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The most intense four-hour contest known on Earth, the Iron Modder competition, unfurled its banner over Infinity Stadium for a fourth time with Chairman Kaga's chilling theme, A Broken Promise.

Iron Modders around the world puzzled over this theme under extremely adverse conditions! Sweltering July temperatures and an air conditioning malfunction in Infinity Stadium sent many modders to the locker room before they could finish! Six mods were submitted, but not all were in suitable form for tasting by our panel of experts. But the show must go on! Whose broken promise would reign supreme?

As is his custom, the Chairman addressed the floor before making his presentation.

A promise is a sacred vow. Words have power--nowhere is that more true than within these hallowed halls, where you intrepid Iron Modders breathe life into characters through your own words. I look forward to sampling these poisoned words with great glee.

Scoring judges were jcompton, Sorschana, Kismet, and Userunfriendly.

"I'm so pleased to have been invited back again for another taste of mod-community home-cooked goodness! The theme this time is a particularly chewy one, redolent with possibilities, though difficult to handle - I understand it's far too easy to slide into bitterness if handled improperly. I look forward to the complex taste sensations our brave Iron Modders will soon deliver!" Sorschana

"My third Iron Mod as a judge...I'm beginning to feel like the aging fortune teller, or the former minister of parliament.  PLEASE tell me I'm
the minister of parliament!!! Please...(whimper)" - UU


Iron Modder Bons, the reigning co-champion, takes advantage of a last-minute schedule conflict for Icelus to try to unify the title for herself! A wily dryad by the name of Phluafae attempts to relieve the PC of his promise to Irenicus's concubines! Phluafae smells of sugar and spice, but there is also the aroma of deception in the air!

"Do you break your promise to the dryads from Irenicus' dungeon and give their acorns to a stranger or do you return them to the Windspear Hills? A nice dialog in which you learn how (possibly) those dryads ended up with Irenicus in the first place." - Kismet

"Once again Bons has served us a delicious aperatif filled with tiny tickling bubbles that after you sip go right up into your sinuses, and proceed to tickle your nosehairs until you cry uncle.  The deliciously naughty treachery of the woodsy chick was quite delightfully wicked, and my Boo imitation prompted a wonderful reparte and released a new flavor sensation...raw acorns!" - UU

"A delicious little bagatelle of a mod, allowing for a bare glimpse into the hotly-charged politics of nymph society! How could a creature so sweet and lovely be so carelessly cruel to her sisters? Yet this is the nature of nymphs, and Bons' taste treat illustrates this darker side of the theme with delicacy and elegance." - Sorschana


After the clock proved her undoing in Iron Modder 3, Neriana returns for the judges with an entry which meets the deadline! Her menu consists of four delectable NPC banters, each pair of comrades discussing the intricate details of a promise unkept!

"A set of four dialogs about broken promises ranging from serious (Mazzy/Jaheira) to silly (Jan/Imoen).
Even though this was a serious topic I have to admit that my favorite one was the Jan/Imoen banter 'You owe me a pony!' :)" - Kismet

"What a wonderful dainty yet very amusing set of banters.  I particularly liked the Imoen Jan banter.  'I wanna PONY!!!'  Special mention should also be given to the new hair color Haer'dalis is sporting.  I've heard that puce is the new hot rage in Milan and Paris this year..." - UU

"I have seen our theme managed in this way before, and though it is familiar, it is illustrate the theme ingredient through studying it from different angles, and through the prism of different viewpoints. This series of dishes provided a variety of different flavors, from mourning and heartbreak to delicate lunacy to the bitter sorrow of childhood loss - leavened with just a trace of humor. I wish only that I had been able to sample the Edwin/Valygar dish; I'm sure the contrast would have been delicious but I had no appropriate saved game on hand!" - Sorschana


Two-time champion Iron Modder Ghreyfain returns to the field of battle with the promise of a story of retracted promises from Faerun's career leader in oathbreaking: none other than Saemon Havarian himself! The scoundrel takes the cast to a new port of call, where they are asked to do Havarian a favor. Unfortunately, the Iron Pirate overextended his kitchen attempting to bake up two new areas. The first was a delight, but the second sent the mod spinning into oblivion. Tasters knew a betrayal was coming... but in the end, all that is left is the aftertaste of a promising appetizer.

"We were promised great things from Ghrey this time, and alas, real life, and some interesting bugs prevented us from seeing the full depths of his vision. (Perhaps this is his way of following exposition of theme? Hmmm...)  The dialogs and themes were so interesting in the .d file, yet technical problems prevented us from savoring them to the fullest.  I feel like a cooked piece of fugu was snatched from my chopsticks..." -- UU


Iron Modder Pirengle tries to take Infinity Stadium by storm once again, this time with an adventuring party of prowess and renown to tell a tale of a violated vow. Unfortunately, a DLG assignment problem with the CREs mean that instead of telling their tale, the adventurers believe they are disbanded multiplayer NPCs! A delicious-sounding menu, but the waiter did not bring the tasters what was ordered.

"What can I say about Pirengle that I haven't said before?  She rocks! She's got chutzpah!!!" - UU


Making his first appearance in Infinity Stadium, SConrad tempted palates for miles around with "The quest for Farlathin's pants", as one mad mage named Farlathin Nistelhud attempted to reclaim his trousers from devious associates. Unfortunately, various scripting bugs kept the judges from uncovering the true Plot of the Pants.


Take these broken pants
And learn to walk again
And learn to mod so free
And when we hear your batch scripts sing
The book of weidu will open up
And let us in, yeah, yeah..." - UU


Seifer makes his Infinity Stadium debut with a tale snatched from the World Wrestling Federation of Faerun, as Elizabeth and the Hulkster are meant to quarrel over the fate of a boy. Installation errors terminated this dish before it could begin, however.

"I feel very disappointed by the bugs in Seifer's mod.  A mod about PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!  Utter genius!  Alas, once again debugging and testing proved to be the bane of another brilliant visionary." - UU

The judges have had their say! In a most unusual Iron Modder, only two entries could be fully digested! But in Infinity Stadium, nothing is settled on the flip of a coin! Who has kept their promise to their craft? Who will it be? Which Iron Modder shall reign supreme?


The Iron Llama strikes again and takes home the undisputed crown! A strong, timely showing from Neriana could not overwhelm an anecdote of acorns and avarice! Congratulations to Bons for her repeat performance, and to all Iron Modders for trying their best under difficult circumstances!

FINAL SCORES out of 25 possible (average)

Bons: 17
Neriana: 15.75
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Average scores by category

EXposition of the Theme (1-10)
Originality (1-5)
Innovation (1-5)
ENtertainment (1-5)

EX: 7.25
O: 3.25
I: 2.25
EN: 4.25
# of first-place votes: 3.5

EX: 7.5
O: 2.75
I: 2
EN: 3.5
# of first-place votes: 0.5

Cespenar says, "Kelsey and friends be at the Pocket Plane? Ohhh yesssss!"