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Author Topic: Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?  (Read 3081 times)


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Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?
« on: April 06, 2004, 09:31:18 AM »
Suprisingly I thought of this story last night as I was trying to sleep, and decided to write it this morning. I thought of sending it to Bons beforehand, but with cussing and lesbians in mods, this story isn't really that bad.

I want to see if people like it before I write the rest. Sorry for the bad grammer and spelling, I dont have any spell checking on my computer yet, as I haven't installed Microsoft Word.

Remember, this is all in good fun.
Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?


"Ahh, what a beautiful night, wouldn't you say, love?" asked Daeven in his best romantic voice.

"Love?" he repeated. He turned over in the makeshift bedroll and saw an empty space.

Daeven felt it to see if it was still warm. It was ice cold. He sat up, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness of the forest. When he could see better he looked to see if any others in the camp were missing.

"Let's see.. Valygar.. Edwina.. (heh)...Keldorn.. all here!  Hey.. where's Viconia?" Horrible thoughts ran through Daeven's mind. What if Viconia was mad at Daeven for rejecting her and she had decided to take revenge on Aerie? What if she had decided to finally go back and act like the drow she used to be and had decided Aerie would be her first kill?  A shudder ran through him.

Daeven quietly stood up, as not to alert the others, and tiptoed into the heather, with his hand on Celestial Fury. The moon was full, so he could see fairly well as he made his way toward a stand of short prickly scrub brush in the hopes he would find his missing love admiring the night.

After several minutes of searching in the foliage and the small trees, he heard a noise not from the night forest creatures. "What in the world is that?" Daeven thought to himself as he slowly and quietly followed it nearer to its source.

His knuckles turned white as he clenched the hilt of his sword harder and harder, not knowing what he would find. The brush thinned and he dropped to his knees as he decided to crawl the remaining distance to a moonlit opening in the thick foliage.  Whatever might be there making that strange noise, he did not want to be seen by it.

Then another thought came to him and made him pause. What if this was really Sendai's drow soldiers? What if Sendai had ordered her guards to come out and take both Aerie and Viconia hostage, or worse?  Or even worse than that, what if this was a trap to lure Daeven away from the others? He quickly thought it through then decided it was worth the risk and continued to inch his way toward the clearing.

Ever so silently he crawled on, the strange noise slowly becoming louder. After about a minute (though it seemed much longer) he came to a surprising realization. "It's the sound of kissing," he said to himself, just loudly enough to arouse his sword.

"Eh? Are we gonna kill something? Going in for an attack?" Larlicor said yawning loudly, but not loud enough to be heard by the supposed kissers.

Daeven was furious. "Larlicor! What the hell.. I thought I took Celestial Fury!" he whispered.

"Nah, Vally-boy pulled the switch on you, by trading me for that suck-ass sword. What you need, Daevy,  is real power!  Me."

Daeven quickly decided to humor him; desperate to know who was making the noise. "Okay, just please be quiet, understand? This is a silent attack!"

Larlicor grunted. "Silent? Fine, fine, you’re the boss!"

"That's right, I'm the boss, now shut your trap, before I send you back to the sewers!"

Silently Daeven crawled on, knees starting to ache, until he was on the very edge of the opening. The source of the noise was just ten feet away from him now, maybe less. He raised his head.  He saw ‘them’.  His jaw dropped. It was not a group of Sendai's soldiers who had come to trap Daeven. It was whom he had first thought – Viconia!  She and Aerie sat in a close clench on a large rock in the middle of the clearing.  But she wasn't attacking Aerie as he had surmised.  Far from it -- she was kissing her!

Furthermore, it was plainly obvious that Aerie was not protesting it.  From where Daeven lay on the ground, it appeared she was a more-than-willing participant, totally absorbed in it all as she momentarily reached her hand up Viconia's shirt!

