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Title: Few questions
Post by: alakir on July 18, 2009, 09:25:54 AM
1)Has anybody beaten the final battle with Melissan+The Five without using chain contingence/project image cheese ? Even if you cast project once to cast a Wish spell I consider it lame. Especially on Insane difficult while soloing it is impossible, am I right ?

2)Why can't I dispel Irenicus' project images etc. if he casts immunity from divination, but my project images get dispelled by true sight even if I have divination immunity up ?

3)Has anybody made a mod that would make Melissan+Five battle beatable while soloing(without using cheese?). For example the game could check how many party members you have, and reduce the movement speed, spells AI intelligence etc. to make it beatable. I think its stupid that you can only beat the game if you have x number of party members, you should be able to have atleast a chance to finish no matter what decisions you make during the game.

4)Is it a bug or intented that sometimes the Five just won't die ? I just had Abazigal "Near Death", I critted him for 64damage, he collapsed to the ground, I had 2 melee guys beating him with GWW, after about 10seconds Abazigal stands up and is still "Near Death", even I just hit him for hundreds of damage. Have they like 1000hp each  or is it a bug? And no he didn't get healed or anything, it was just him,Yagashura and Melissan left. Similar situations happen every time I fight the final fight.

If somebody claims you have beaten it solo without cheese, can you please post a video of it to show how the hell did you do it, otherwise it's saying like you have run 100meters in 5 seconds but you have no proof :P