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The Sweetest Day
« on: February 15, 2005, 10:43:19 PM »
This is my attempt at a bad boy Kelsey... I tried to stay as close to JC's character and events in the mod as possible, but heh, I got carried away. Enjoy if you can, comment if you will...

The Sweetest Day

Roses are red
Violets are bue
If you do not like Kelsey
Then good luck to You

-Ghreyfain, Kelsey's mod, hidden strings...

“Are all redheads so sweet? “ Teya chirped. Kelsey wished he had a moment to collect his thoughts – blood was pounding in his temples from casting spells and its salty taste filled his mouth. “And there are those who’s say that sorcerers get it an easy way,” he reminisced bitterly, gathering his feet underneath himself, getting up with a suppressed moan. Then he put on his best boyish grin and extended his hand to Teya. “Amazing, is not it?” In his heart or hearts he knew that it was not the best reply, or even the one she had hoped for, but it was all that he could manage, battered as he was. What was truly amazing is Teya’s sincerity when she giggled at what he had just said.

He sighed to himself, schooling his face to kindness: “By Mystra, woman, we have just killed a dragon! A huge red…”  Realization hit him – she did not mean him actually. She meant the dragon! Knowing that wicked combination of childish vigor and outright cruelty (which was rather childish as well, if you think on it) that was Teya, there could be no second opinion on that account: she thought it was sweet of the wyrm to put up such a great fight for her amusement. And to get himself killed to boot. Teya’s smile grew wider and she twisted a lock around her finger looking at him playfully: “I so love bloodshed… it makes my own blood run high…”

Staying positive helped in the company of a Bhaalspawn. In a Bhaalspawn’s bed

How he got into this mess in the first place? Ah, whom he was kidding? There was no mystery to it. Good looks and sweetness, gentle manner and pleasant conversation – he cultivated it since he was twelve, since magic found its way through him and manifested itself in a wild and fearful outburst. It was the best way to keep it a secret – who would indeed suspect a quiet boy who seemed to be genially interested in the sight of his own toes and his toes only possesses a secret and disturbing gift? It worked for a while; but when eventually the guise failed, it was so deeply embedded in his nature that it became his nature.  He never thought it useful till that Waterdevian merchant shrugged herself out of the bodice of her dress and into his lap. At the time it showed him a way to dispel boredom of long caravan rides. It worked for a while, and when eventually the enchantment of road romance weathered off, it, again, was so deeply embedded in his nature that it became his nature. When he met Teya, he allowed her to seduce him… just like he had always done.

But unlike merchant’s wives, Teya had no one to go to after the fling was over and well, one does not just abandon a Bhaalspawn. Especially not a Bhaalspwan that would love you on still trembling wing of dragon. He was stuck with her until she thinks that it’s over. He’d have to do the best of it.

He squinted at the woman’s form… she was alright, she had to be to suit his taste in the first place, but the plumpness of her hips irritated him. “If she’d lose some weight another year or so in her company should not be too bad…”

That night Kelsey asked of Aerie how could a woman be so slim and gracious and if she had to be an elf to achieve that. As suspected, Teya stretched and dropped casually that it is quite possible. “O?” Kelsey said and looked her over with a pleased glance: “not that someone like you need to worry about it…” Teya’s jaws clenched together.

Kelsey was nodding off, when something in the girl’s chatter attracted his attention. “A diet of seeds and berries is quite convenient in the field setting, of course, but one have to be extra careful not to snatch bread… it could spoil everything…” Aerie was saying. No. Not that. In his thoughts he retraced the last few phrases and finally remembered Aerie’s breathy voice, describing the fastest possible way to get rid of pesky bulge:  “Of course, one loses a lot of weight and quickly, when stressed. But the only true stress in a woman’s life comes from a man… You, Teya though, with a lover like Kelsey… One could not imagine him ever upsetting or using you…”

That was it! If Kelsey knew anything at all about women, he knew that much: once a woman embarked on a journey of weight loss she would do anything, will take any abuse or torture to shed the pounds. It seemed to him that he had found a way to turn it to his advantage.

Kelsey put his palm on Teya’s shoulder and told her gently: “I really do not think that you need do anything and I would love you in any shape or size,” he coughed here, thinking about Slayer and then chased the horrific image away, “but if you’d want to do this thing, I would do my best to help out…”

Then he placed his feet on a log and said roughly: “Stop eating, you fat cow. We already had to stretch your armor twice. Move your enormous ass and load my plate instead – or is this task incomprehensible to your sheep brain? MOVE, I said. Or I swear I’d…”

Tears glistened in Teya’s eyes and then murderous rage. She was about to throw her plate at him, when Aerie gasped and whispered: “He is so sweet…” A second later understanding spread across Teya’s face as well: “O, thank you, Kelsey, you are the sweetest… I guess, I should play along for the best effect, no?” And she giggled.

“I said, MOVE!” Kelsey barked out and Teya jumped up to her feet ready to run at his command. Kelsey put on his best boyish grin. The things were finally looking up…


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