Author Topic: We're sorry about the PMs...  (Read 1473 times)

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We're sorry about the PMs...
« on: August 13, 2006, 11:27:50 AM »
As many of you have surmised, a more-sophisticated-than-usual spambot sent... well, let's call it a "graphic graphic" and some salacious links in PM to basically everybody on the forum last evening. I can't outright promise that it will never happen again--we will try to more tightly control and monitor registration, but there may be already-registered spambots we didn't catch, or the possibility one will slip through in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have done our best to remove the offending messages but many of you received the text automatically in e-mail anyway due to your PM notification settings. In Profile/Personal Message Options you can opt to de-select "Notify by email every time you receive a personal message."
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