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Title: Wish to learn some things...
Post by: plainab on September 19, 2008, 03:57:55 PM
I have a couple things that I want to learn how to do. I'm willing to explore existing mods, if I can be pointed in the right direction. However, direct explanation is acceptable, too.  ;D

1) Set up a 'random encounter' to take place depending upon certain variables.
-- I think I just set up a script block that creates the creatures and add it to one of the existing encounter areas, but am not 100% sure.

2) How to give Boo his own dialog file complete with the dialog box portrait.
-- I could maybe assign the dialog file to his 'item' self like that talking sword Lilacor, but without being a cre file I don't think I could get a portrait to display.
-- Why? There will be a possibility in my npc mod where Boo will leave Minsc's corpse and get a ride on my npc.

3) Give Boo the ability to "Go For The Eyes" by somehow creating a cre file that is spawned say once every 24 hours and lasts for, oh I don't know, 10 - 20 rounds. An equipped "tooth" weapon of 1d2 would be applied, I suppose I'd copy and modify a dagger for that.
-- I understand that this would include adding something like a few effects to the boo item file, but I am unsure how to proceed.
I also wouldn't want to do anything to interrupt the installation/playability of UB's Kidnapping of Boo component, so everything done has to be compatible with it.

4) How to set things up to have re-occurring attacks once every 24 hours, if the player takes their time at a certain portion of my npc's quest.
-- Would this just be done via script? If so, would I use Baldur.bcs or my npc's script? Also, while on the subject of scripts, what script slot should be used for the joined npc?

FYI -- This is for an npc mod in BGII