… you ask the guy who talks to his rat for an opinion?” Imoen gave Jaheira a criticising look
“Well the hamster is cute, unlike you” Jaheira mocked, turning back to Minsc “Imoen be calm, she wont be gone THAT long, well, not much longer anyway, she has been gone six days. Surely that is long enough to get to Suldanessellar and back” Jaheira had to question this thought for a moment. She remembered the way Queen Ellesime had asked, no, asked was not the correct word, told them to leave the beautiful elfin city.  They where told to leave then the children of Bhaal started fighting amongst each other like lions after a scrap of meat, the fighting had gone on until all where killed, and Serenity was left standing. It was then she was left with the harsh choice, that of god-hood or mortality, well, as mortal as elves got anyway. She had chosen to abandon her chances of becoming the next Lady of Death, and decided to become a simple woman, who cared nothing for the world and its problems. Cutting off from her friends, and doing simply nothing except sit in a dark study, writing, drinking, or just starting into empty space. Jaheira was lost in thought when the large oak doors of the church sprung open and icy winds roared in, chilling them all to the bone
“Shut that bloody door!” Imoen yelled, “It is freezing OH SERENITY! YOU’RE BACK SAFE AND WELL” There was a moments pause “Wish I could say the same about your dress” Imoen tilted her head looking at the drenched, mud smothered, ill tempered woman “Shut up” Serenity hissed, walking into the church, not even attempting to shut the doors. “I just had it all from Ellesime, I don’t need it from you too you little brat!”
Imoen went pale
“Serenity there was no call for that!” Minsc said coldly, standing up, and placed Boo on his shoulder “Apologise to your sister”
Serenity looked into Minsc’s stern eyes challengingly, before releasing a heavy sigh “My apologies Imoen, that bitch wouldn’t see reason I had to convince her to help us, which I managed to do after hours of argument” Serenity smiled “So you got the priest?”
“Yep! The best in Amn” Imoen replied, her mood lightening up again after the outburst “But, why did you need a priest?”
“Priest, clerics, all needed, ultimate plan for world… saving” Serenity, walked back out the door and grabbed the reigns of a dark stallion, the same stallion she had stolen off Anomen. It was pulling a beautiful elfin carriage, white, engraved with runes, and seemed to have a strong aura of magic “I will lead this to the back entrance and talk to the priest then. You lot, stay here, but I know you will be running afterwards” Serenity smacked the horse lightly, The horse gave a disgruntled look but followed Serenity’s lead

“Is there something I missed?” Imoen asked as Jaheira and Minsc walked over
“Obviously there is” Minsc said, looking down at her “And what it is, is obviously bothering her”
Jaheira leaned on her staff “Well, we will all find out in due time”

(to be continued)

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Re: After Godship - What happened after the throne of bhaal?
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sorry this is sorta late being put up

my exscuse... is.... I don't feel well so I haven't been up to writing much...
I leave you at another cliff hanger
All must worship boo  ;D boo owns you :P

ok next part


Silence, I find, is the slowest form of dying, silence when you know something important is about to happen, but you cannot know about it until the last second. It is moments like this you find your thoughts wonder to the past, to all the bad things and good things you have done, wondering if it is your past that is about to spring back up on you, like a lion hunting its pray. It is moments, like this, you find yourself wondering of many things.

