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Title: Alassa NPC - Buggy dialogue?
Post by: SCARY WIZARD on December 13, 2011, 05:03:19 PM
Alright, so I downloaded the Alassa NPC mod and installed it along with all the others I felt I abso-tively-lutely needed.  I got to installing it - with recommended orders - and went to test the mod out, just to see if I got the install sequence right.  Alassa walks up to me in the Slum District of Athkatla, by the Jansen family residence, and initiates dialogue.
In a nutshell, this is how it goes...


I've tried doing it with just the Fixpack, and get the exact same results.  Other mods work just fine.  Am I doing something wrong?  I receive no error messages at all during installation, and the Alassa NPC mod itself never seems to have any warnings when I install other mods.  Yet, the minute I come up to Alassa she does this...
Title: Re: Alassa NPC - Buggy dialogue?
Post by: Kulyok on December 13, 2011, 11:39:37 PM
Yep, it's the dialogue file, buggy as hell(questions @2 and @3 should theoretically go to A4, and it goes to A6. And @19 should be in answers, not Alassa's lines, and so on. And lines 26 and 27 are missing). In a nutshell, I recommend you choosing the "Why should I help you?" reply, then "Don't ask me. He was a bit strange, really, but a great lover. In any case, are you interested?". I doubt the author would go and fix it, as it is a one-day mod, but here's as the story goes in the English file:

@13   = ~My name is Alassa. I suppose you could say I'm a thief, although that's an awfully harsh word. I take what I need to survive from the people in Athkatla...and a little more I suppose; after all, everyone needs their luxuries.~
@14   = ~In the past, one of my suiters was a very wealthy man. A member of the city council, or something. He gave me little gifts every now and again, and I did the same for him.~
@15   = ~That was, until he died rather suddenly. He couldn't leave me his money for fear of scandal...he was a married man, you see. But he was kind enough to leave some of it for me, stashed in the graveyard somewhere.~
@16   = ~I can't go and collect it alone, though. It's no place for a girl to be sneaking around alone.~
@17   = ~So I thought maybe you'd be willing to come and find it with me. Of course, I'd split it with you, so you'd get something out of it.~
Title: Re: Alassa NPC - Buggy dialogue?
Post by: Lollorian on December 17, 2011, 03:58:39 AM
Hi there :D

The problem was that every string was pointing to the wrong string in the TRA file :P (most with an offset of +2 and the later ones with an ofset of +1)

Fix: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2y3w9idi8xl99ul/alassa_join_dialogue_fubar.7z
Extract this file into alassa's folder and overwrite it before installing and you should see better dialogue :)
Title: Re: Alassa NPC - Buggy dialogue?
Post by: SCARY WIZARD on December 27, 2011, 02:45:14 AM
Alrighty!  Thank you both!  Now I can have another half-thief party, just like in TotSC!