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The Jedi and the Bhaalspawn
« on: January 17, 2005, 02:29:42 AM »
Here is something silly that popped into my head. Still rough round the edges spelling wise.
How would a light side former dark lord and a good aligned Bhaalspawn get on? Farune will never be the same that much is a given  :D And this is written for the hell of it never mind that fact it isn't possbale  :D


The last thing Revan remembered was that she had been walking down the Ebon Hawk’s loading ramp. But she wasn’t on Dantooine now. The question begged to be asked where was she? Out of habit she made sure her lightsaber was still in the folds of her robes. A small smile crossed Revan’s face as she felt the metal hilt of her staff.

Revan stood, dusted herself off and looked around her. She was obviously in a city and this part of it had seen better days as it looked very run down. But what made Revan raise her eyebrows was the hulk of a wooden sailing ship. It wasn’t every day you saw such a thing.

It was almost dark and Revan hadn’t really been looking where she was walking but the unmistakeable sound of a threat on her life made the Jedi reach for her saber. Some things never change.

Rynn, Anomen, Jaheira, Minsc, Kelsey and Valygar had just entered the slums when they caught sight of a robe clad woman being accosted by two thugs who then attacked her. Anomen was about to brake into a run to assist the seemly defenceless woman when he and the rest of the party were stopped in their tracks by a strange humming noise the likes of which they had never heard.

The woman easily dodged her attackers and from seemingly nowhere had pulled a small thin metal rod which came to life as two blades shot out. One was pale blue the other was a deep orange. Before the two thugs had time to react they were cut in two by the woman’s strange weapon.

“By Helm!” cried Anomen “Rynn did you see that? Her weapon sliced right through plate armour as if it wasn’t even there!” the woman had heard Anomen’s cry and had turned to face them twirling her exotic weapon as she did. The robe clad woman stood in a battle stance for a few moments as she determined weather or not the six people before her were a threat then she smiled and the blades of her weapon vanished back into the metal rod.

“I’m sorry if Anomen startled you Ma’am.” Said Rynn “But you all took us by surprise with you display.”

“I was taken by surprise as well I reacted without thinking. Using my lightsaber like that was foolish of me. My name is Revan by the way.”

“Lightsaber?” Kelsey asked “Is that what you call your magic quarter staff? You must be a very powerful mage or sorcerer to create something like that.”

Revan’s eyebrows shot upward at the remark “Well I guess you could call it magical but certainly not in the way you mean young man. As I am neither a mage or a sorcerer. Come to think of it where am I? As going by your armour and weapons I’m going to somewhat out of place. Or at least my saber will be.”

“You are in the slums district of Athatlka. And you would do well not to use your staff weapon openly for surely the cowled wizards would want to know how to create such a powerful weapon.” Said Valygar.

“We would do well to be indoors it is almost night fall.” Jaheira remarked. “The Copper Connet is just across the street.”

“A good idea Jaheira. Come Revan I’d like to talk to you more if I may?” Rynn asked.

“Of course I’ll join you.” Revan said as she fell into line her eyes never leaving Rynn for there was something odd about her. It made Revan think of the words that Jolee had once uttered regarding herself.
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Re: The Jedi and the Bhaalspawn
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So we contiune :) Corrected most of the spelling in the previous post too I think :)


“Boo be thinking you are watching Rynn too closely.” Minsc said looking down at the shorter human woman. “Minsc wonder why that is also.”

“Is it that obvious?” Revan replied looking up at the large warrior at her side.

“It is to those of us who have travailed in Rynn’s company for a time.” Answered Valygar.

“I see.” Revan answered “I sense something odd about Rynn. It is almost as if my eyes are trying to trick me but no matter. It isn’t important.”

Jaheira and Valygar exchanged looks as they were thinking much the same thing. Who was this woman and what kind of power did she have? Her strange staff weapon was like nothing they had ever seen or read about. And worryingly she sensed that Rynn wasn’t all she seemed.

The group entered the Connet and were soon greeted by Hendak
“Ah welcome back my friends!” he said as he walked over “It is good to see you Rynn.”

“It’s good to see you too Hendak. Do you have a table free for seven?”

“Seven you say?” Hendak asked then he noticed the new member of the group. A human woman who was all of about five foot tall. Not all that much taller than a Dwarf or a Halfling. She seemed to have the look of a warrior about her someone who was used to fighting if need be but this was at odds to the simple robes she wore. “Ah a new friend I see. I’m sure we can find a table large enough.”

Soon enough the seven were seated around a table and Revan knew she was going to have a fair few questions thrown at her.  How to answer then was the question. She would answer truthfully as she could and let the rest take care of it’s self.