The temple district in Athkatla, was as beautiful as Imoen remembered it, even when her soul was ripped from her frail body, she remembered the beauty of the craft on each amazing temple and how it took her breath away. Yet even the beauty of this place couldn’t help her place the concern, which was on her mind, her eyes looked too the warm full moon, which illuminated the dark walkways of the temple-district. And Imoen began to question if Serenity really still had the quick wit to save the world, which somehow landed itself in trouble, again. Her hands softly ran along the smooth walls, and she looked down into the water below, and watched her worried reflection look back. She pulled her black cloak around her to keep a slight icy breeze off her skin. Inside she felt sick, yet, she could not truly place why, and it was a worried sort of sick, like she knew something was going to happen, which she would not like.
“Imoen?” Said a mild smooth tone. Imoen looked up to see the motherly face of Jaheira, no longer dressed up in fancy armor but of a silk green dress, which seemed to bring out the darkness of her eyes. Imoen examined her for a moment, before looking back to the water.
“You are worried child, I can tell, you have that… that feeling about you, what is on your mind?” 
Imoen forced her gaze off the water and back at the older woman “Do you… ever get the feeling, something you don’t like is going to happen? Yet, you have to accept it… for the greater good?” Imoen asked her
“Yes, I have had that feeling for a while now” came the honest reply “Let me guess, it has something to do with Serenity’s little plan she keeps to herself, right?” A small smile played onto Jaheira’s face
“Exactly that” Imoen muttered, biting her lip as another soft, yet icy breeze played through the fibres of her robe to bite at her skin
“Imoen, for most that woman’s life, she has fought for a cause not of her own” Jaheira leaned against the wall, and followed Imoen’s gazed that returned to the crystal clear water. “She woke up one day, without a man she called father, questions without answers, accused and hated for reasons she did not know. Yet, she came through it all, and fought many people to be who she is today. She even fought the will of Bhaal himself” Jaheira brushed her hair back “All the judgements she made, although we thought they where wrong, always turned out to be the best cause of action. I do believe, now, that she has become so stuck up aristocrat of Baldur’s Gate, that we have lost a little faith in her will to lead, but, I think we owe her a little credit. And we need to trust her to do the right thing” Jaheira’s eyes played too the starry night sky, and she smiled delicately “And you need to worry less”
“I suppose you’re right” Imoen replied “I just, worry, Serenity always leaps before she looks, especially in a mood, I remember in candle keep when she swapped all the books around in the library after one of the monks called her a little brat. Gorion was furious” 
“I hope he made her put them back” Jaheira had a dark look
“Nope” Imoen grinned, “He always had a soft spot for her, let her get away with almost everything”
“Well, he wasn’t too impressed when she mixed some strange herb into the monks pipes, and they went…. Strange for a few hours….”
Jaheira laughed “I remember him saying in a note she was a troublesome one. Running through the stables like a bolt of lightning. Care-free as a bird”
“Stealing under-garments and wearing them on her head” Imoen grinned “I encouraged her to do that”
The two women laughed, their spirits feeling lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted
“So I suppose we don’t really have much to worry about do we?” Imoen asked sheepishly
“Not at all BUT, I suggest, my dear, we gather up Minsc, and boo, and find Little miss Serenity and figure out what our darling friend has been up too.”


Serenity sat in a dark room, in a new dress, this time of black, her white-blonde hair tied back off her face, which was illuminated strongly by the roaring fire in the centre of the rounded room. A man stood, book in hand, and sweat pouring from his dark features as he yelled out in booming voice words of magic. The feeling or magic was so strong in the heated air you could taste it. The room seemed to spin, as the magic made Serenity slightly dizzy
“COME BACK! I SUMMON THE!” the man yelled, the room vibrating violently, and the fire seemed to scream, and become stronger. Serenity cleared some sweat from her own face and tilted her head, feeling as if she was about to pass out from the sheer heat of the fire. Which was, in her opinion, starting to get a little out of control, she raised an eyebrow, as the man threw powers over the fire, causing more heat.
“I SUMMON YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE REALMS OF THE DEAD! TO COME BACK! AND START ANEW!” The priest called out, in a voice that seemed to echo throughout the realms of the dead, and a strong powerful light, began to illuminate over a figure, that was incredibly hard to see, before the priest, long silvery hair, a pale face, arms crossed over his body. Serenity bit her lip, and closed her eyes as the heart made her even more dizzy. And the magic began to twirl and screams came from all parts of the room, screams of hate, resentment, screams that made Serenity almost black out until suddenly.

It all stopped.

The fire was out, and a normal fire-light illuminated the room, the priest threw himself into a wooden chair, taking deep heavy breaths, sweat poring from him, and he held a hand to his heart. “My lady, I do hope this, was the correct action” He managed to say, between desperate gasps for breaths.
Serenity wasn’t too chirpy herself, she also seemed to struggle for breath, but she forced herself to stand, and swayed slightly before taking a few steps forward to the sleeping figure. It was hard to tell her expression, it was mostly a confused one, but she looked away into the shadows “Did you do it?”
“Aye” He said, wiping the sweat away from his face “I did it alright, but, I bound him to you,”
“Excuse me?” Serenity said curtly looking at him “What do you mean ‘bound him’ to me?”
“If you die, he dies, if he disobeys any direct command, he will die instantly, well, direct commands within REASON, so don’t ask him to jump off a cliff” The priest gave her a stern look
Serenity bit her lip “Fair enough, I remember my father telling me, that I should respect my elders, surely binding him to a little brat like myself isn’t very nice”
“Well I wouldn’t say it was too bad, you ARE an attractive young lady”
“Yes, but he is old enough to be my father, in case you forgot” Serenity mumbled
“So?” He gave a grin “Love is love”
“Yes but love with HIM is disgusting, besides, I find Minsc kind of cute” Serenity pondered
“That strange man with the rodent obsession?” The priest now regained with most of his strength walked to the other side of the room, and picked up a bowl of water and a strange smelling herb mixture. And returned to the sleeping man, and delicately poured water into his mouth.
“That RODENT, has a name, and its name is Boo” Serenity said defensively “And I personally find it rather sweet that he respects his animals like he does his friends” Serenity walked over to the door “When he is good enough to get up, send for me.”
“Alright my lady” The priest said, putting his dark hands into the herbal mixture and rubbed it onto the mans forehead “He should be awake in a couple of days, but can I ask, why, and where did you get this mixture from?”
“I got it from queen Ellesime, she has the best mixtures for people who have been dead, take me for example, I am somewhat sane after a three to four day death period” Serenity looked to the floor “The answer, to why… will remain an answer only I shall know. And I hope you will not shove your nose where it is neither wanted, nor needed” Serenity walked from the room, slamming the door violently behind her, leaving the priest in silence “Strange girl”

