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Title: Selectively allowing saving throws?
Post by: Angel on September 16, 2016, 08:34:43 AM
I want to create an item, Oil of Dispelling, that works as follows:
- When used on an ally, it will dispel all dispel-able effects with 100% accuracy.
- When used on an enemy it allows a save versus wands at +4 to avoid the dispelling.

The idea here is that an ally would allow the potion to be used on  them, but an enemy (including a charmed/dominated ally) would try to avoid it.

I'm a little in the dark about how identifiers in ea.ids work, though.  If I use opcode 177 (Use EFF File) with parameter2 = 2 (ea.ids), then parameter1 =  30 (goodcutoff) for allies, and parameter1 =  31 (notgood) for non-allies, would that do what I want?

Title: Re: Selectively allowing saving throws?
Post by: Mike1072 on September 16, 2016, 09:21:30 AM
That sounds good. Two 177 effects, one that targets allies with no save, and another that targets enemies and allows a save.  Both could utilize the same .EFF file that performs the dispelling.

I think GOODCUTOFF / NOTGOOD would be an okay place to draw the line between the groups.  If you want to leave neutral characters out of it altogether you could use EVILCUTOFF instead of NOTGOOD, but I'm not sure that makes as much sense (unless your item causes them to become hostile).