"Is that the sound of making out I hear?!" Larlicor asked, shouting. Daeven and Larlicor were close enough that his words were overheard by Aerie and Viconia this time. They suddenly stopped kissing and Aerie hurriedly pulled her hands back to her sides as she scooted away from Viconia.  Daeven jumped to his feet and emerged into the clearing.

Aerie's expression of joy of only moments ago had turned to terror.   "Daeven!   Help!  She's making me do it!" she exclaimed and wrung her hands together.

Viconia quickly whispered something into Aerie’s ear then sprang to her feet.  She gave Daeven a baleful look complete with a half snarl and rushed into the dark woods, not waiting for any retribution from the party leader. 

"Aerie, what the hell is going on here?!?!" Daeven was in near shock. The whole thing just didn't make any sense to him. What in the world was happening? His love had always said she hated Viconia.  Now to find them together like this!  It just didn’t make any sense.

"Shh.. my love, we'll talk about it at camp," Aerie whispered in a sweeter-than-usual voice. She rose from the rock and started toward him. 

Daeven ignored this, however, as he turned on his heel and with head hung low, slowly walked back to the campsite, Aerie trailing a few feet behind.

"Exactly what did Viconia whisper into your ear?" Daeven called over his shoulder, still unable to look at her.  When Aerie did not answer, he momentarily halted for her to catch up with him.  .As he did, he felt a sharp pain in his back and suddenly knew nothing more.
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Re: Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2004, 08:09:58 PM »
Ladies and Germs.. I give you, part II!

Part II


"Ooh.. my head... ?" Daeven's head ached almost as badly as it did when he had been forced to listen to Jan and his stories everyday.  The stories stopped when he kicked him out of the group just as Edwin had come along.  At least the stories were never boring now.

"Where.. where am I?" Daeven’s fuzzy vision cleared and he looked around his immediate surroundings.  It appeared to be a small, dimly lit cave. The few wall-mounted torches hardly gave enough light for him to see, however he could not miss the unnatural ‘addition’ in the dark cavern. In the middle of the dome-shaped room of rock was a bed and upon it shimmered the finest Calimshite silks of red and gold and green.

As the blurr left his head, Daeven then assessed his own situation. He was bound and shackled to the solid rock wall right next to the outer opening.  A blanket of moss and ferns covered the doorway.  Probably, Daeven thought, just to camouflage the little chamber from the outside world. 

As Daeven thought quietly to himself, everything began to come back to him -- the kissing, the walking toward camp, the sharp pain in his back, and then waking up here. What had happened to him and why?  And where was Aerie?

"Now what?" he said to himself and heard his soft echo repeat his words. "I guess I'll cut myself free while I have the chance."  He sighed.  He finagled his bound hand to grasp the hilt of his sword but it wasn’t there.  He groaned. "Of course!  Someone has taken it away! I guess all there is to do is wait.  Someone has to show up."  So he waited.

He didn’t have to wait very long.  Soon, Daeven heard a noise outside the entrance.  He began shouting, hoping to draw someone’s attention to his aid. "Help, Help! I'm in here!"  His pleas were apparently heard by whoever was rustling around as Daeven heard them noisily approach the actual moss and fern curtain. "I'm in here!" he shouted again, hoping that whoever it was would be able to see the ruse of the false covering and push their way through.

"Hey old buddy, did ya miss me?" called a gruff familiar voice through the entrance's veil. Daeven was too relieved to think about what the man had said, and simply shouted, "Help!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming, don't get your pants in a bundle." Abruptly Daeven heard the beautiful sound of the ferns and moss being hacked away. As the heavy layer fell piece by piece, more and more moonlight filled the cave. He figured he had not been in the cave very long if the moon was still above the horizon. 

The ferns now gone, the man stepped into the doorway. "So how do you like me now?" the man asked grinning a toothy grin from ear-to-ear. He was fairly tall, about Daeven's size, had short brown hair, wore clothes that looked like they were made out of barley sacks, and he had the rough, dirty complexion of a potato. At least it looked that way in the bad light of the cave.  But it wasn't his looks that intrigued Daeven; it was his voice.