(to be continued *dramatic music*)

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Re: Tales of the throne (After the throne of bhaal) (15+)
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I am back!!

ok, here is what happened,

I wrote an amazing next part, and then BOOM slave drive died, and of course, I am one of them people who don't make back-ups, so I lost the entire next part, but I have taken an awfully long time re-writing it, and here is the next section

I promise to finish this story! -shakes fist-  anyway, I have a brother who is a little bit like sarevok... cept he doesn't try to kill me at every-

I think if he could he would actually, ;) the joys of siblings eh?

I think there was one time when I told our mummy that he was smoking and he got told off he wanted to get the nearest item and hit me with it....

then there was the time---- *looks at all bored expressions*

RIGHT!! I shall bore you no longer, let me just pour this bottle of water over my brother....

*screams from other room*

OK DONE!! muahahaha!

whoever invented the door lock I LOVE YOU!!

and for all you people who managed to read my rantings... here is the next small section of my story enjoy!!


Strange girl, maybe was not the word to describe Serenity. Indeed the woman was short-tempered, rude, arrogant, and definitely not ‘lady like’. But behind this harsh argumentative shield that she put up, she was extremely intelligent.

Intelligence is said to be learnt in a classroom, mainly but you tend to learn far more in the world, to see things, to make mistakes and learn from them. Perhaps that is was made Serenity as quick-witted as she was, once a care-free girl from candle-keep, thrown into a world that she hardly knew existed. It had been one short cut that had changed her life. It makes one wonder how they could have avoided such a situation, and learn how to avoid it should the situation arise again. But although memories can bring enlightenment, to make one wiser, they can also bring pain, to make one more cautious.

The rounded room in the De'Arnise hold, in the countryside east of Athkatla, had a cold feeling to it, that full-mooned night. Although the fire crackled merrily, the woman who sat at the pine desk, quill in her left hand, pondering to herself on what to write on the parchment that before her, which still lacked any writing on its crisp page. All it held was green droplets of ink, which fell from the white quills tip.

A long while past, before the quill was laid down, and the woman stood up walking to the window. The white-blonde hair framing a worried looking face, eyes staring at the moon, as if wishing to question it, for advice.

It was a look, that this woman Serenity, had too often upon those pale features, a look that couldn’t really be placed in ones mind. Was she really at ease? When her eyes looked so warm, or was she burning with rage inside as her fists where clenched by her sides.

A door behind her opened with soft creak, and a red-faced young maid, dressed in black, her brown hair tied back neatly “My lady” She spoke in a soft voice, going into a deep curtsy. Serenity guessed the girls’ age at 15 at the most, she was young naive, and in a way, she was sort of jealous that this girl had not a care in the world, except to just serve the people of the hold. Unlike herself, who had to clean up other peoples’ messes, and kill people who got in the way, bad mainly but sometimes good who just simply where too idiotic to get out of the way. Serenity was soon snapped out of her trail of thought when the girl began to speak once again
“Are you not going to retire?” She asked shyly, seeing the half-elf woman still full dressed in a silk dress, which she had worn for the meal with Nalia, earlier that day.
“Retire? OH! No” Serenity had taken a moment to catch up with the conversation, her mind wondering in different places “No, I have this letter to write, but if you could stoke up the fire, I would appreciate it, then get yourself to bed, you look exhausted.” Serenity ordered, and returned to her seat,
“Yes ma’am I was about too but I thought I should check up on you” She rushed to the fire and threw some fresh logs onto it, poking it a little with a burnt metal rod, before it gave off a feeling of warmth around the room. She saw Serenity in a trance of thought, and looked at her “You look worried Lady Silverwing” The maid said, adjusting the green drapes and brushing off the dust
“Hum?” Serenity was knocked out of her trance again, and at first she began to wonder why this girl was rather blunt. But then perhaps her reputation of throwing random objects at people, who never went straight to the point when they spoke with her, had spread faster than she had thought.
“Worried, you seem stressed”
Serenity shook her head “I am just thinking,” She admitted “Tell me, have you ever done something, you thought would help, then thought it might be the biggest mistake you ever made?”
“Not really, why have you made that mistake?” The young girl asked her
“I think I may have made a choice a little too rash, without putting other peoples feelings into consideration, yes,” Serenity sighed, and began to drum her fingers on the desk “Including my own feelings”
“How can you do something without thinking of your own feelings?” The maid asked confused,
“Easily apparently, I thought my actions would help others, but then I realised I am truly starting a losing battle with this action” Serenity shook her head lightly, massaging her temples. Her grey eyes looked at a guttering candle on the desk, nearly at the end of its life, and she swirled a finger in the melted wax, not flinching at the small, yet hot flickering flame
“Well, perhaps, but if this was your first thought, then maybe it will all be okay, you need to give it a try, right My Lady?”
“On other situations, young one, I would have agreed, but this choice may split up my little band of fighters. Leaving just me, and a little problem” She raised her slender hand, looking at her red fingers, which stung slightly from the heat. She bought up her hand to her eyes to examine the red mark, before waving her hand, and standing up once again to pace around the dim room.
“Perhaps this is a test of friendship?” The girl suggested
“No.” Serenity replied rather quickly and in a harsher tone then intended “This is not a test of friendship, nor loyalty, this is a test of dignity, pride, trust” There was a moments silence “Actually, I don’t think it’s even that, it’s a test of forgiveness, a cruel one at that.” Serenity sighed, “Please leave now.”
The young maid curtsied without another word, and left Serenity in an uneasy silence.

