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« on: March 06, 2005, 08:53:22 PM »
Bang a gong, we are on! Iron Modder 7 features a twist with Chairman Kaga forgoing the traditional sequined cape to join the modders on the floor. Joined by three Iron Modders, the four turned out their best interpretation of our IM7 theme, "Blaze of Glory."

The Chairman shared his thoughts with the anxious audience before making his presentation.

At what price, glory? Heroes spend their lives seeking it, other have it foisted upon them. How will the Iron Modders examine the theme this evening? We turn to our judges.

  Scoring judges were BevH, CamDawg, Seifer, and StoplightRed


"Bons offers a new druid named Glory with an interesting ability--she can shapeshift into a fire elemental. While an interesting start, I felt it was light on actual content. There was a bit more content included for the mod but not available in game due to a missing APPEND." – CamDawg

"A nice appetizer - it truly whets the palate for more to come.  Bons has shown mastery in the beginnings of this NPC and I would like to see and taste the full course meal when it is completed." – BevH

"The character Glory was known before the encounter as she gained an ability upon the area being entered.  This slight scent gave the main dish away before it had been brought to the table.  I'd expected some dialogue once in the grove itself or when the duel had been won but there wasn't anything that came to mind for me.  Overall,a nice play on words but naught aside." -- Seifer

"A tasty little treat with a highly literal flavor – fun without being fancy, like the best of snacks always are! I laughed in delight when I first saw what was in store. My greatest disappointment, however, was that there was but a few crumbs of the character – it hardly felt like a full serving." – StoplightRed

IRON MODDER IGI (unscored)

"Igi's entry, unfortunately, did not install properly and no content was added. He did wish to mention that he started ten minutes before the deadline." – CamDawg

"I looked forward to igi's entry with great fervor.  Alas, however, this wasn't even meringue since I couldn't get it to work." – BevH

"There is nothing sadder than opening a candy wrapper to find nothing but crumblies." – StoplightRed


"Ghrey's mod builds upon the final confrontation between Lord Roenall and the PC in the de'Arnise Keep finale for the fighter stronghold. The mod addresses many of the weak points and provides a more satisfying solution than the original encounter. It also features a character with a French accent to add a final twist on the theme with an accented pun." – CamDawg

"Monsieur Ghreyfain's entry was an amusing twist on the theme.  'Blades of Glory' indeed.  A nice cappucino to round out a fine meal.  The execution was superb, if a bit lacking in originality." – BevH

"Top marks for using ingame material which also brings it down.  The only (working) non-cliched execution of the theme was amusing as well as the village idiot that is introduced to you, post-battle." – Seifer

"Ghrey’s entry came on strong, with promising instructions for preparation included (and a French guy!). However, by using the Roenalls vs. de’Arnise tale, it was a d้jเ vu du jour rather than a new and exciting entr้e – even with the adorable pun for dessert." – StoplightRed


"The Chairman offers us an episode in the life of Fiona, a sorceress enslaved by a cambion. She enlists the aid of the party to defeat her tormentor.

While I enjoyed the idea and found it a good exposition of the theme, the voicing was, for the most part, a distraction from the content. The mod also suffered from needing a bit of help from the CLUAConsole, as I was unable to get it to complete in it's shipped form." – CamDawg

"Delightful premise, however, I was left longing for the main course when the heroine was sent so far away we couldn't see our meal." – BevH

"Well prepared and well voiced, it stuck to the theme well but in a cliched way.  Following the known and well tasted offering of mortality and self sacrifice rather then a new interpretation that I'd hoped to see, the seasoned campaigner offers an interesting but worn saucer in his first foray from the kitchen." – Seifer

"A desperate tale of need and affliction, slow-cooking for ages until the PC brings in the final ingredients for our tale. Particularly pleasing was the sheer volume of this dish. There was more than enough to go around for such a paltry prepare time: not one, but two voices! An original tale! A smattering of smirky responses, if the PC chooses! A full meal, indeed." – StoplightRed

The judging is complete! Four judges split their first place votes across all three scored modders in an extremely close contest.  Who would be the hero this day? Whose menu best exhibited the theme? Who will it be? Which Iron Modder shall reign supreme?


Tossing aside the traditional satin cravat of Chairmanship, JCompton enters Modder Stadium and takes the title in his debut. Despite receiving fewer first place votes than Ghrey, JCompton's superior exposition on the theme in Fiona's tale earned him enough points to edge the other modders in an extremely tight contest. Congratulations!

FINAL SCORES out of 25 possible (average)

JCompton: 15.75
Bons: 15
Ghreyfain: 14.25
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« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2005, 08:53:34 PM »
Average scores by category

Exposition of the Theme (1-10)
Originality (1-5)
Innovation (1-5)
Entertainment (1-5)

Ex: 6
O: 3.75
I: 2.75
En: 2.5
# of first-place votes: 1

Ex: 5.75
O: 2.5
I: 2.75
En: 3.25
# of first-place votes: 2

Ex: 7
O: 3.25
I: 3
En: 2.5
# of first-place votes: 1
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« Reply #2 on: March 07, 2005, 05:41:57 PM »
Download pack is now available at . igi's mod has been fixed. I believe.
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