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The Farcical End of jcompton
« on: June 30, 2005, 02:09:58 PM »
From the journal of Kylia Coltrane

The old estate is nothing like what I expected it to be. I had expected it to be noisy, raucous, dilapidated and thoroughly pitiable. Peeling paint, tarnished gilding, the lot. But it is much as I remember it. The servants see to the upkeep of the grounds and the exterior and every month or so they do a quick pass through the interior, bringing supplies, retrieving refuse, and generally trying to put a good face on what has become of the Silvershield hold. To a man, they refuse to discuss the details of what they see when they venture inside.

They didn't think it would be safe for me to come even this close, but my genetic bond to my father must be sparing me the effects of his rather... unique curse, thank goodness. They don't let anyone near the place these days. I wonder what they'll do when the old servants start dying off.

It's been almost 20 years now, but I still miss them all terribly, everyone I lost to this place and to my father's secret shame. I know they are happy together, in their own sad, twisted, helpless way, but I also know they must long for it all to end.

The old gardener, Wylaim, has grown fond of me, I think. He's the one who first helped me piece together what happened that fateful day when my mother tracked my father to Skie's home and bed. In fact, I suspect he's the one who found me and cared for me until Lord Corthala agreed to take me as his ward.

This is what I have learned...


“Oh, Kelsey.” Merena shook her head and unsheathed her hunting knife. “You’re forgetting the rules.”

She slowly traced her blade in a path along the lacings of her armor. “Strip.”

Kelsey gave her a puzzled frown. “Umm. Come again?”

With one swift stroke, she sliced through the hide fastenings, then tossed her jerkin and the knife aside. “Talking should be naked.”

Kelsey held his head and began to sob. "No! Not you too! I had hoped it would finally go away... I thought... nooooo!"

Merena wasn't prepared for this sort of reaction, and paused mid-camisole removal with a bit of a jiggle. "I didn't think you could confuse me any more, Kelsey, but you have. What are you talking about?"

"Something has happened to me, Merena. Something terrible. It happened after the Talassans, I think. We defeated them, but they put a curse on me. A curse I can't break, as much as I've tried."

Merena snorted as she tossed her top aside and set to work unlacing her breeches. "Right. You're about to tell me that women find you irresistable? And you're incapable of resisting their advances?"

Kelsey's eyes widened. "Yes! It's that exactly! At first, with Talice and the others, I thought it was simple curiosity and that I was just a weak and despicable man."

Seated now, Merena finished peeling her breeches off her ankles and feet. "That sort of motion has been brought to the floor once or twice on this journey, Kelsey."

"But I'm not! At least, I don't want to be! Look at you, Merena! Look at what you're... ah... doing!" he said, stammering a bit as her last garment hit the floor. "You should be mad as hell and with all the reason in the world! But what do you want from me right now?"

Merena stopped mid-stride on the way to his bed. "I... I want you naked and at my mercy." She gnawed at her lip a moment. "Good gods, why do I want such a thing?"

Kelsey gulped and clutched the bedsheets around him for protection. His voice was raspy and despairing. "Because you can't help--"

At that moment, the door splintered inward with a double-barreled rush of magical force. Standing before a stunned Kelsey and Merena were Nalia and Imoen--at least, that's who they most closely resembled, but context had gone out the window. Imoen appeared to be a lovely shade of leafy green and was dressed in a loose fitting and tantalizingly revealing tapestry Merena was sure she saw hanging on a wall on her way up the stairs. Nalia was dressed in nothing but a dainty crown of twigs, but her bare skin was painted brightly with all sorts of suggestive phrases.

"That's enuffa that, little sis! You've had your turn. We want to get our hands on Kelsey and show him exactly what he has coming to him!" the dryadic Imoen commanded.

"Quite right, Imoen. We talked things over with Skie," and there was a barely-audible muffled cry from below, "and she explained everything to us. Now. Kindly stand aside and await your turn," Nalia commanded, dismissively waving an arm decorated with a particularly uncomfortably coupled pair of stick figures.

Even Kelsey's freckles whitened. "I thought the walls could hold them off, Merena, but you came here, you brought them here, and I just can't contain the effect! It's spreading! It's--" Kelsey's next words were cut off beneath an onslaught of kisses from the trespassing wizards.

Merena struggled for clarity that she knew was rapidly eluding her. She ran down the stairs to find the source of the muffled cries only to find Skie bound to a chair and gagged. She herself was half-naked with a rather threatening-looking bit of leather cast just out of reach. Merena considered running after the milkmaid who was wriggling out of her dress as she scampered up the stairs but she didn't want to take another step without a plan.

Thinking was getting difficult now, and the sounds from upstairs were now positively lewd. it was true what he said back upstairs with you we have to get him out of here join in, they're having all the fun! what will become of us? life is love i have a daughter i have a life love is kelsey LOVE IS KELSEY

Merena smiled. Of course. It was all so simple.

She strode patiently, regally back up the stairs. So absorbed was she with the thought of reaching the bliss of Kelsey's arms that she didn't hear the front door crash inward.

"WHAT'S ALL THIS I HEAR ABOUT A PARTY?" bellowed a strong challenge from the doorway. "WHERE'S THE BEEF?"

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