“Revan you say you are not a magic user so what are you?” asked Jaheira. “I made a promise to someone long ago to protect Rynn from those who would harm her.”

Revan arched an eyebrow in interest. So there was more to Rynn it seemed. “I am a Jedi Knight, specifically a Jedi Watchman. But I doubt you have ever hard of such a thing.”

Anomen’s interest was piqued “You say you are a Knight but you ware no armour? How can that be or are you forbidden from wearing any?”

Revan couldn’t help but smile “Very few Jedi bother with such encumbrance as it is often more of a hindrance than a help. We are not forbidden from wearing armour it is however traditional that Jedi do not.”

“An order of Knights that do not ware armour?” Anomen asked “I defiantly have never heard of that before. But it is your strange weapon that has us all curious. What exactly is it?”

Revan produced her saber from her robes and placed it on the table in front of her. They all could see that the metal rod was about one a half inches in diameter and about twenty inches in leanth “The lightsaber is a Jedi’s most prized position it is also the symbol of a Jedi’s authority where I come from. As to what it is the easiest way to explain it is to say that it is an energy sword as the blades are pure energy.”

“That’s not possible. It has been the goal of many a smith to make such a weapon. But yet I can not dispute what I have seen with my own eyes.” Jaheira said.

“You say you are no sorcerer Revan but your weapon would say otherwise.” Valygar stated softly.

“Too you it may seem like sorcerery but I’m not from around here. I’m not even sure where ‘here’ actually is. The last thing I can clearly remember was walking down the loading ramp of my ship. Then I woke up not far from here.” Revan said as she placed her sabre back within the folds of her robes.

“So you are not a native of Amn then?” Rynn asked.

“No I am not. I’m not sure how I got here much less what I’m doing here…” Revan’s voice trailed off. Being so close to Rynn she could clearly see the force around her hostess “By the Force…. Rynn….” Revan fell silent. She would need to mediate on this for if Revan’s feeling was right she had been sent or brought here because of this woman.

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Re: The Jedi and the Bhaalspawn
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Minsc noticed that Revan had gone slightly pale. “Boo is thinking that Revan has seen a ghost.”

Minsc’s voice snapped Revan out of the shock she was in “You are not so far from the truth my large friend. If you’ll excuse me I need to see about renting a room so I can mediate.”

“Here is some gold.” Rynn said a little shaken too by the whole thing. For when Revan had looked at her it was almost as if she could see right inside her. “Sleep well and we’ll see you in the morning.”

Revan walked up to where Hendak and Bernard were. Before she could talk to either of them she heard the man next to her speak and it made Revan’s skin crawl as it had to be the worst pick up line she’s ever heard. Carth had done a better job! Revan turned her head slightly to face the man “Were you speaking to me?” she asked.

“Indeed I was my flower blossom. I am Salvanas…” his voice trailed off when Revan raised her hand “Salvanas you do not find me attractive and you will not hit on me again.” She said calmly.

“I do not find you attractive and I will not hit on you again” Salvanas repeated in a monotone. Then he turned and walked away from Revan.

Hendak and Bernard looked stunned. That had been the fastest any woman had gotten rid of Salvanas. But how had she done it? Revan smiled at their stunned reaction. “Sorry about that.”

“Oh don’t be.” Hendak said “Salvanas is harmless enough but he is very annoying. But what did you do? Dominate or charm him?”

“In a manner of speaking. It was nothing more than a simple mind trick. Now Rynn was saying I might be able to get a room for the night?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m sure I have something suitable.” Replied Bernard

“Good so long as it is quite and comfortable that is all that really matters.”


“If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it.” Kelsey remarked as the group turned back from watching Revan book her room. “But she just got rid of Salvanas effortlessly.”

“I really should have warned the poor woman about him.” Rynn said with a guilty smile “But it doesn’t seem to have mattered.”

“This Revan is more than she seems.” Valygar said softly “We know nothing of her power. Her skill with her lightsaber is not in doubt after what we saw tonight.”

“Indeed. She calms not to use magic but I have my doubts. She knows Rynn is more that what she seems. How that is I do not know.” Jaheira said. “Revan wares simple robes but carries an immensely powerful weapon that also happens to be the symbol of a Jedi Knight’s authority in her homeland.”

“So what do you propose we do?” asked Anomen. “We don’t want to be too direct otherwise she may react badly.” He tried not to wince as the thought of Revan’s energy blade going through his middle was too painful to think about.

“Boo thinks we take her on a butt kicking for goodness mission and see how she acts.” Minsc said.

“That isn’t such a bad idea Minsc.” Rynn said with a smile “I’m sure we can find something to do tomorrow and take Revan with us. She may open up of her own accord as well.” The rest of the group agreed and over the next hour or so they made their way to bed. The following day was going to prove interesting.


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