Serenity lay in bed, even as the sun reached its highest point, as if afraid to leave the warm comforting haven of the bed that she lay in, her mind drowned in thoughts, battle strategies and her own personal feelings seemed to take over her mind. She threw her hands up and covered her face; a she sunk back into her pillow. She knew she had to get up, right there and then she had to wake up, drag herself out of the bed, pull on her armor, and take the short journey back to Athkatla from the De'Arnise hold. But right now she didn’t want to move, she felt as if she had been tied to the bed in which she lay.

A groan escaped her lips as she forced herself out of the bed, her eyes red with exhaustion, she hadn’t felt like this since. Well actually she couldn’t remember the last time she felt like this, perhaps it was after she passed off god-hood to live a normal life in Baldur’s Gate…

 In all honesty, she thought to herself as she pulled a tunic on, she didn’t want to live in the city of Baldur’s Gate, in fact she had desperately wanted to live in Candlekeep, she had proved her innocence from the accusations of before. And even when she returned she had been welcomed back with many apologies. But it hadn’t felt right, Serenity thought to herself as she now dragged a brush through her messy hair. No, it hadn’t felt right at all, it felt like a ghostly memory, of a past innocence she had lost the day she first drove a blade into the gut of some creature. The day her taint finally started to truly pump through her veins.

She stood and looked at her reflection in a metal mirror, and sighed, pulling the leather straps to tighten the cool metal armor around her slim elfish body.

She remembered stepping into that library, and she didn’t feel a rush of happiness, in fact she had felt nothing, she was empty inside now… It was something she could never explain to herself, she expected joy in finally having a life that was not plagued by her dead father, a life in which she was her own woman, she had expected to fall in love, and be happy, but that was not to be. She felt angry, an anger that loomed deep inside, things she wanted to say but could never say. She was angry with Gorion for never telling her the truth, she was angry with him for dying. She was angry with Khalid, a friend, a stuttering fool he may have been, but a friend none-the-less for leaving her, and why? Because of that bastard

Serenity felt her temper rise, even in the reflection of the metal mirror she could see the redness of her cheeks where her anger swelled, she breathed a sigh, should she be angry at the people she loved, dying. It wasn’t their fault, that was true, but either way, they left her, alone, she felt selfish in these thoughts, but every thought she had she couldn’t put away in her mind anymore. They had left her with no true knowledge of the world she was thrown into… when she was at Candlekeep she had expected to just be another librarian, not this, even though she dreamt of adventure… she never dreamt of this.

The oak door on her left opened, and with a swift hand, she picked up the unsheathed sword that was on the pine desk beside the mirror. She pulled out the silver blade that had a soft blue glow, and pointed it to a door, where a man, stood, arms crossed, and a mocking smirk upon his face

