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Unfinished Spells
« on: August 30, 2006, 08:29:40 AM »
As anyone who's looked through BG2's priest and wizard spells in an editor will probably have noticed, there are several gaps in the spell numbers - for example, there's no SPPR12 or SPWI109.  However, with the exceptions of a couple of spells that were named but unused in BG1 (e.g. Wall of Fire and Wraithform), there's no way of telling what Bioware intended these spell to be.

However, a sudden thought just occured to me: "maybe the references to these spells weren't removed from SPELL.ids".  And guess what? For the most part, they weren't.  So without further ado, here's what was intended for the missing spells:

SPPR112 - Protection Circle
SPPR114 - Animal Friendship
SPPR115 - Endure Cold/Heat
SPPR215 - Resist Cold (1)
SPPR316 - Cure Blindness or Deafness
SPPR714 - Energy Drain
SPPR716 - Space Warp

SPWI109 - Hold Portal
SPWI121 - Reveal Magic (2)
SPWI122 - Protection Circle
SPWI124 - Alarm (3)
SPWI204 - Fog Cloud
SPWI216 - Wizard Lock
SPWI315 - Waithform (4)
SPWI323 - still unknown
SPWI422 - still unknwon
SPWI610 - Monster Summoning IV
SPWI706 - still unknown (5)
SPWI709 - Tattoos of Power
SPWI801 - still unknown (6)
SPWI802 - stil unknown (7)
SPWI806 - still unknown (6)
SPWI814 - Otto's Irresistible Dance
SPWI901 - still unknown  (8.)
SPWI904 - still unknown  (8.)
SPWI906 - still unknown  (8.)

(1) it seems Resist Fire and Resist Cold were originally going to be seperate spells, but were later combined.

(2) possibly Detect Magic, since there's a pnp spell of the same name.

(3) with ToB, SPWI124 is Nahal's Reckless Dweomer.

(4) already in UB, of course.

(5) there's a MONSUM05.2da, so this was probably going to be Monster Summoning V.

(6) there's a MONSUM06.2da, so one of these was probably going to be Monster Summoning VI.

(7) since SPWI802.spl is a slightly modified version of the 6th level Spell Deflection, this was most likely going to be Major Spell Deflection.

(8.) there's a MONSUM07.2da, so one of these was probably going to be Monster Summoning VII.

With the exceptions of Protection Circle, Reveal Magic (though see the note above) and Major Spell Deflection, all of these spells are from pnp. 
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Re: Unfinished Spells
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2006, 11:50:49 AM »
Thanks for the info. :)
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Re: Unfinished Spells
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2006, 12:21:14 PM »
Also there are lost icons of many innate abilities. (ATTENTION: They're BAM files name)

SPCL626A - something like a... goat? :>
SPCL641A - maybe it was a Summon animal companion but it was erased.
SPIN758B (only B) - maybe a improved meteor swarm (but If I good remember, that icon is only in ToB)

Priest spells:
SPPR112 - but B is wrong :/ It's a somethin like human in circle.
SPPR316 - cure deafness and blindness
SPPR709 - there's a two ? symbols :P
SPPR716 - maybe something for Warm spell etc.

Wizard spells:
SPWI109 - Doors. Maybe another version of Knock or Dimension door spell.
SPWI204 - Hm.. strange plants etc. It was used for Luck spell in Wild Magic addition if I good remember.
SPWI216 - Magic Lock :)
SPWI906 - veery strange thing :P

Maybe it will help :)

There's also a few hidden item bams like a strange green helmet etc.


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Re: Unfinished Spells
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2006, 02:16:49 PM »
Yep, those icons seem to match the spells listed in the first post :).  There are a few others I've found: SGRASP, SPCL627, SPIN109, and SPWI901.

I would say SGRASP is an early attempt at a Shocking Grasp icon, but then it's not present in BG1.  So I've no idea what this icon is about.

This is just a guess, but SPCL626 and SPCL627 might have been intended for Shapeshifts Baby Wyvern and Shapeshifters Fire Salamander (which at the moment use somewhat inappropriate icons).  They're almost certainly druid summoning or shapeshifting abilities of some kind, since they're in the middle of all the other druid summoning and shapeshifting icons.

SPCL641.spl is actually an unused Charm Animal ability.  I suspect it was going to be used for the cut druid kit, the beastfriend.  This icon could actually be used for the ranger's Charm Animal ability, since at the moment that simply uses the Charm Person or Mammal icon.

SPIN109.spl is the paladin's Lay On Hands ability, which uses the Cure Light Wounds icon.  The SPIN109 icon is a blue hand, and definitely seems appropriate for this ability - a likely bug/oversight.  It should be noted that the monk's Lay On Hands ability uses it's own, completely different icon (but since tthe monk's ability is different in that it only affects him, that seems appropriate).

SPIN758.spl is a "Word of Power" ability, which does nothing be remove and then re-add itself.  Very strange.

SPPR709 is an alternate icon for the clerical version of Confusion - possibly they forgot that it's also a wizard spell ;)

I just remembered there were several spell names and descriptions in the Unused dialog.tlk strings thread.  Reading through that again and looking at the icons (didn't think of that before - thanks!), it seems likely SPWI901 was going to be Spell Invulnerability.

The SPWI906 icon looks as though it could[/b] be Sand Form.

Interestingly enough, there is an SPWI801 icon, but it's used by SPWI519 (Spell Shield).  If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say SPWI801 was going to be the pnp spell Serten's Spell Immunity (it would certainly make sense for Bio to drop that, since people could easily get it and the 5th level Spell Immunity confused).
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