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Virtue / Re: Virtue v19 bug
« Last post by jastey on Today at 02:57:18 PM »
I don't know enough about the Alignment(Player1,MASK_LCNEUTRAL) and what ChangeAlignment(Player1,NEUTRAL) does. Maybe the change alignment somehow included the MASK_LCNEUTRAL for the player's PC?
BG1UB Workroom / Re: ignati.dlg
« Last post by jastey on Today at 02:50:38 PM »
Interesting. It's the real invitation he is giving in the ignati.dlg, though (misc78). I forgot how the player is supposed to achieve the invitation in the game, so maybe they cut Ignatio out because they needed the player to encounter / find something else.

The idea with the fake inviations not working is cool but maybe goes a bit too far concerning ub in general, although there might be other restorations that include added content.
Reunion / Re: UTF-8 text conversion is needed for non-English installations
« Last post by AL|EN on February 22, 2017, 03:02:14 PM »
Yup, tried every combination there is. Tried fresh and new separate potions from Cutpurse npc (appears at night in the Bridge district), nothing helps. I can send a save game file if you want.
Xan / Re: Kulyok's Retirement
« Last post by Kulyok on February 20, 2017, 01:06:37 AM »
And, yes, since I'm not really very familiar with the current modding developments and so on, mirroring and technical updates are allowed and welcome.
Looks the same as mine.

Possibility #1, You have already determined that DAGG14 is the Bone Blade+4 and that is the item you have in your inventory. #2, is DAGG13 the Pixie Prick, and is it actually what you have in your inventory. #3, is the Potions on Thievery you have actually potn36 and do you have 4 of them. #4, do you actually have the required 20,000 gold pieces.

If you do in fact have all of the above, i am completely stumped. My Shadowkeeper lists DAGG14 as Spider Fang+3. I have verified it with DLTCEP. The only way that those 2 tools can verify it, is if Spider Fang+3 is in the game. Why your Shadowkeeper shows otherwise is beyond me.

With that said, i am sorry that i could not help you. Perhaps there is someone else reading this forum who can.
   IF ~OR(2)
         PartyHasItem("dagg13")~ THEN GOTO XO#ItemUp00
   IF ~~ THEN BEGIN XO#ItemUp00 SAY @123475
      IF ~OR(3)
         NumItemsPartyLT("potn36",4)~ THEN GOTO XO#ItemUp01
      IF ~PartyHasItem("dagg14")
         NumItemsPartyGT("potn36",3)~ THEN GOTO XO#ItemUp02
   IF ~~ THEN BEGIN XO#ItemUp01 SAY @1234875
      IF ~~ THEN GOTO XO#NoItemUp
   IF ~~ THEN BEGIN XO#ItemUp02 SAY @1234975
      IF ~PartyGoldLT(20000)~ THEN REPLY #66662 GOTO XO#NoItemUp
      IF ~PartyGoldGT(19999)~ THEN REPLY #66664 DO ~SetGlobal("XO#ItemUp","ar0334",32)
                                        DestroyItem("potn36")~ GOTO 56
    IF ~~ THEN REPLY #66770 GOTO XO#NoItemUp

   IF ~~ THEN BEGIN XO#NoItemUp SAY @1234

Nope, playing the original Baldur's Gate 2: SoA + ToB. Gonna check now, sec.
WeiDU / Re: Things about READLN
« Last post by AL|EN on February 18, 2017, 07:42:47 AM »
And I would love to do a fresh start with new BWS and web-based interface for mod db. It would not instantly kill old BWS but it would follow some adoption process for both old and new BWS. So maybe there is a third way for weidu? I mean, if you have any road map or plans for weidu (may'be it is nice idea to share them with community) you could fix remaining bugs and at*some*point you could stop adding new features. And then start preparing next weidu concept. It might also involve engine-related changes in order to improve compatibility between mods/saved games (for eg different .tlk files for each mod?) There is Avenger on the Beamdog team so there is a chance for discussion. I think that when next weidu could have new compatibility features, there is a chance to gain community attention.

When I think about it, there is also one thing: you are single point of fa..SUCCESS! Yet, still single. Moving to new, popular programming language could not only bring fresh blood but also save community from unexpected things which may happen in life. BWS facing the same issues: main developer left and nobody knows au3 and nobody want to learn this outdated and mostly useless language without decent tools nad unicode support. The au3 community wasn't really helpful in terms of conversion BWS into c#/java/python either :/ The same story might happen to weidu with OCalm.
My apologies, I was not aware that you were referring to BG2EE. The information I gave you is for BG2.
Lets go to basics. Go into the C2 directory and find the directory 'crom'. Open that and find the file 'c2dagg01.d. You can open this file with note pad. Open it and read through the list of items needed for the change to Quietus. Let's see what is needed. There could have been a change made that I am unaware of.
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