“Ah, dear sister, quick as always, but seriously, we have to stop meeting like this, I am starting to think you don’t like me!”
“Sarevok” Serenity said in a cold whisper, returning the blade to its sheath, and closed her eyes “What do you want?”
Sarevok rubbed two large strong hands together, running his tongue along his lower lip, the stranger silver eyes staring at her “I hear there is someone needed to be killed so I thought, well, I want to catch up with my darling little sister and join in her little battle”
Serenity’s eyes snapped open and she glared at him “Sorry, I may have given you a part of my soul but does that bind us for life?”
“No, but our brother and sisterhood does” Sarevok stepped into the room, pushing the door shut quietly
“Bhaal is dead, gone, a memory, the only relation we have is in a simple memory, and please keep it like that, you’re not the most wanted brother in the world, in fact, I find you rather repulsive”
“Oh, you hurt my feelings” Sarevok replied “And why would you hate me so?”
Serenity laughed “Ok, first you kill Gorion, then you attempt to kill me, and when I finally get rid of you, and was sent to hell, instead of helping me, you bloody well try to kill me, AGAIN! Then, THEN you have the nerve to ask me for a part of mine, or my sisters soul, excuse me whilst I don’t worship you as a fantastic brother”
“Hey, I admit I have a bad streak, and that isn’t about to change, if some peasant annoys me, I’ll kill the bastard, but I am much better than I used to be!” Sarevok bit his lip “Besides I worry about you”
“You what? Worry-“ She turned around quickly, a fiery look in her eyes “Worry about me? God you have some nerve!”
“Yes I do, don’t you think people can change?”
“Yes, but you’re a different matter, you can’t change, and you still smell as per usual, when did you last have a bath!”
Sarevok decided to ignore this comment, and sighed, she was right, he was evil, and inside, although the taint of Bhaal was gone. He still craved malice, and death, and he couldn’t deny the slight temptation to strangle Serenity where she stood, but he couldn’t help but feel he owed her a little help,
 “Serenity, I know what you have done, and when the others find out, you’re going to need me” He said calmly “I am not doing this for forgiveness. Because I know I’ll never get it, but if I do this, I will feel like I truly repaid my debt for that little ounce of your soul, and you won’t ever have that ‘you owe me’ power against me”
Serenity closed her eyes “You know what I did,”
“Yes, and that worries me, you’re playing a dangerous game Serenity, doing that, even I have to admit I think you lost your nut” He watched his sister go to the window, tapping his foot, and adjusting his leather armor “Why?”
“Because… we needed the best”
Sarevok nodded “I have a feeling you will regret this choice”
“I already do Sarevok, I already do”

(DUNDUNDUNNNNNNN) ... to be continued

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Re: Tales of the throne (After the throne of bhaal) (15+)
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omgsh im so sorry  :'( I've been a busy duck

yes duck, you read right

anyway, this is the next part of the story....... yeah...... it's going to be long, I think about over 100 microsoft word pages at least the rate the plots are going in my mind -twirls hands-

though I am thinking of going back and editing previous parts to make more sense, as I am using this as pratice for my college work, I am comma happy, and I have problems with speech and... rawr... yes... so if anyone has the time to teach me a bit more literacy much appreciated -thumbs up- I am really open for tips, and suggestions because I would love to learn to write better

but here is the next part


I LOVE YA ALL... even if I don't know you.... but yeah

PS: Im 16 now! was 15 on my last entry, now im 16 (29th april) WHEEEEE!!!! im getting old ....  :'(

Serenity’s mood hadn’t improved when she stormed into the grand church of helm. Her wrists ached due to neglect. So long it had been since she wielded a sword, her shoulders ached from carrying the metal armor, and her legs felt like jelly, in a way she regretted accepting this mission, it was hardly her duty anymore. She thought as she threw her sword to one side and then collapsed into a wooden praying bench, gasping for breath

“I am not fit enough for this any more”

“Aww, dear sister, you getting old?” A taunting voice said from behind, closing the large oak doors, and silver eyes looked at the screwed up annoyed expression of Serenity

“You may want to repay your debt but following me around like a lost puppy will only result in my blade being impaled in your gut, where it is SUPPOSED to be” Serenity said in a low voice, looking as Sarevok walked into the church. The smirk on his face made her feel sick to the stomach.

“Aww, dear sister, don’t say such harsh word’s I am beginning to think you don’t like me!”

“Oh, really? I am sorry, I don’t tend to love brothers who try to kill their ‘dear’ sisters”

“That was years ago!”

“Oh and brothers that try to steal their ‘dear’ sisters soul!”

“You agreed to that!”

“You!” Serenity nudged him hard “Wouldn’t have helped me out of that stupid plane if I didn’t!”

“You where too dumb to work it out!” Sarevok retorted

“Well MAYBE if your fat head wasn’t in the way of the exit portal I might have-“

They where cut off as an interrupting cough from behind them, both turned to see the face of Imoen, a lop-sided smile, a part of her wanting to stop the siblings from their continuos arguments, another part wanting to laugh at them.

“So, you summoned us here” Imoen asked, raising an eyebrow, as the two began to calm down

“Yes, is Minsc and Jaheira here?” Serenity asked

“Minsc, yes, Jaheira, no, she said she had to do something,” Imoen jabbed her thumb behind her as Minsc walked in, cooing to his hamster cupped in his hands “So are you going to tell us what’s going on?”

“Indeed, but, before I do, I must insist, this is for the good of the people”

“Oh look, dear sister with her inspirational speeches, get on with it!”

“AS I was saying, before Sarevok interrupted with his wonderful comments, if you do not agree with my actions, I will not be offended if you leave”

Imoen raised an eyebrow “What would you do that would make us leave?”

