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Title: Some incompatibility with Sovereign's Song
Post by: szmatan on November 12, 2017, 06:57:24 AM
I've happened to see that If CHARNAME had looted already the smaller tombs, some quests are impossible to fulfill (concerning Besamen and Moiya's daughter).
But if I've installed Er'vonyrah Sovereign's Song mod after Quest Pack, these quests became impossible also even if I wasn't in these crypts before...
I've noticed that this bug seems to be not present with installing Sovereign before Quest Pack.
And I'm afraid that some more mods - especially from other forums - may affect Quest Pack, if they are installed after it...

Installed mods:
Almateria Restoration Project [Spellhold Studios]
Unfinished Business [Pocket Plane Group]
BG2 Tweak Pack [G3]
Minotaur & Lilarcor [SHS]
Adalon's Blood [from Kerzenburg forum]
Berelinde's Keldorn Romance [G3]
Masamune Mini Quest [a part of Rez'Mod from SHS]
Expanded Thief Stronghold [SHS]
Assasinations [PPG]
COM Encounters [Chosen of Mystra]
Er'vonyrah the Sovereign's Song [Kerzenburg]
Quest Pack [PPG]
Dungeon Crawl [PPG]

I have a tendency to try new mods during the game to not have to start new game if something is broken (the only exceptions are ARP and UB where it's necessary to have it present from the start), so I'm going to test some next mods and their compatibility with Quest Pack.