"La-La-Larlicor?" said the bewildered Daeven.  It was his voice, but this man couldn’t be him! 

"Yep, it's me, your old buddy Larlicor, come to rescue you from your not-so-straight lesbain lover!

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Re: Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2004, 01:16:03 PM »
Part III

"What a night this has been!" Daeven said, more to himself then to Larlicor. "How is this possible?"

 "How is what possible?" Said Larlicor with a slight smirk on his face. "Well let me see here.."

"Wait," Daeven interrupted, "is your little explanation going to take time?  You really need to get me out of these things and we have to get out of here. Why not just save the story until after we leave?"

"Yeah, okay then." Larlicor said indignantly, miffed that Daeven didn’t want to hear his story of miracles.

"YOU are not going anywhere!" came a voice out of nowhere.

"Aerie? Is that you?" Daeven asked, perplexed at the voice with no form.

Larlicor suddenly turned pale. "Uh, gotta go!" he said quickly, then sped out of the cave and into the night.

"Damn fool, he forgot to untie me!" Daeven lamented as he pulled at his restraints.

"So we are alone at last.." Aerie said as she entered the room through a secreted tunnel entrance Daeven had not noticed in the wall opposite of him. 

Daeven ogled in surprise. Aerie was not in her usual plain brown and yellow robes, but in leather. And, not the functional, outdoor leather that he saw Valygar so often wear, but the type that is used in explicit activities he shuddered to think about.

Aerie drew a whip that she had hidden behind her back. "Are you ready for a little fun?" she grinned at him and waved the whip menacingly. 

As she cracked her whip Daeven awoke with a yelp.

"AHH!" Daeven screamed making Edwin(a) jump a foot in the brisk moring air.

"What is the matter with you, you simian? (Yes, many problems this bhaalspawn does have)"

"What.. where.. where's Aerie?" Daeven asked frantically.

"Out in the woods I suspect, assisting Keldorn with securing more firewood." At this, he motioned towards the fire that was crackling merrily a few yards away from Daeven.

"Valygar volunteered to go to a stream he saw a bit back to catch some fish. (Who can resist the scrumptious fishies, I wonder?)"

"We were going to wake you, but Aerie mentioned something about you "being in pain last night," – her words.   So we allowed you to extend your sleep." He grunted. It was clear he didn't believe whatever Aerie had said.

Daeven looked over the yet again gender-changed Thayian. "I told you that messing with the scrolls again would do the same thing as last time."

Edwin frowned. "Why is it any of YOUR business what a genius of my stature does?"

"Whatever, just don't go making that rack any bigger, or I might come over and grab it," replied Daeven, waggling his eye brows just to annoy the wizard.

"You wouldn’t dare, or I'll.." Edwin looked down and paused in mid-sentence. "I guess they are a bit large, even for one of my magnitude.. WAIT?!?  What am I saying?!" Edwin stood and threw back his hair angrily.  He turned sharply on his heel, strutted away angrily and didn’t look back.

Daeven lay back down on his bedroll and smiled up at the fresh pale blue sky. It had all been a dream. Aerie wasn't a lesbian and he hadn’t been tied to a cave wall.

Daeven was suddenly so happy, he bounded from his bed and went over to where Larlicor's pillow was, (he demanded proper rest)  to share his unusual dream with him.

"Larlicor, you won't believe the dream I had! You were a real person and. .and… Larlicor?" This wasn't like Larlicor, he always had something to say. Daeven grabbed the scabbard to inspect it.

It was empty!

Part IV coming soon...

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Re: Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2004, 05:53:14 PM »
UPDATE: 4/9/04

Medium-sized update.

UPDATE 4/10/04

I've added part II along with a few small changes to Part I


UPDATE 4/18/04

I've finally done part III, along with a few changes to part II. I also noticed that I had Edwina in Sendai's forest, which didn't make sense. So now I've included that with my story 

Somethings like the bed in part II won't sound significant, but they will. Don't you worry. 

