Author Topic: How to get BGI area overlays to work in BGII  (Read 4305 times)

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How to get BGI area overlays to work in BGII
« on: April 01, 2004, 06:33:58 PM »
How to get BGI area overlays to work in BGII

If you try to port a BGI area to BGII and it has an overlay (water, for example), you'll wind up with either a lot of green spots all over your area, or squares of water that overlap the ground.  I was messing with Candlekeep just now and figured out how to get it to work.

Here's the process.  Open up the area you want to port in IETME first, obviously.

1) Switch to bitmap editing, and export the area as a bitmap.
2) Replace the green with whichever colour you want.
3) Open that bitmap in IETME as an area, and go back to area editing. (This means the CREs and such will still be there.  DO NOT edit another area in between these steps, otherwise things'll get really funked up.)
4) Go to the overlay you want to edit.
5) Select Add/Delete tiles.
6) Delete a tile, then add it to the overlay again.
7) Click "Edit Tiles".
 Right click the main window to see your options.
9) Add/Erase, and brush size.
10) Now you colour in which bits you want to have the overlay on.
11) Anything bright green will be affected.
12) When you save the area, make sure to save the TIS, too.  Overlays are stored in the WED. 
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