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Title: Another review (minor spoilers)
Post by: Lantier on May 02, 2009, 12:54:57 PM
I just finished my first run through IWD/HOW.  After reading some reviews about the lack of NPCs, I decided to experience the game for the first time with your mod.

(This, btw, is intended to be a compliment.  Normally, I wouldn't use a mod until after the first run.  Here, however, I was confident that your creation wouldn't blow up my game half way in. ;))

Like others who've posted here, I think this mod is amazing.  Imo it is your best work.

The NPCs were very well designed and flexible.  I originally thought the lack of a dedicated spellslinger would be trouble (being BG2 biased), but that turned out not to be an issue.  My PC was a F6-M(diviner) dual and really, he could have been a grunt F and the team would have been fine.  The IWD spell system is really a lot less extensive (and imo less useful) than the BG2 version.  As I believe Cal Jones noted, Severn alone would have sufficed.

I did use Dalekeeper to redistribute the proficiencies a bit--if memory serves, Nella had ** in bows which I didn't want since I planned to dual her to a druid.  Gave her ** in daggers instead (for the throwing knives).  That worked out really well.

(BTW, like others, I found Dalekeeper to be buggy later in the game.  I think this has something to do with the HoW items.  The solution I found to this was to drop all of the items, save the game, load the naked save into Dalekeeper, do whatever you need, and then restart and pick up your gear.)

I think this mod's greatest strength is the storyline.  You gave each of the 5 NPC an interesting (but not overpowering) background and I really liked the way you unfolded everything over the course of the game.  That did a lot to break up the monotony of hacking through the endless hordes of trolls and undead.

As for the romances, I really liked Teri.  Spunky, cute, a little irreverent.  Someone that I found entertaining and easy to care about.  (Yeah, it sucked when I had to reload after she got mobbed by some drowned dead.)  It was also nice to not have to romance a healer-type for a change!

One minor comment on the romance.  I would have liked the romance to start a bit earlier.  The full romance doesn't really start until the end of Lower Dorn's and by then, you're so close to the end there's not that much time to enjoy the expanded flirt dialog.  (It's hard to flirt when there's a horde of cyclops tearing the town apart and trying to beat on your head.)  I'm not saying I want PC/Teri to "jump in the sack" right away, just a bit more time to enjoy the love-chats (like in the Branwen romance).  This is a minor thing though, and I totally understand that it's within the author's prerogative to decide how much romance to include.  I guess I just really liked the Teri story and didn't want it to end.   ;D

Finally, a few comments on play order.  In my case, I started HoW/ToLM after Upper Dorn's and that made Wyrm's Tooth and Upper Dorn's very easy and the items gained largely useless (the ToLM gear was just better).

Looking back, I would have been better off doing IWD all the way to the end of Wyrm's Tooth (or maybe raid Malavon's City for the 6+ level scrolls and that sword).  Then HoW to the point where you have the option to go to the Sea of Moving Ice.  Then back to Ten Towns to do ToLM.  Jack up the difficulty notch.  Finish HOW.  Finish IWD.

Kulyok, you are a gifted story teller and I hope you keep making mods for CRPGs!  (Too bad I don't read Russian.  I'd love to check out your short stories.)

Now, onto IWD2 and Domi's NPC mod!
Title: Re: Another review (minor spoilers)
Post by: Kulyok on May 02, 2009, 12:58:06 PM
Thank you for your review! I enjoyed reading it. Here's hoping you'll enjoy Domi's mods - if not for her inspiration, there'd be no IWD NPC(and no Xan, for that matter).

Maybe, just maybe, I'll add an extra lovetalk or two for IWD-in-BG2. I don't know yet, but it feels like a good idea.

(And it's always good to read compliments. :) )

Title: Re: Another review (minor spoilers)
Post by: Lantier on May 02, 2009, 01:43:03 PM
It'd be great if you add love-chats to the IWD-in-BG2 version.  Looking forward to it!