I put in a poll, though I realized that it should really be in the comments thread.

So please vote there.

UPDATE 4/22/04

Major overhaul thanks to MorningGlory.
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Re: Where o' where can Aerie and Viconia be?
« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2005, 08:19:31 PM »
                                                                                   Part IV

“Larlicor, Larlicor, where are you?” shouted Daeven frantically. “Ah, Daeven, you’re awake I see,” said a familiar voice.  Daeven turned around.

“Oh, it’s just you, Keldorn,” responded Daeven nonchalantly, returning to his search for Larlicor. “Say, you haven’t seen Larlicor, have you?” Daeven asked.

“Ah, yes, the disturbed one has been missing since this morning. Valygar offered to search for him a few hours ago, but I haven’t seen him since.”

Upon Keldorn’s words, a shiver ran down Daeven’s spine. Did this mean that his dream was had really happened?

But wait. Hadn’t Edwina said earlier that Valygar was at a stream fishing? That doesn’t make sense… unless she had lied. But what reason would she have to do that?

Before Daeven could ponder on this further, horns sounded off in the distance, causing Keldorn to start with surprise. His forehead wrinkling, Keldorn turned around and began to start running off towards the din, shouting over his shoulder “It has begun, hurry!” He ran into the greenery before Daeven could question him.
Daeven got up and began to follow Keldorn’s path, but he realized he was defenseless. He looked around, finding nothing in clear sight.

He ran near his bed and began to search in his pack. “Hm,” he mused. “I forgot about this,” he said, pulling at a brilliant rune-carved axe. Recent memories flooded back to Daeven. After a week of skirmishing in Watcher’s Keep, the party decided the lower depths would have to wait. They turned back, but not before Daeven had found this axe. He hadn’t had time to look at it, but at his first glance it certainly looked magical, so he kept it. “I suppose this will do,” he murmured. He then stood up, and raced off towards the noises of not only horns, but what sounded like battle.

As Daeven ran towards the clamor, he noticed that the forest was becoming much sparser, as if a clearing were up ahead. And with each step, the sound was certainly becoming clearer. After a few minutes of running, however, the noise stopped; indeed, not only the noise, but everything. From the wind, to the trees, to the birds twittering, all was frozen.

Daeven found himself in mid-step, unable to move. Was he going color-blind, or had the world gone gray? “Oh,” he realized, “this must be a time-stop spell. Damnit, I hate those things!”

After a minute or so, the world came back to norm and the noise resumed, angrier then before. Daeven stood still. “That must be one hell of a magic-user to be able to cast a time-st.. his words were caught in his throat. The world began to gray over and slow down to a halt again. “Damnit!” Daeven yelled in his head. “It would sure be nice to be resistant to those things,” he thought glumly.

When the spell finally ended this time Daeven was ready. He sprinted through the last tree into an open sandy desert and halted a third time, albeit voluntarily. It was to be expected, really. The scene that met his eyes was quite a sight.

Among the dunes, bodies were strewn as far as the eye could see. Blood was spilt in ways that would make even the most ill-begotten murderer shudder. Among the bodies stood an inordinate number of what looked like half-humans, slashing, crushing and stabbing at what appeared to be nothing. Nonetheless, they were definitely fighting something, as more and more continued to be slaughtered. Among the group fighting the ‘nothing,’ Daeven spotted what looked like a bloody Keldorn. “Fight on men, he shouted.”

Daeven in amazement was at a loss as to what he should do. His first thought was to help Keldorn, but he wasn’t sure. He needed to think. But again, before he could deliberate on what he had seen, he saw something that made him the most infuriated that he could ever commit to memory: Aerie in a to-the-death battle with none other then Edwina.

“My love!” he tried to yell, but one last time, his words were halted and only gurgled out of his mouth: something hit the back of his head, and he fainted yet again.


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