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Theatre Blather
« on: October 29, 2004, 12:50:26 AM »
Quote from: jester
blah Jedermann blah
Quote from: reverendratbastard
blah Everyman blah

Sadly I do not know that play. Any special links? ;)

  i'll mail my Bedford tome if you want to pay for the shipping.  i've never seen it in folio.  there were plenty of variations, and it's standard for it to be billed by Anonymous.  the gist is:  a fellow, about to die, goes on a tour of Things That Distract You From God {which in the typical version includes, more or less, Everything and Anything}.  to me it - any morality play really - is intriguing when there's a notion of choices to be made during moments of perspective, insight and clarity*.  Everyman was the closest thing to a Church Open-Source Play.  each was its own supersermon, many were for most intents and purposes identical, et cetera.

  hey, wait - do your own legwork!  :P ::)

*obviously in any particular hands, this communicative power could convey tunnel vision just as well.
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