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BG1 Unfinished Business / Re: Unfinished Business for Baldur's Gate
« Last post by Angel on May 21, 2017, 07:20:03 AM »
- Like, WHERE are Quoningar and Shilo Chen? Can't start their quests if I can't find them. Likewise Svlast, Feldane, Keelor and Nasha. I did manage to find Corianna, and it seems obvious where Mal-Kalen is.

Quoningar is on the second floor of the Three Old Kegs, Shilo Chen is in the main room of the Elfsong.  Neither of them is hard to find, they are in plain view.  Feldane is near the library entrance in Candlekeep during chapter 6.  Svlast is in the Firewine Bridge area (in the field just south of the bridge itself), but only at night.  Keelor and Nasha have not been restored yet and cannot be found.  I have some content for them in one of my own mods, but it is experimental and far from finished.

Note that since the new creatures are edited into the area file, you must start a new game after installing BG1UB, or at least not have visited the edited areas in your save yet.

- What good is correcting the name of Sarevok's sword when he is holding it for the whole game and you can't pick it up because the moment he dies, the game is over? Or is there somehow some way to acquire the sword off him while the game is still running?

The sword can be acquired when you are playing Baldur's Gate Trilogy, because there the game does not end after defeating Sarevok (obviously, since it's just part one of the Trilogy) and the transition to BG2 does not happen until you return to the palace and talk with the dukes.  You could even go and use it in Durlag's Tower or on the Werewolf's island if you are so inclined.  I don't know if the same can be done on EET, as I don't have it.

- Restore Hentold's Dagger? I thought that was in the original game - he gave you the dagger and told you to go give it back to the revenant. What about it needed to be "restored"?

The dagger Hentold gives you in the original game is a dagger +2 (DAGG03).  Hentold's Dagger (DAGG08) is a different item.  Although unremarkable, it's just a normal unenchanted dagger.  I'm working on a little something of my own to make it a bit more special (because I feel that DAGG03, which is a named item: "Heart of the Golem", should be unique, and Ramazith in Baldur's Gate carries another copy of it), but don't expect it to be published anytime soon.

« Last post by Wisp on May 20, 2017, 07:08:34 PM »
WeiDU / Re: How to recall grouped expressions in COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP ?
« Last post by Wisp on May 20, 2017, 06:13:11 PM »
I thought the OP wanted to mass-rename files using regexps. Aww, I coded that all for nothing.
WeiDU / Re: Is using LANGUAGE variable in LANGUAGE statement supported by WeiDU?
« Last post by Wisp on May 20, 2017, 06:12:11 PM »
It's less work for me to say not supported. That it works as far as it does is an artifact of the order in which the LANGUAGE variable is defined and the TRA files are loaded. It could just as well have been the other way around. Other bits of code that load the LANGUAGE TRAs need not (and do not) define the LANGUAGE variable first.
WeiDU / Is using LANGUAGE variable in LANGUAGE statement supported by WeiDU?
« Last post by Argent77 on May 20, 2017, 11:47:33 AM »
I've noticed that the LANGUAGE variable can apparently be used directly in the LANGUAGE statement where it is defined. The mod finds the right tra file and displays strings correctly. However, at the end of the installation or uninstallation process I'm getting an error message about missing translations.

The test mod consists of a tra file "TestLanguage/languages/english/setup.tra":
Code: [Select]
@1 = ~Test component~
@100 = ~A test message...~

And a tp2 file "TestLanguage/setup-TestLanguage.tp2":
Code: [Select]
BACKUP ~TestLanguage/backup~
AUTHOR ~Myself~

LANGUAGE ~English~ ~english~ ~%MOD_FOLDER%/languages/%LANGUAGE%/setup.tra~

BEGIN @1  // Test component
  PRINT @100  // A test message...

Installing the mod results in the following debug log:
Code: [Select]
WeiDU v 24001 Log

 D:\Games\Baldur's Gate Siege of Dragonspear\Data\00806\setup-TestLanguage.exe
[.\chitin.key] loaded, 776244 bytes
[.\chitin.key] 95 BIFFs, 55250 resources
[.\engine.lua] loaded, 101 bytes
[.\weidu.conf] loaded, 17 bytes
[.\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk] loaded, 8665736 bytes
[.\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk] 71358 string entries
Using Language [English]
[English] has 1 top-level TRA files
[TestLanguage/languages/english/setup.tra] has 2 translation strings

Using .\lang\en_us\dialog.tlk

Install Component [Test component]?
[I]nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?
Installing [Test component] [1.0]

A test message...

Saving This Log:
TESTLANGUAGE/SETUP-TESTLANGUAGE.TP2  0  0 Installed ~Test component~
TESTLANGUAGE/SETUP-TESTLANGUAGE.TP2's 1th component not found.ERROR: No translation provided for @1
Continuing despite error.


And the WeiDU.log entry contains an undefined component name string:
Code: [Select]
BG1 Unfinished Business / Re: BG1UB v14.1 - Post bugs/issues here!
« Last post by jastey on May 20, 2017, 06:23:29 AM »
Stickied this. Thank you for your work on this!
BG1 Unfinished Business / Re: Elfsong Tavern
« Last post by JLE on May 19, 2017, 09:03:44 PM »
Rest in Silence's Shop which is just across the road to the east from the Elfsong Tavern. She'll also buy anything.
BG1 Unfinished Business / Re: Unfinished Business for Baldur's Gate
« Last post by JLE on May 19, 2017, 09:02:05 PM »
Hm, turns out the Bentley Mirrorshade thing was that he hates Eldoth, and thus if Eldoth is in your party he has to be out of the room (send him upstairs to get normal treatment from Bentley's store, but then of course you can't rest with a scattered party.)
BG/PST/IWD Gameplay / Re: Calculation of ranged weapon THAC0
« Last post by Truman on May 18, 2017, 10:36:56 PM »
No, it is only based on the enchantment level of the ammunition.

There is a mod available that will allow the launcher's enchantment level determine if a creature can be hit (or the ammo's, whichever is higher, but still not cumulative).

Thank you.
BG/PST/IWD Gameplay / 1920*1080 Trying Widescreen mod, Doesent look good,What to do?
« Last post by Danne on May 18, 2017, 01:30:18 AM »

Have installed bg2 tob on my new computer cant get Whole frame, see action bar, npc, dialog etc etc.
Have tried changing 1920*1080 but my computer doesent like that at all (intell hd.

Tried widescrenn mod, better but not good.
At this moment i dont want to buy bg2 enhanced (to few mods right now, to my knowledge).

Any suggestions?

Im thinking going back to my older laptop and install there. dont really want to do that its really old.
apologizing for my bad English, thankful for input.
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