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Title: bug?: seems like the mod don't go as expected
Post by: brownie on September 02, 2018, 03:27:45 PM
At first I want to thanks for this mod, I had great time with ability to continue romance with Xan from BG. Could write more about my thoughts and maybe critique but not this time.

After beating both SoA and ToB I noticed something eerie goes on. SPOILERS BELOW!

First lets say for whole time I thought I had bonded path. Because I choose at the beginning conversation the soulmate, friends, lovers blah blah blah... option.
Yet Bodhi never killed the kvetching mage, that's when my concerns begins, at first I thought it is because of fact every party member had protection from undead. Later most of banters were awkward, from nothing to say, nor any option to use(to not sounds like an asshole) besides upgrading the moonblade. Which activated a second red flag for me, the conversations sounds very happy and too close comparing to fact at this moment relationship between Charname and Xan was dry.
 Then in ToB I never had any banter mentioned at this forum(I searched what is going on), and all banters I had were about asking path Charname will choose. The ending text was more suggesting more or less friendship ending(or just no suggestion that he and Charname ever spent time after the endgame(I choose being mortal btw)). Later I started ToB as new character just to quick check if the relationship with Xan is similar to what I had in game, and it is not. Or seems like not from first glance.

Im not sure if it is my fault(bad responses), or if its some bug(I reinstalled twice the mod), or some problem between the game(steam BG2:EE, polish translation) and the mod. I just feel unsatisfied with how my game ends and I'm curious what happened that the romance end the way it is at my game.

btw. I must admit while that situation was good for roleplay, because a quick switch between situations that happened at chapter 4 and 5 to, everything is great, love forever, kiss kiss fall in love sounds like bullshit. Though from Charname point of view it was frustrating because no option to discuss and try to fix of what happened between them.

Have a nice day, anyone who will read this post.
Title: Re: bug?: seems like the mod don't go as expected
Post by: jastey on February 07, 2019, 12:47:53 AM
I re-checked the meeting dialogue and all reply options for "there was a BG1 romance" lead to the variable being set. Sorry, cannot replicate your problem by looking at the code.