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Re: Amusing yourself in driver's ed
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Driver's Ed was offered through my high school during the summer.  I think it was the last year that high schools did it--now it's done through businesses that are much more expensive.

Michigan also has a graduated system.  Drivers under 18 can't be on the road past midnight, so it's called a cinderella license.

We didn't have any 'Highway of Blood'-type films for driver's ed, but they were shown every year before prom.  Although, my instructor was fond of predictions on how many students out of our graduating class would die in accidents and sharing grisly stories about people he knew who died in car wrecks.

And now that I think of it, he constantly repeated advice like "Snow? Go Slow!"  It's not bad advice, but he had tendancy to drawl on 'snow', so it sounded like "Snow? Go Sloooow!"

I remember one of the other students in my car left the parking brake engaged for several miles and did a fair bit of damage to them.  It was entertaining to watch my instructor pull a Bill Cosby while he tried to censor his language in the middle of chewing out the other kid..