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BG1Tutu General / EasyTuTu Source Code
« Last post by Aldark on August 17, 2017, 10:02:55 AM »
Hi all!

I was looking through different old garbage on my hard drive and somehow recalled of such masterpiece as TuTu. I immediately looked into it, but found that it lacks source code. Where can I find source code for EasyTutu? I could probably try something out to improve it.
Icewind Dale NPCs / Re: Bugs and typos for v6
« Last post by Hendryk the Old on August 16, 2017, 01:58:50 PM »
Did anyone figure out how to fix Nella's casting voice when you are multi-classed fighter/druid?

I had the same problem with Nella, dual-classed to druid, and Teri with a mage class added.  The answer is that there are two data fields, sex and gender, which require Male/Female entries.  Both ladies were listed as Female for gender but Male for sex.  Changing them to Female in both  fields fixed this small but disconcerting problem.
all good, I will mark the topic as solved. Thanks guys for help.
WeiDU / Re: Beta 242.01
« Last post by Wisp on August 14, 2017, 11:17:11 AM »
Package for Mac OS is now up, with thanks to Argent77.
WeiDU / Re: "D" file format expansion: EE Transition table Flags support (bit9, bit10)
« Last post by Wisp on August 14, 2017, 11:04:31 AM »
So, everything good or do you want me to do something?
Thanks a lot!

This tip will help me to resolve my last compatibility problem with compiling dialogs. ;)
It appear so (at least it did in my tests). JOURNAL options seem to be added after FLAGS is applied.
Does it mean that FLAGS 0 does not break anything? I mean if I add SOLVED_JOURNAL (for example) in the same line.
I don't think BIT9 has any effect in the classic games, so the following line should safely work for all games:
Code: [Select]
IF ~~ DO ~%GWDialogue%SetGlobal("GW#GwendyNO","GLOBAL",0) %GWDialogue%SetGlobal("GW#GwendyOK","GLOBAL",1) EraseJournalEntry(@3590012) AddJournalEntry(@3590014,INFO)~ FLAGS ~%BIT9%~ EXTERN GWGWENDY Gwendolynette.Bag

Or for more clarity you could set a more descriptive variable that is used in place of BIT9, e.g.  set
Code: [Select]
OUTER_SET INSTANT_ACTIONS = BIT9in the .tp2 file and use
Code: [Select]
FLAGS ~%INSTANT_ACTIONS%~in the .d file.

Edit: Or define
Code: [Select]
OUTER_SET INSTANT_ACTIONS = 0for classic BG2. In this case no flags should be set.
ToBEx adds DialogueSetGlobal and DialogueIncrementGlobal to be used in d files which have the same meaning as BIT9.

To provide compatibility with BG2 and BG2:EE, I used until now this kind of coding:

Code: [Select]
IF ~~ DO ~%GWDialogue%SetGlobal("GW#GwendyNO","GLOBAL",0) %GWDialogue%SetGlobal("GW#GwendyOK","GLOBAL",1) EraseJournalEntry(@3590012) AddJournalEntry(@3590014,INFO)~ EXTERN GWGWENDY Gwendolynette.Bag

Code: [Select]
BG2 : OUTER_SPRINT GWDialogue "Dialogue"

How to use the FLAGS BIT9 in this case? I mean something like FLAGS BIT9 for BG2:EE compilation and nothing for BG2, in the same d file?
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