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Title: [solved]BGT: question to "Edwin state 0" as defined as in the "fluidstates.tpa"
Post by: jastey on September 18, 2017, 09:00:37 AM
It helps if I look properly. "BGTEDWINState0" is indeed 74, the "106" is from BGTBEDWINState0. Cool!

In bg1npc's g3_bgt_cpmvars.tpa, too, I find:

//BGT Dialogues always appended
      OUTER_SET BGTBEDWINState0 = 106

I understand why we need this, because the meeting dialogue for Edwin is "Edwin.dlg" for both BG1 and BGII, so the BG1 greetings dialogue is appended to the BGII ones. Only problem is, in my edwin.dlg, the first greeting dialogue (~I am the wizard Edwin and I require you! (Yes, they will do nicely.) (...)~) has the state number 74.

Does anyone know when and how the state number "106" was determined for the definition of the BGTBEDWINState0 and what I am supposed to do now, maybe it is outdated but nobody noticed because it wasn't used and I can assume it would be 74 for other BGT games, as well?

I need to I_C_T into Edwin's greeting dialogue but if I use STATE_WHICH_SAYS I need to know which language version of the game the player is using, or the install will fail.