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Danse Macabre - A Silver Star fanfic
« on: September 14, 2004, 08:13:02 PM »
Danse Macabre

Silver Star leaned against the remains of an old, withered husk of a tree.  She suspected that it used to be an oak tree as it still had a strong trunk and it seemed resistant to the wind that explored every niche of the area.  She also thought that it had survived the ruin of a naked flame.  Then again, everything else in the place had the same feel, the same look, and the same aura.  What she could see of the moon had a sickly pallor to it as it was hidden behind some sort of dark cloud.  What few beams that managed to escape dominion danced over a cobbled floor and several gravestones.

Why had she come here?  What was it about the burned, ruined husk of an ages old graveyard, located on the edge of a town that had caused her to leave Exodus and his party in the dead of night?  There were no signs of life at all here except what her disturbed mind was able to personify.  The swish of the oak swaying in the wind sounded identical to the gallows as they bore the brunt of the hangman’s last victim.  The noise of a bush grating against a wall or a rock somewhere was reminiscent of an assassin’s dagger being unsheathed.   She didn’t know what to was going to happen but she could feel the whispers of her forgotten past.  They murmured to her in the breeze that sauntered past her.  Neither did she know what to expect but she hoped it involved sheep.  She hadn’t seen any for a while and it had been even longer since she had killed one.  They were evil after all, they were…


Something here seemed familiar.  The landmarks looked familiar but where had she seen them before, in a dream, in a previous lifetime or in a previous visit here?  What had she done here that was dire enough to demand her return?  A return made worse by her ignorance as to what could have possibly happened.  Would she have to pay?  Would Mary come and make her pay her penance for her sheep killing?  It was hard to say?  Is this even where she had killed Mary?  Again, it was very hard to say.


Her trained senses caught up on some small movement in the nether regions of the grave yard.  Her gaze passed though several stuttering beams of moonlight that were gradually being garrotted by the dark mass overheard.  Peering though the dancing dust that seemed spellbound in their fading light, she saw the lid to a tombstone slowly move; it’s waning, grating noise only just reaching even her heightened ears.  A normal person would have then felt a sharp chill and taken the dying of the light as enough of a sign to run.  Silver Star was far from normal however, having lost a normal mind during the servitude of Irenicus.  All she felt was a childish curiosity to see what was going to happen.  She waited a moment, the dancing dust vanished, its captivators had finally given up their fight for survival.  Silver Star waited.  Nothing happened.  No noises drifted across the courtyard to her expectant ears.  She turned to go, to rejoin Exodus and his party before they noticed her absence.


A single, frolicking flame somehow faded into view.  Silver Star’s view focused on this new arrival only for her to notice that it had a companion.  Only this one was acoustic.  The dull, forced yet weighted beat of a drum that now caught her ear seemed to rise from the cracked earth itself.  It was followed shortly after by the sound of a harp, then a violin.  The strength of each instrument wavered, their musical tones rising and falling in turns.  The reason why was to follow shortly.  Also fading into view above each instrument was a mottle yellow grinning skull.  The flame grew in intensity and as its aura lengthened, it encompassed a macabre sight, a dancing troupe of rotting carcasses, skeletons, dancing in an eerie silence, jerking sharply to their own dull, lifeless tones.  One of the grinning troupe stopped in his motions and shuffled towards Silver Star, stopping at the perimeter of the lit area.  Its dead lifeless sockets met her gaze and held it, in what appeared to be a contest between two sides of the grave.  The animated frame lurched into a bow of sorts and then extended its hand.  It appeared to want her as a dancing partner.  Silver Star held for a moment.  She was inclined to accept.


This didn’t seem right.  Here she was seeing animated death, the dark side of the grave celebrating its own morbid existence.  Silver Star dealt in death, it was her currency, by staying death she settled her arrears, by giving it she claimed what she was owed.  This scene…this…dance was…wrong.  Her work seemed to want to catch up with her, to add her to their silent ranks.  She pondered.  Her potential dancing partner jolted upwards from its bow, its cold, dead stare drilling into her.  A shiver found itself into her spine even as the troupe and their flame faded from view.  She found herself looking at the reborn moonbeams unsure of what she had just seen.  The dancing dust seemed to appreciate their return.  Was it real or did her mind enact it?

All she knew was one thing…

She had survived…
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