Serenity ignored this and clicked her fingers and from the same doors they had all entered walked in four guards. All wearing black armor, faces hidden by black helms, sharp spears in hands, surrounding a man, a man with a pale hallow face framed with silky blonde hair, a man who looked empty, deathly thin. Deep red robes hanging off his body.

His hands where bound with rope, which dug into skin, which looked raw where he had clearly tried to pull from his binds, his eyes grey, yet they seemed filled with fire, it was a face that seemed young, but familiar all the same.

No one spoke, for a long time. Serenity watched as Imoen walked towards the man “Who is that? The eyes, I-“

“Ladies and gentleman,” Serenity said aloud “Let me introduce you to the great Jon Irenicus, in all his glory”

Minsc stared wide-eyed, he had remained silent ever since his entry, but he was the first to cry out now

“Are you insane?”

“No, we needed the best mage of the age to fight, this was the first man to mind”

“And what of Gorion?” Imoen cut in “Why not him? Why this bastard! Why should I not kill him now, did you forget what he has done!”

Serenity was unmoved by her cry

 “As much as I loved Gorion, he was old, and not that powerful as people said, we all know that, besides, I do not wish to talk to the old man,” Serenity looked at Irenicus, and motioned the guards away with her hand, then walked towards him.

“Serenity get away from him!” Minsc pulled her back “Do you not remember the pain he put us all through? Do you not remember the evil that is in his heart?”

“And do you not believe one can change? I think he can, I feel no mercy for him, after this mission I wash my hands of him and it is for the gods to decide his fate, nothing more, nothing less”

“He will betray us!” Imoen interjected

“He cannot, he is bound to me, firstly, if I die, he dies, now Jon I hope you’re listening to this, he must follow every direct demand or he dies, he is bound by magic to me, and only I can unbind him” Serenity shrugged

“He has no choice but to obey, I am sure you understand this Irenicus?”

The man raised his head, and smirked “You think I would listen to you? I would rather return to the fiery pit of hell”

Serenity returned the smirk “And I would love nothing more to put you there once you have helped us save the world”

“You think I will help you and your band of pathetic adventures? A man defeated twice, then begged for a part of his sisters soul, a dirty mortal thief, and a rodent worshipping-“

“And my first rule! Jon Irenicus, is you are to speak nothing ill of your fellows, secondly, you are to keep all thoughts to yourself, in fact, unless something is behind one of us about to kill us, you’re to say nothing, am I quite understood?”

There was an uneasy silence, before he nodded, it seemed the spell binding him to her word was working, he could not disobey her command.

Serenity nodded “Good, now, Sarevok, Imoen, Minsc, if you want to leave now, go, I will not convince you to stay, I have more important matters on my mind, don’t think I am too happy with this choice,”

“We’re coming” Imoen sighed “Someone has too look after you”

“AYE! Minsc and boo will follow you to the ends of the earth, even with that man”

Sarevok laughed his deep cold, thundering laugh “This, I think, I shall be an interesting little war, and I for one, will be pleased to assist in it, just to watch Serenity bicker with someone else!”

Serenity smiled “Aww, Sarevok, you’re the only one in my heart who will have my full argumentative side, you know that, now, lets go, we’re headed north, into the unknown!” Serenity grabbed Irenicus by the ear as she walked by him, dragging him along

“And I swear if you so much as put a toe out of line I won’t mind killing you again,” she hissed

Imoen and Minsc exchanged worried looks, neither of them agreed with this, in fact, they seemed to question the other if this was a really bad dream, or simply the start to Serenity’s long awaited insanity break. But both shook their heads and followed after her, a bitter taste in their mouths, but for the sake of humanity, they would put up with his presence.

“So why into the unknown Serenity?” Imoen asked

“Because… I have no idea where we’re going, so, I suppose if we get lost first, it’ll be easier to find out where to go, eh?”

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Re: Tales of the throne (After the throne of bhaal) (15+)
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My depest apologies (And I shall also apologise for my spelling for it is 3am and I haven't slept yet.)

I will be continuing the fan-fiction, I am so sorry it's taken so long I have been really busy with college

I hope to have the next part up tomorow XD

Not that anyone likes this fan-fic it's rather odd...

And I will also say sorry if the next part isn't great I am a little rusty, I have written the next part but I hope to get some sleep and check it over before I put it up here ^^

any comments and suggestions appreciated

yes I know I am reviving a very old forum but it saves me making a new one and just putting all the posts back in XD


XXX lots of love

your crazy Baldur's Gate Fanatic who has been here far too long XD

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Re: Tales of the throne (After the throne of bhaal) (15+)
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Hey guys

I am so sorry this took so long :( I had the flu, and I still have the flu :( -sniffle-

But I have the next part -drumroll-

Puh-leeease if there are any mistakes just PM me I am a litty rusty ^_^

and feel free to comment

I like comments


and start



Such an amazing thing Silence. It never is truly there, although we assume it is. Even if we closed our eyes, and kept still there is always a sound that dares to challenge silence…

So what is silence?

