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Title: NPC Dialogue 101
Post by: Ghreyfain on April 01, 2004, 03:13:49 AM
Table of Contents

Section I: Breakdown
Section II: "J" dialogue files (Join)
Section III: "B" dialogue files (Banter)
Section IV: "P" dialogue files (Post)
Section V: Summary
Section VI: There is no section 6

Section I: Breakdown

This is a quick rundown of what needs doing to get your NPC to do
the necessary things in your party.

So far your NPC will have:

- A .cre file
- A basic dialogue file. This is REMOVED when the NPC joins
your party.
- A basic script. If it is not in the Override slot, it will
be removed when the NPC joins.

What you need:

- Dialogues for when the NPC has Joined, is doing Banter, or
has been kicked. These are referred to as J (joined), B (banter),
and P (Post) dialogues.

Section II: "J" dialogue files (Joined)

This dialogue file is assigned to the NPC when they join your
party. It is only used when:

You use the scripting actions of the "Dialog()" variant. I.e.
StartDialogueNoSet(), Dialogue(), and DialogueForceInterrupt()

The PC initiates dialogue by manually clicking the NPC.

It is also used by BioWare for storing in-game interjections with
non-party NPCs.

To assign a J dialogue file to your NPC, open Pdialog.2da, and
edit the appropriate field. If I use PirateJ.dlg as my "Joined"
dialogue file, I will enter PirateJ under the J field.

Section III: "B" dialogue files (Banter)

These are assigned like the J dialogue, but they use
interdia.2da to control them.

Banter dialogue initiates when:

You use the scripting command "Interact()"

The random in-game timer expires, and the game finds a true condition.

Section IV: "P" dialogue files (Post-join)

Post dialogue files are assigned in the same manner as J files,
using pdialog.2da

Post dialogue initiates when:

The NPC has been in the party, and is then removed from the party.

Section V: Summary

Here is a list of the stages an NPC will go through, as far as
dialogues that are attached to them.

NPC Hasn't joined the party: Original .dlg as determined by
the .cre file

NPC Has joined the party: Banter and J dialogue files as
determined by interdia.2da and pdialog.2da respectively

NPC Has been kicked from party: Post dialogue file, as determined by

Section VI: There is no section 6

There is no section 6.