What is peace if something always threatens it, like silence.

Serenity sat, alone, dressed in only a silk white throw, yet a lot of flesh was visible. She sat in a cold, round room, with a round pool of water, which never moved not even a ripple. Around the pool where many candles, the only form of light in the room. This is how she liked to be, alone, in her idea of silence.

“Why?” Came a voice behind her. Serenity didn’t need to look around, because she knew who it was, it was Imoen
“He hurt me so deeply Serenity, he hurt you! You know what you became! The slayer!”
“The Slayer is gone”
“Is it really?” Imoen looked down at Serenity, her unmoving form her eyes of silvery grey lost in deep thought. Those two eyes that seemed to know everything, but at the same time, knew so little
“He will cross us the first chance he gets”
“Perhaps” Serenity lent forward and placed a hand in the water, it ripped gently around her slender fingers, and after a moment Serenity splashed the cool clean substance onto her face.
“Why’re you so calm!” Imoen grabbed her sisters shoulder as she dropped to her knees and shook her violently “DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHAT HE DID TO US!”
Serenity turned her head slowly “Indeed” She held her hands out “These hands… he almost made these hands rip you apart when I became that… thing, but the thing is, is now he can redeem himself. He will still go to hell, but not such a bad place”
Imoen growled “YOU ARE MAD”
“No… Well yes perhaps” She stood up, her hair whipping behind her, the white silk fell from her body and she stood naked, Imoen didn’t flinch, or look, she simply stood her ground.
“Serenity, we can do this”
“Can we really? I am no longer truly a child of Bhaal, nor am I a fully trained fighter, for years now I have sat inside, hiding myself away, my wrists are swollen from trying to use that damn sword, I can’t do it anymore! So yes, I am willing to beg Irenicus for his help right now, because I always get dragged into other peoples shit!”
“Is that how you see it?”
“YES!” Serenity screamed
“How come”
“Oh just leave it” Serenity pushed past her and opened the door that Imoen had come through, outside her clothes lay in a neat folded pile and she pulled them on. The rough green fabric scratched her pale skin, she had grown used to the finery from Baldur’s Gate this scrap of clothing was something of a past time.
“Imoen, you are my sister, and I love you, and I will understand if you want to leave, but you always have trusted me, so trust me now”
“Just help me to understand”
Serenity turned as she picked up a belt from the flagstone floor, and began to pull it around her waist “Bodhi, she influenced him,” Serenity turned on her bare heel, and with a small innocent smile she looked at Imoen.
“She influenced him yes Irenicus must have always been power hungry but Ellesime said he loved her, and I think he did, I think that he can be changed back, redeemed, I will never like the man, in fact I would happily spit on him for what he has done. But the point is, there must be a tiny ounce of good in him, enough for me to kick his ass and –“

“SERENITY! IMOEN! THE HORSES ARE READY TO LEAVE!” Sarevok’s voice came in an echo. Serenity couldn’t place its location but it was close, and with a final deep sigh, and glance to her sister, only two words came to mind
“Trust me.” And with that, Serenity left Imoen alone.


“WHAT!” Came a shrill scream from the beautiful Elven City of Suldanessellar. Ellesime stormed through its beautiful paths in a rage
Elhan followed at a quick pace, dressed in his finest elven armor, his face was serious as he followed the queen.
“Serenity has… revived the one we-“
“Oh Elhan saying his name wont destroy us! Why did she revive him!” She stopped as she entered her palace, many elves stood, staring at the red-faced queen. Her breath deep and her fists clenched
“Leave us!” She commanded, her blue cloak sweeping behind her, within moments the palace was empty, and she and Elhan where alone in a grand room, a room where she had met announced Serenity had saved them all from a great evil… In fact, the same room she asked them to leave for her heritage unnerved the other elves.
“I know not of that, my queen, just that he is back”
Ellesime bit her lip “So, he will be back to haunt me shall he? Will Serenity turn on me for what I did”
“In all honesty my queen, she came here in good faith”
“She told me she was going to destroy the body!”
“Perhaps she has her reasons, my queen, I can seek Serenity out and find out her story”
“No,” Ellesime said, her voice dark “No, I will go, fetch me my armor”
“But… my queen!”
“Serenity told me she needed something off Irenicus, she didn’t tell me, however she was bringing him back to life! Therefore I will seek her out for her side of the story Irenicus is mine! Not hers”
Elhan watched Ellesime “What do you mean?”
“I mean what I said, Irenicus was my mage, and he died an evil man, I banished his soul for his many crimes, and Serenity has no right to let him redeem himself, he had his chance now fetch my armor”
Elhan sighed, “Yes my queen”.


“So let me again go over the rules” Imoen spoke in a bitter tone. She walked in a well-paced march, with one hand she held a bow, the other, she held a silver rope that was tied around Irenicuss’ hands.
“Again?” Irenicus replied glumly looking at Imoen’s back, he hated her, and she looked exactly the same as all them years ago, the same black leather armor, the same radiant red hair. It made him sick that now she was treating him like her lap dog
“Yes, again, I need to make sure you understand them”
Irenicus rolled his eyes. He had no idea what he was doing, all he knew for sure was that his hands where bound with some sort of weak magical rope. He was walking with a group of adventurers that hated him to the core and they where in the middle of some sort of field off the map. Well he thought it was a field, but he couldn’t help but wonder if it really was a field, it looked too innocent, it was too… empty, just miles of green land. How could something so serene be a place of good? Because if it was, it would have been marked on the map.
He frowned, but said nothing, it would be interesting to see how these foolish adventurers dealt with the problem should it arise.

Serenity walked in front, her metal armor felt heavy to what she was used too. Her sword was a burden, and her back ached with the pack that she carried on her small back yet she marched on. Behind her Minsc and Jaheira were busy in their hushed talk, but they needn’t have been hushed, Serenity knew exactly what they spoke of, her “Mad plan” and they where right. What the hell had she been thinking? Her face turned into a frown oh by the gods, what was she doing!
“You look troubled sister”
“Sarevok, you have a habit of pestering me at the worst of times” Serenity replied bitterly
Sarevok laughed, that cruel, deep laugh that played shudders up and down Serenity’s spine “What’s on your mind”
“Oh, just the fact I am with my supposedly dead brother who tried to kill me twice. My sister who I know hates me, my dead foster fathers Harper friend who must wish to kill me for I have revived a great evil. A vermin worshipping barbarian and a man who stole my soul!”
“And my back hurts, my wrists hurt, everything hurts, we’re off the marked map, we don’t know where we are, and I just wanna kill someone”
“Wow, you really are a fool” Sarevok grabbed Serenity’s pack and wrenched it off her back,
“What’re you doing?”
“Lightening the load” He put the pack on his shoulder “You’re such a midget”
“I can carry it”
“And you’re lazy, you’re getting fat you know, I mean, look at me” He knocked a fist onto his plate armor “I am wearing heavy metal armor, carrying a sword that probably weighs more than you do and you can’t even manage just the armor”
“I AM NOT! And besides, your ego weighs more than me”
Sarevok marched on “Yes, yes it does”
Serenity glared “Go to hell”
“Been there, not much to fuss about trust me”
“Why’re you so calm about everything!”
“Because, my dear sweet innocent dwarf of a sister, it annoys you”
“Is that what they told you! Sorry, the weight gain made me forget”
“SON OF A!” Serenity jumped onto Sarevok’s back “TAKE THAT BACK!”

“Does this mean we’re stopping?” Minsc asked Jaheira
“T’would seem so” Jaheira pulled off her pack and set it on the lush grass beneath them, and took in their surroundings, it was odd, there seemed to be nothing for miles, just grassland, no trees, no shelter, just fields of greens and golds. Jaheira sat upon the ground and stretched
“We should have kept the horses” Minsc said as he sat down
“After we got to the boundary they freaked, no point in stressing an animal that much” Jaheira sighed, laying down.
“This place unnerves even me, there is something strange about it, it’s almost too serene, it makes you wonder why this isn’t on the map” Jaheira stopped speaking as she watched Imoen walk towards them, clutching the rope that Irenicus was tied to.
“Rule three hundred and nighty seven, do not in any way shape or form stare at my ass”
Irenicus stopped “Sorry, I have listened to your rules for the past week, and I make a stand. WHY WOULD I WANT TO STARE AT YOUR ASS”
“STOP STARING AT IT!” Imoen screeched, turning around, a fiery look in her eyes
“How can I now, you’ve pointed it out to me and the huge thing is talking to me!”
“Shut it wizard!”
“Sorry, your ass was distracting me” Irenicus continued to walk
“I am no dog”
“Make me”
“Oh I will make you alright”
“Put him down Imoen” Jaheira yelled 
“Oh just one little explosion!”
“Your rules are punishment enough”
“True” Imoen kept hold of the rope as she bounded over to sit beside them
“So why’re we all wearing armor, its not like nothing is going to attack us”
All eyes suddenly turned to Irenicus
“Ah, right, him, but he’s the only problem” Imoen muttered

“OW STOP PULLING MY HAIR YOU GREAT BIG” Serenity’s voice screeched

“I think it’s time we separate them” Minsc pointed out, and with a curt nod from Jaheira the two of them stood up, and with Minsc grabbing Sarevok, and Jaheira grabbing Serenity, there was suddenly a scrap starting of trying to stop the meaningless fight.

“Are they always like that” Irenicus asked Imoen
“Look” Imoen spun on her heel, withdrawing a short sword from her belt “You may be here at Serenity’s request, but you follow my rules alright? And don’t talk to me unless spoken too”